Bob Costas on NFL protests and patriotism (full CNN interview)

Bob Costas on NFL protests and patriotism (full CNN interview)

joining us now is veteran NBC sports
broadcaster Bob Costas Bob great to have you out so here on the snoring you’ve
seen it all in this business what’s your reaction to what happened this weekend
the reaction is so universal including from prominent NFL owners who have
supported and donated to Trump’s campaign and to his inaugural committee
bob across the board and you have not heard a single person within the NFL
raise a voice in support of what Trump said Rex Ryan says he’s appalled and now
ashamed that he once introduced Trump at a rally in Buffalo where he then was the
coach what’s happened here is that what was already an issue raised primarily by
Colin Kaepernick has expanded beyond the specific point that Kaepernick was
trying to make which is a very valid point and now has become near-universal
disgust with the president’s insulting remarks your friend Peter King noted
that last week there are fewer than 10 NFL players who Neal did it some kind of
protests this weekend depending on how you count it 250 include AI entire teams
how significant is that to see a movement like that I can’t think of
anything like that ever in the NFL no but the president has galvanized players
of all backgrounds of all beliefs Drew Brees and his complete statement says
that he’d never would feel comfortable not standing for the national anthem but
he would stand locking arms with his fellow players black and white or with a
hand on the shoulder of a black player who is expressing his point of view and
he pointedly said that he found the president’s remarks inappropriate which
is kind I mean you know what’s interesting is the president could have
used this as a teachable moment to say here’s why I believe we should stand for
the national anthem here’s what I believe it stands for but he took a
different tact and it has I mean look we saw what that was happening with just
the fans yelling at each other you know there is something contagious about
divisive Ness yeah and it plays in certain quarters you stir people’s
emotions and resentments that’s actually a business plan in certain quarters of
the or cable television it’s a business plan
and it’s the way President Trump for better or worse approached his campaign
and approaches his presidency to give him the extreme benefit of the doubt
extreme benefit of the doubt you’d say he’s insensitive to the racial
implications to make comments like this at a rally in Alabama all right he likes
sheep applause lines which has no football team and he delivered them has
no football electro football team yeah and they’re they’re rabid football fans
down there that’s to give them the extreme benefit of the doubt but do you
want a President of the United States who even if you’re giving him the
benefit of that doubt is so tone deaf to the racial implications of this it’s
interesting because this morning one of the things the president has written he
writes the issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race it’s about respect for
our country flag a national anthem NFL must respect this now if you take your
attack there and say giving him the extreme benefit of the doubt maybe for
him to the extreme benefit that it out the issue of kneeling isn’t about race
but for the players especially the players initially to say it’s not about
race that’s not true 70 percent of the players in the NFL roughly are African
American virtually every player who knelt in the
initial stages of this was black and the initial impetus from it before it came
from Colin Kaepernick and it was about police brutality and mistreatment of
African Americans you can’t separate those two things now if you want to make
the point that the national anthem is about something more than the nation’s
flaws and shortcomings it’s also about its ideals and that people can see some
texture to what the national anthem means and you might prefer that people
protest or make their point outside of the national anthem that’s something
that can be argued but the idea that this doesn’t have something to do with
race is preposterous michael steele african american former head of the
Republican National Committee was unsparing in his remarks about what
Trump had to say Bob Kraft who contributed to the inaugural committee
you’re not gonna find many voices of support outside his base is a
scream base for these remarks Tom Brady I mean Tom Brady back he said this
morning I believe this yeah just this morning on a radio show I certainly
disagree with what he said I thought it was divisive have we heard from Colin
Kaepernick no and I don’t expect that we will because he’s been quiet for a long
long time sometimes he tweets some things out I think it’s actually a good
thing that this has gone now beyond Colin Kaepernick and I’ll tell you why
but we have to give Kaepernick credit first of all taking a knee the first
game he sat and then it occurred to him maybe sitting seems contemptuous
kneeling can be an act of grace Tim Tebow knelt at various times it can be
an act of grace and an act of respect but Kaepernick has whether people know
it or not has raised and or donated millions and millions of dollars to
worthy causes he’s walking the walk he’s involved in the community but Kaepernick
himself was an imperfect messenger he’s given to saying things like I don’t vote
because the oppressor will never let you vote your way out of your oppression so
I guess it doesn’t matter to him who wound up being president of the United
States it doesn’t matter that when he first knelt Barak Obama was president
and now someone who many of his fellow African Americans and importantly many
of his fellow citizens of all races and backgrounds object to it doesn’t matter
to him he sometimes what Colin says when he does speak makes it sound as if and I
say this with great respect for his intentions and for what he has done
beyond kneeling on the field sometimes he sounded like someone who took one
semester from a radical professor when he was a freshman and that’s all he
knows about the world so I think it’s better that additional voices hear from
multiple backgrounds weigh in because Colin Kaepernick despite what some
people want to say is not the natural heir to Muhammad Ali or Arthur Ashe or
to Kareem abdul-jabbar who continues to be a public intellectual he’s not he’s
he’s done he’s tried to do a good thing from his heart I don’t know that he’s
equipped to carry that baton in whether or not he’s the right person for he’s
being punished I don’t think there’s any question right he has the talent to be
playing football right now and he’s now yeah because of this he’s better than
some starters and better than most backups let me ask you again about a lot
of where the debate is about right now because you hear from the president you
certainly hear it from his cabinet including Steve manoosh and I’m not sure
we have that quote but the Treasury secretary went on TV this weekend and
said this isn’t about race it’s about respect for the military and first
responders and when you kneel you’re disrespecting the military and first
responders part of what’s happened is that sports and patriotism and the flag
have been conflated to such an extent that people can’t separate out any
nuance if you go to see Hamilton which is about the founding of the Republic no
one says wait don’t raise the curtain until we hear the national anthem when
you went to see Private Ryan no one said turn off the projector
Saving Private Ryan no one said turn off the projector until we’ve had the
national anthem it’s in sports where this stuff happens sometimes movingly
sometimes I’d submit cynically because wrapping yourself in the flag and
honoring the military is something which no one is going to object to we all
respect their sacrifice we all honor their sacrifice and yet what it has come
to mean is that the flag is primarily and only about the military this is no
disrespect to the military it’s a huge part of the narrative but Martin Luther
King was a patriot susan b anthony was a patriot dissidents are patriots
school teachers and social workers are patriots and yet at Yankee Stadium if we
can shift sports not only do they play the national anthem before the game but
they play god Bless America at the seventh-inning stretch
81 times a year at home games and in every case they say please rise as the
Yankees honor a military guest I have no problem with that
I stand every time in the ballpark no matter what it is I stand and I
certainly respect the military person they bring out there but there’s never a
schoolteacher there’s never a social worker patriotism comes in many forms
and what has happened is that it’s been conflated with with kind of a bumper
sticker kind of flag waving and with the military only so that people
cannot see that in his own way colin kaepernick however imperfectly is doing
a patriotic thing and so too are some of these other players what do you think
this does this season for football do you think that it will hurt ratings no I
think creases interesting yes yesterday every telecast including Sunday Night
Football on NBC showed the National Anthem generally speaking and this is
interesting generally speaking be at baseball
football whatever the network’s try to cover the national anthem they try to be
in commercial I’ve heard it in my ear where the producer says wait a minute
they may still be in the anthem when we come out of this commercial and
sometimes they are and then you’re just quiet for the last few notes and you
note that the anthem has concluded now people want to see the anthem they’re
interested in it how long it lasts we’ll have to wait and see by the way I did
this may this is not as important but in his comments in Alabama Trump went on to
say that they’re ruining the NFL there’s not enough hitting there I guess sisse
fiying the game you wonder how many times people who believe that have
themselves been hit in the head the science is clear and the more that
science emerges the more it will become clear that football and brain trauma are
linked it doesn’t matter how much you like the game they are linked and to
deny that is to live in a fantasy world when you hear people say that sports is
about entertainment sports it is about distraction sports is about something
other than politics politics shouldn’t be in sports largely true but sometimes
they intersect inevitably and to ignore it is to ignore the elephant in the room
when I commented about various issues only occasionally on NBC being on
football or during the Olympics it was never during the action it was never at
the expense of the action and the drama it was always in a little niche that was
carved out when nothing else was going on in terms of the game itself but you
have to acknowledge these things and you have to address them they’re important
and very often because sports appeals across demographic lines like nothing
else we live in a niche world but the one thing that draws not only a large
audio but a varied audience outside of the
Academy Awards in the Emmys I guess the one thing that draws that kind of
across-the-board interest is big sports events and and very often that’s where
these issues play themselves out I heard a little bit of relevant history
yesterday that I think is important to just reiterate and that is that before
2009 the players often worked on the field for the national anthem something
changed and patriotism became a larger component of all this sometimes paid
patriotism yeah and so yesterday what did you think of the teams that stayed
in the locker room for the national anthem they released statement saying we
believe in patriotism we believe in our flag and we believe in our first
responders that they stayed in a locker room
what did you I was ok with it I think what Mike Tomlin said the coach of the
Steelers made a lot of sense so we don’t want our players to have to choose they
may feel one way they may feel another they may be apolitical so we’ll stay off
villanueva one of the players for the Steelers who was an Army Ranger in
Afghanistan came out of the locker room and stood at the edge of the field not
on the field but sort of at the at the lip of the runway that would lead to the
field with his hand over his heart and that was his decision to make and I
would respect that to what cross the line specifically do you think what
broke the dam here well would you call people’s sons of
bitches across the board that offends everybody white and black they’ve stood
shoulder-to-shoulder on those fields in those locker rooms what kind of a
statement is that to make and I don’t think it’s irrelevant that clearly the
President had more passion and conviction for those remarks than he did
when he finally got around after equivocating to distancing himself to
some extent from white nationalists and neo-nazis you he clearly had more fervor
for this than for that it’s one thing to take a knee or raise a fist it’s your
right and there’s a point here to be made but I hope others follow
Kaepernick’s lead not in some of the naive political statements he’s
occasionally made but in getting involved in the community and actually
doing things which many NFL players already do
but it’s just not spotlighted it’s not just the NFL NBA Major League Baseball
whatever it may be and I think it would the reason why Kaepernick is an
imperfect messenger is that you think about Muhammad Ali a different time and
of course he was a transcendent figure and he was so entertaining even when he
was polarizing people couldn’t take their eyes off him he was so charismatic
and magnetic but you need people out there articulating as a few did this
weekend out there articulating we love our country we support the military we
know that most policemen not only are not guilty of misbehavior
but many of them are heroic and dedicated many of them are themselves
African America merican or Hispanic and they’re dedicated to protecting and
serving people of all backgrounds we get that but there is still a problem and it
and that problem a police brutality specifically is real it’s true it’s
urgent and because it it’s connected historically to the mistreatment of
African Americans by government by the justice system and by the police because
it’s connected it resonates all the more if people can make those distinctions
and voice those distinctions rather than just kneeling or rather than just
raising a fist then then the conversations really on and I hope it
goes there it’s hard to say all of what you just said on Twitter which is I
think one of the problems right now yeah that’s my ship in this country that’s
right it’s a complicated and portable discussion the world that plays its
discussions out on social media is not a world of texture and nuance now Bob
Costas thank you for being part of the conversation with us thank you all

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  9. Cost as you are a fucking moron you mentioned Tim Tebow kneeling you did not mention how he was ridiculed and told not to do it. The cowboys wanted to wear patches to honor the the police killed and the NFL said no.
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    I dont see this crap in MLB, NBA (basicaly a black league) or NHL. Predetor D man PK Suban ( who is black) invites Nashville police to stand with him during the anthem.

    Tebow was told to keep his beiliefs to himself when he knelt. Yet Kapernik is hailed a hero. Double standerd.

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  34. Bob keeps lecturing to us about how the NFL players don't like the President's comments, and how he himself doesn't like the President's comments. …Meanwhile he seemingly has no idea that most American citizens agree with the President.

  35. Really? did he seriously just say that we should honor school teachers and social workers instead of military men and women? Thats pretty messed up cause i don't think teachers are constently getting shot at everyday i don't thing social workers are dying because of getting shot and they certainly don't die fighting for the country! Bob Costas is pretty damn lucky he's got military men and women giving their lives to protect his right to be a dumb ass!!


    """Police fatally shot 987 people last year, or two dozen more than they killed in 2016, according to an ongoing Washington Post database project that tracks the fatal shootings. Since 2015, The Post has logged the details of 2,945 shooting deaths, culled from local news coverage, public records and social-media reports.

    While many of the year-to-year patterns remain consistent, the number of unarmed black males killed in 2017 declined from two years ago. Last year, police killed 19, a figure tracking closely with the 17 killed in 2016. In 2015, police shot and killed 36 unarmed black males."""

  37. Black people does need the approval of white people on when to protest, where to protest, how to protest, or what to say. Why do black people always have to understand how white people feel but white people do not care how black people feel?


  39. What's the difference for NFL players stand up for the national anthem when people around the world burning our flag🇺🇸🔥🇺🇸🔥🇺🇸

  40. Us fans don't want the NFL back on T.V. or in our lives. The NFL is now dead to the American people!! Bye bye NFL.

  41. I have a question: why is this such a big fucking deal? I hate to say it but there are so many problems in the US that could be covered on the news that are more important. In other countries if something like this happened, no one would make a huge fuzz about it really. Im am not taking sides on who is right bc I think its very moronic but please can someone give me an explanaition on why it is a big deal.

  42. I disagree that it has to do with only the military. It may have to do with a male-dominated field but it is not just because of the military. The players are taking an opportunity that they wouldn't otherwise have to go against a person, but instead of speaking against that person it is coming against the very advocate that gives them the ability to speak at all. The flag is not PRESIDENT TRUMP! They are too ignorant to understand the difference.

  43. Not just mass-murders with assault rifles in high schools but ALL mass-murders and the murder lynching of innocent, unarmed, black and brown folks can be stopped in under 40 seconds using artificially-intelligent and remotely controlled robot-drones = RoboCops. There were 4 sheriffs and 1 school PIG that did not go into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while Nikolas Cruz was still shooting proving PIGs are not needed. There were two PIGs who should have released one flying and one rolling drone, should have stayed in their fucking PIGmobile, should not be allowed to carry guns, should not have shot Stephon Clark, and prove again that PIGs are nothing more than hired assassins of innocent minorities. All the videos on my channel and my comments posted there solve all of America's problems such as mass-murders, gun violence, income inequality, and AGW. Within My videos are examples of RoboCops that would have stopped Cruz from killing high school students in their Florida high school in under 40 seconds and which would not have shot Stephon Clark. This video proves that self defense from being murdered by racist, WASP, KKK, NRA, Nazi PIGs is the obligation of every living thing and is not murder. Examples of the RoboCop remotely controlled drones that can find and stop a mass killing in progress in under 40 seconds are presented in the last 1/3 of this video with the best presented in the last 3 minutes. “It Is Easier Not To Break A Man Than It Is to Fix Him Once He Is Broken” _Nx_pGFwhoE The military gives away for free many military drones and every police department in America has at least three. Every school can be provided with flying and rolling drones that can be operated by anyone that has ever played a video game. Drones do not bleed when they get shot and would not cower like the feminized sheriffs that allowed children to be shot, bleed out and die, and did not follow the local police into the school after the police had arrived and moved into the school to stop the mass-murder. A self-driving-van could have arrived at the high school, released 7 flying and rolling drones operated by on call experts, found and neutralized all threats under 40 seconds. If these technologies had been in place since 2010 how long would it have taken to stop a mass-murderer and how many lives would have been saved as a result? This video demonstrates how to adapt toys for self defense of yourself, your family, the oceans, and the entire planet from being destroyed by WASP Republicans. “Urban Warfare Tactics And Weapons For Knights Of The Holy Catholic Crusade To Save The Oceans And The Entire Planet From Being Destroyed” B7cqprhoR4w Flying drones compete going thru buildings at top speed on CNN. 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  44. Do a YouTube search of security-robots, military-drones, police-drones and you will get 50+ hits. PIGs should have been replaced 7 years ago with robots that can fly, roll, and are faster and stronger than a doughnut-munching, racist PIG. Drones can be stored in high school janitor closets, operated by anyone who has played with RC toys or video games, do not bleed when they get shot, and can find then neutralize any threat using 29 different methods in under 40 seconds. Watch the CNN flying drone competitions if you think this is an exaggeration.

  45. These people have no idea what it’s like to be Black in America, or even care to respect the movement. It’s a protest for a reason, we fear for our lives. We continue to be targeted as African Americans and that is something Donald Trump supports, he wants to continue police brutality, and marginalizing people of color. Fuck all this white privilege , I will boycott the NFL to the ground top to bottom until we have a new national anthem.

  46. The players have the right to kneel during the National Anthem. I have the right to not watch or support the NFL while there is any protest of the Anthem and I won't. Bob Costas is entitled to his opinion. I am entitled to value his tedious virtue signaling at two dead rats. Support for flag and country may be viewed as a  bumper sticker response in the circles Bob travels in. Those of us who object to disrespect of the country and its anthem have reasons that are deep, heartfelt and varied. Shared and significant  sacrifice is at the core for many. I believe the vast majority of those who oppose the kneeling want nothing but safety and justice for our fellow citizens, all our fellow citizens.  Bob it is obviously you who are dancing around the complexities of this issue. Who controls the vast majority of the locations in which our fellow citizens are being harmed?  Bob's intimation is that Trump and the people who oppose the kneeling are jingoistic dolts with a higher number of teeth than IQ points. Is it possible to get anymore shallow and elitist? You want to have an open and comprehensive discussion on policing, I'm in. I doubt if you really do. If anything is one dimensional it is the virtue signaling pap Bob is spouting here.You kneel and display disrespect for the flag, I'm out. You want to attack the problem of bad policing and to highlight the causes, all the causes, I'm in.

  47. Bob Costas , Lefty Liberal on CNN , I wonder what he said . He's been sucking Ass to Athletes for 40 years , ask Bad News Barnes .

  48. Bob Costas is a stupid Democrat in his views proves it. But when our flag more important than the NFL so America is Better off without the NFL. And much better off without people like Bob Costas disrespecting our President and America!!

  49. This little guy Bob Costas is saying things against our President because he is nobody without the NFL. To him the NFL is begged than American Citizens and our military. He is full of shit just like all brainless Democrats. No matter what this little lies Colin Keapernick gave one million dollars because he stuck his foot in his mouth so he had to give that money so he would look like a total fool if he did not give the million dollars. No matter what this little jerk says ,not respecting America and our veterans is WRONG,WRONG,WRONG. And America has divorced themselves from the NFL disrespecting America and our veterans is unforgivable!!!


  51. A joke bob is. NFL spit on the flag. Go trump to 2024. Bob is discussed getting political on Nightly football.

  52. Define irony; a draft dodging President(who happens to be a racist) calling out Americans for expressing their fist amendment rights made possible by the men who fought and died so we can have those rights,POTUS, more like POS

  53. It's some dummies out here If the man says it's about police brutality out of his own mouth, it takes a special kind of dummy to think Disrespecting the flag my but, what about putting the American flag on beer cans? Read the flag rules Putting the flag on any merchandise is against the flag rules bih.

  54. Do NOT have to watch to know that midget is an Anti-American Hobbit! Don't need no short people round here!

    Sad, that everyone, without even watching already knows what this scum-sucking-DOG would say … HE is about as Patriotic as Fart in Church!

  55. Mannn!…. This bob costas mf!!!! I can't stand hiz azz mannnn!…. I just can't stand em….bly-zey…. Bly- zey?!?!?!!#

  56. So, a sixty-six-year-old Bob Costas was fired, not allowed to cover the Super Bowl, because he may start talking about concussions resulting in playing the sport of football, even though he has willingly played the network appearance game of dyeing his hair…

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