38 thoughts on “Blue Is The Warmest Color Ideology | Missed Movies

  1. It was years back when I saw it first, now when I'm watching your video, the things I felt, the perspective in which I saw the film at first, have been clearly reflected on yours too bro! Think there were also films that make us people fell in "love at first sight" and people who constantly widen their mind have a habit of seeing things differently, end up seeing the same thing, i.e., finding the human inside them! #good_work_man!

  2. YOUR NAME padatha pathi pesunga …Enaku andha alavuku puriyala

    Swap bodies naa enna … Adhu epdi nadakkudhu idhellam sollunga 🙏

  3. Unga team la Gaspar noe oda verithanam ana rasigar irukaplala…so avar solli than I stand alone patheyn…so ipo avrey ideology pota sollunga

  4. Semma bro.. Romba kammi subscribers and Views. Tha.. But nega.. Video upload panidu tha irukiga.. Ungaluku pidicha visayangala soluriga.. Rocking.. Eppothum support ungaluku undu👌👌👌👌👌👌

  5. பாலியல் இல்ல பாலினம்

  6. Awesome bro. Keep uploading more , I have seen this movie two years before, but it was Spanish language, so i didn't understand the whole movie , but now you explained. , Please explain saw 1 to 7 movies stories, i saw even 100 times of that 7 parts but i did not understand, so please try that

  7. Thappa sollirundha sorry Abdul
    mansula pattadhey sonnan 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👍

  8. Enna bro ipdilaam pantringa romba nallaikki apram
    oru nalla padam partha feel achi Bro neenga vera level Bro
    anaa neenga Tamil cinema la padam panninganna
    Tamil cinema la ungalukku nnu oru audience iruppanga
    and Vera levalukku kondu poyiruvinga 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👍👍👍😍🙏

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