Blaming Games For Mass Shootings Is A Disgusting Distraction (The Jimquisition)

Blaming Games For Mass Shootings Is A Disgusting Distraction (The Jimquisition)

– America’s truly a frightening country. ♪ Addicted to stress that’s the
way that I get things done ♪ ♪ If I’m not under pressure
then I sleep too long ♪ ♪ And I hang around like a bum ♪ ♪ I think I’m going nowhere
and that makes me nervous ♪ ♪ Everybody’s out to get
me but I feel all right ♪ ♪ Everybody’s out to get
me but I feel all right ♪ ♪ Everybody’s out to get
me but I feel all right ♪ ♪ Everybody’s thinking ’bout me ♪ ♪ But I feel all right ♪ ♪ Everybody’s out to get
me but I feel all right ♪ – Today’s Jimquisition unavoidably touches on some pretty grim shit, so I thought I’d kick off with
something a little lighter, a little more positive to ease us into the aforementioned grim shit. Psyonix, the developer of Rocket League, recently announced that loot boxes will be taken out of the game. Which is great. The less in-game gambling
knocking around the better. as far as I’m concerned. It’s got no place in a video game. Gambling mechanics are insidious, they’re nasty, they’re predatory. They should F-off. The news came very shortly
after the last Jimquisition, where I talked about Rocket League and how disappointing the loot boxes were. How I once gave that game
a Jimquisition award, a year-end honor, and
that I’ve had to asterisk and gray out and, essentially,
invalidate that award because I don’t give awards to games with fee to pay mechanics. Where you pay for a game upfront and you’re expected to
supplement that game further with micro-transaction bullshit. So I’m not gonna say
that it’s thanks to me the loot boxes are going, I’m
not gonna take credit for it. But it would be fun if I did take full credit for it. So I’m going to let you say that it’s thanks to me and let you thank god for me, for having done that deliberately and forcefully and rightly. I took the loot boxes out of. (laughs) All right, light hearted times over, let’s talk about some horrible shit. Over the course of 14
hours, 31 people were killed in two separate American mass shootings. In El Paso, Texas, 22 people
were murdered in a Walmart. In Dayton, Ohio, a further
nine people were killed. Just days beforehand, a mass
shooting at a garlic festival in Gilroy, California,
claimed a further three lives. These are just the high profile
shootings from that week. On the same weekend as the
El Paso and Dayton attacks, another attack was committed
in Memphis, Tennessee, killing one and injuring three. While two separate shootings
happened in Illinois, Chicago, killing one and injuring 14 combined. So many mass shootings and
attempted mass shootings occur now, that they’re overlapping and gaining very little media attention, unless the death toll is especially high. They are happening practically every day. They’re happening all the time
and they will keep happening. The Gun Violence Archive reports that 255 mass shootings
have happened in America and it is a uniquely American problem. Many of these attacks
are racially charged, with manifestos condemning immigration and celebrating white nationalism. With easy access to high-powered weaponry, any bastard with a desire
to be canonized by fascists can go out and try to make himself famous, contributing to a death toll
now numbered in the hundreds. Not the fame is guaranteed anymore because, again, so many have happened the attacks are starting
to drown each other out. So of course video games that
are blamed for this, right? Not the easy access to automatic weaponry. Not the radicalizing hate speech parroted by the shooters themselves. Not the culture that immortalizes, and in some dark corners
worships, these fucking monsters. No, it’s one too many goes on doom, init. In the wake of the latest atrocities politicians were quick
to mobilize they’re tired and pathetic attempts to pass
the buck on to video games. House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, laid the blame for domestic terrorism at the feet of the games industry. Claiming that entertainment software, dehumanizes individuals and that it’s a problem for
future generations and others. Texas Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, was blunt in suggesting
that domestic terror attacks are the responsibility
of the games industry. “How long are we going
to let, for example, “and ignore at the federal level, “where we can do something about it, “the video game industry?” Dribbled them moron. “In this manifesto, that we
believe is from the shooter, “he talks about living out
his super-soldier fantasy “on Call of Duty.” Patrick was a lying through
his rotten teeth by the way. The manifesto in question, which is more concerned
with defending white people from an alleged ethnic replacement, explicitly says not to live out
super soldier COD fantasies, by attacking heavily guarded areas. Encouraging other would-be terrorists to go after less defended targets. The only video game reference
in the racists screed argues the opposite of what
Patrick claims it does. But these shit munchers were out shone by the grand poo bum himself, alleged president and
sunken trout, Donald Trump, who blamed video games
in a painfully awkward insincerely teleprompted speech condemning the recent attacks. The speech, in which he wrongly states that one of the shootings
took place in Toledo, effectively blames
everything under the sun for racist gun violence, except anything that might actually cause
racist gun violence. Mental health struggles,
the internet in general, immigration, video games, a dog that looked at him funny once. Seemingly anything can
be blamed for mass murder if you squint hard enough. And he should know, he squinted
so much during that speech I thought his face was
gonna consume his eyeballs. – We must stop the glorification
of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome
and grisly video games that are now commonplace. It is too easy today for a troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. – [Jim] While everyone
in the game industry was understandably outraged
by Trump’s comments. I think I was personally more horrified by his statement that mental
illness pulled the trigger. Nut neither video games nor mental illness fired, the easily accessible,
war weaponry of America. And Donald Trump knows it. Every politician, every fox news pundit, every self-interested fucker, looking to shift blame away from them or their campaign contributors, knows damn well that video games don’t have shit to do with this. I could do what everyone
else is doing at this point and talk about how video
games are available all across the world, but only America has a mass shooting epidemic. I could go through the studies
that show no correlation, much less causation, between playing games
and murdering people. But I’ve done that already. We’ve all danced to that
dance so many fucking times and we should have moved past it. There’s simply no credibility to be found in blaming video games for mass violence. But that doesn’t matter
to people like Trump. The point isn’t to be convincing or to even do anything about it, the very point is to do nothing about it while chatting a load of shit. The point is to get us
all arguing about what doesn’t cause gun violence, so we stop arguing about what does. While we’re defending
video games from baseless and wholly insincere disparagement. We’re not talking about the
availability of assault rifles or the radicalizing nature of
white nationalist rhetoric. And that’s why games get blamed. Not because politicians and pundits truly believe games are to blame, but because it’s easy to stoke up all the anger and resentment
from a time when people did believe games cause violence. From Columbine being blamed on Doom, to disgraced lawyer, Jack Thompson’s, war against the evils of GCA. To Arnold Schwarzenegger
hypocritical attempts to regulate video game content in a way his own gun-toting action movies were not, games have long been in the crosshairs of anyone needing an easy scapegoat. And in the 90s and 2000s
there was an element of sincerity to this scapegoating. Games were seen as this
new outsider entertainment, the realm of socially deprived nerds, where shocking violence was
encouraged and nurtured. In the 2010s our culture at large has moved past to that silliness. Game consoles are an essential part of most entertainment setups, and titles like fortnight
are deeply ingrained in the mainstream consciousness. The game industry is too big to be harmed by the kind of criticism
that was heaped upon it in the early 2000s. It’s gone fully mainstream, it
rakes in billions of dollars and there are now hundreds
of millions of people who have grown up with video games being a normal part of everyday life. Games aren’t going anywhere. But politicians do know this. They know video games
aren’t going anywhere and they have no real intention
of making them go anywhere. I mean, if they got rid
of all the violent games what would they have to blame? It’s not about seriously
attacking video games, but paying lip service to
a problem to placate people and divert attention. To give the American
public something, anything, to argue about an attack
or defend as they see fit. And I’m not playing that game anymore, I’m fucking over defending
the game industry from toothless rhetoric that only exists to obfuscate the real problems. And do you know what it? Obfuscates the problems within
the game industry itself, as well as the problems without it. Not only does the game violence debate muddy the waters of gun violence, it muddies the waters of actual issues with the game industry. In a way the game industry
benefits from being blamed for things that are obviously
not the game industry’s fault. Because while we all rally to defend games from accusations of
violence and performative political criticism that’ll go nowhere, we forget, at least temporarily, what the fucking
millionaires and billionaires running the game industry
are up to on a daily basis. I’ve been spending years
arguing about the negative, psychological effects games
can have on their players. Deliberately designed, as they are, to encourage impulsive spending and mimicked gambling habits. Kids are being bullied
into buying Fortnite skins for social status. Families are having their
bank accounts cleaned out because of loot boxes in FIFA. The very design of
micro-transactions is based around leaching money incrementally from players in sums too small to notice. And all of this shit has
been deliberately perpetuated by the industry itself. At the same time I’m arguing about the negative mental impacts of video games, I’m expected to argue against
to the idea that video games have a negative mental impact
when it comes to violence. Now obviously the topics of gun violence and manipulative business
practices are different beasts, and believing in some
harmful psychological effects doesn’t mean I have to
believe in all of them. But nonetheless having to
balance the two arguments is an over complication and
a muddying of the water, and an inevitable expenditure
of time and effort that I could be better spending elsewhere. The game industry is at no
real harm from politicians saying Fortnite is to
blame for society’s ills. No amount of punditry will stop Epic Games making billions and billions of dollars. Game companies are
threatened by the politicians and gambling committees
looking into unethical and shady monetization. They are worried when legitimate
action and investigation is been had over their years
of predatory business tactics. But they get to ignore all that and encourage us to ignore all that, while rallying the troops to defend them from the president’s
disingenuous hyperbole. IGN right now has an article titled, “Every Country Has Video Games, Only One Has A Mass Shooter Problem”. It’s a fine enough article, IGN was right to publish it. But while publications need
to spend their time and energy tearing down the bullshit buck-passing that has been successfully
torn down for decades, legitimate abuse in the game
industry gets set aside. We can all be angry
about more than one thing at once of course, but the
entire discussion right now is about defending games
from Trumps bollocks. It’s the biggest story
this week of, course it is. It’s what the video game discourse is a laser focused on right now. And every day the story
takes center stage, is a day the game industry can put off addressing
abuses of employees, of health endangering crunch periods, morale destroying job
insecurity, publisher tax havens and jaw-dropping overpayment of executive. Days before Donald Trump blamed
video games for terrorism the video game industry doxxed
thousands of journalists, content creators and analysts. The Entertainment Software Association, the industry’s
representative had the names, addresses and phone numbers
of over 2,000 E3 attendees stored on a simple download link with no protection whatsoever. Right now, as I speak,
many of those people have been receiving threats and harassment via the personal info leaked. The gross incompetence
and negligence of the ESA, proud face of the
mainstream game industry, is shocking in its scale and stupidity. It was directly harmful, has put the safety of so
many people in jeopardy and the ESA should be apologizing and groveling for their colossal fuck up, every single hour of
every single fucking day. But all they’re doing right
now is putting out statements pushing back against
what the president said. Their monumental failure
has been thoroughly upstaged and is allowing them all the
breathing space in the world. It’s all a distraction,
the video game blame game is distraction and nothing more. It is, to use a favorite term
of Trump’s own loyal fandom, a false flag. Arguing against it is a waste of time because it’s designed
to be a waste of time, and seductively so. It’s just too tempting to
push back against rhetoric so asinine, so off-base, so
thoroughly fucking stupid. But it’s supposed to be stupid, it’s supposed to sucker us
in, it’s supposed to distract. And all the while we’ll
just keep on dying. Keep on getting slaughtered. Keep on getting fucked,
in a fucked-up country where everything’s gotten
completely fucking fucked. Fucks sake. No pundit, no journal, no YouTuber, no outlet is wrong to push back against this political opportunism, especially if you’re in games media. You’ve got the luxury of focusing on a politician attacking video games because you don’t have any other beat. You’re there to talk about games. You’re not necessarily wasting
time you could be spending, talking about guns, talking about fascism, but I don’t think it’s
something you necessarily have to do anymore. The fight was won a long time ago, video games are not going anywhere, even if some of these politicians draft up little bills for themselves. Even if these politicians
promise that they will definitely crack down, they will
come up with some watchdog that’s gonna deal with these
evil violent video games. It’s all smoke and
mirrors, it’s all excuses. By attacking the video game industry, politicians are excusing themselves from having any responsibilities,
any accountability in the chaos and the violence
going on in the nation they’re supposed to be
running and leading. Blaming video games for the epidemic of mass shootings across
America is a cowardly, pathetic, disgusting abdication of responsibility, of accountability for those in power. It’s despicably spineless
and it’s designed to get us to run around in circles
having the same old debates, while nothing is done and people die. And this is all before we
get to the other things that these fuckers are allowing to happen that are gonna kill us all off, like climate change which
of course is very real. Fuck them! They don’t intend to do
anything about video games, any more than they intend to do anything about the actual causes of gun violence, or the ease with which gun
violence can be perpetrated. It’s a fucking scam as
far as I’m concerned and they can fuck off. Thank god for me and all that, but Jesus Christ this country. (upbeat rock music)

100 thoughts on “Blaming Games For Mass Shootings Is A Disgusting Distraction (The Jimquisition)

  1. Hearing that crap come out of my Presidents mouth makes me ashamed to be an American, and that’s coming from someone who joined the Army a year after 9/11. It seems our government cares far too little about fixing problems, and focuses on appearances instead. Shameful….

    Do something real Trump, take action to fix the problems and not just spout what you think will make you APPEAR like you care.

  2. I am ashamed of gun culture in America, inbred morons treat guns like toys and people wonder why mass shootings happen. look at Switzerland, Canada and Japan, they have guns and video games and yet no mass shootings in recent memory, the difference is in the us wanting to "kill the bad guys" is considered a reasonable reason to own a gun, those other places its considered a reason to be sent to the nut house, and when the president calls Mexicans and Muslims "Very bad people".. well …. it dont take a genius to connect the dots there does it. also there should not be more guns than people any where thats kinda fucked. its like im trapped in a John Stienback novel, America is dying all around me at the hands of sum sudo-fascist demagogue from home alone 2, and theres nothing I can do. I dont like the star wars prequels but this quote seems relevant to me right now; “So this is how liberty dies . . . with thunderous applause.”

  3. I love how you English ppl can insult ppl so intellectually. Not trolling here or trashing you. I legitimately love it. So funny and true. Every single word. I also think if you didn't hear should say something about how HILARIOUS it is that Walmart pulled all violent video games from display in wake of these mass shootings, yet still ironically said that they would continue to sell firearms…..

    Now I'm not even for taking away all firearms from ppl. I do think they should put a phycological evaluation and IQ test in place when purchasing firearms however. But am I the only one that thinks this shit just sounds like Walmart is trolling hard with that move? Especially considering a large amount of their customer base that purchases their firearms look like some white supremacists on their way to a meeting. I mean, come on. Really Walmart??? 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Oh boy, here we go.

    So, this is probably going to be buried and ignored because I’m a nobody and I’m talking to Jim Fucking Sterling Son. But I want to make this point because I feel like it’s not made enough.

    No, games are not causing violence, they almost never have, and I only say almost because there might be one psycho who killed somebody over a game I don’t know about.

    But that’s the easy part. What I want to talk about is guns. Real guns, and to the point, how they are not to blame either.

    The fact is that everyone wants to blame someTHING because we don’t like the idea that a person could just be evil.

    A videogame is an inanimate object. A piece of media. It doesn’t make someone do something that they otherwise wouldn’t.

    A gun is no different.

    If someone is evil and wants to kill people it isn’t the gun making them do it, and the gun isn’t to blame. They could kill people with bombs, with knives, with cars, it doesn’t matter.

    All this to say, I grew up on videogames, my sister and I played mariokart all the way through our childhood, and it doesn’t make me a wreckless driver. Now, I legally carry a gun with me every single day, and I’ve never hurt anyone with it. I’ve never used any weapon on any person. Because I’m not a murderer. That’s what makes me different, that’s why I don’t want you to take my games, and that’s why I don’t want you to take my guns.

  5. Videogames cause violence huh?
    *Glances at dialogue selection that might make a fake computer generated elf act like its feelings are mildly hurt* Aaaaaa what do I dooooo!?!?! TTATT
    (And even people who are fine with picking the evil option are 99.9999% of the time perfectly normal people who realize that hurting a fake videogame character isn't the same as hurting a real person.)

  6. This is a country where you can purchase firearms and ammo at a Supermarket. What do you think would happen?

  7. I'm uneasy about pushing for gun control while the US government is operating concentration camps. Can't we just ban guns for white dudes and call it a wash? Good video tho.

  8. I do believe there's a link between video games and acts of violence, games clearly can "program" you, hence the famous "Tetris effect", I myself being a wee lad noticed that I started to walk around corners in the particular way I did it in CS; and later, being a big lad, I was sorting cars around me on full cover and half cover ones (like in XCOM) and each time I hold a crowbar in my hand, I know what to do with it (and let me say (I can't go into details) I knew a guy who was very serious about Day of Defeat). Again, people are stupid and easily brain-washed, especialy if they are prone to it and espicially at the young age. And even later most people can't draw a line between real things and fiction / play / game. That's why we're looking for the art that provokes our feelings and that's why football fans are like ones of the most dangerous people around here.

    It is of course doesn't confirm that games cause violence, people cause violence, people, who are mentally, let me say, weak and are driven by extreme emotion or extreme lack of. The first is very common among youth, due to the puberty changes. Mass shootings are unique to America, this is true, but mass murders are not. In my country kids just use knives and axes to kill their fellows. It's universal. Of course, it's way more gruesome and less effective at the long range, but it doesn't change a thing about our nature.

    So, what am I getting at? I'm kinda lost myself. Ok:

    1) games do influence you
    2) students are ticking time-bombs
    3) people are morons
    4) but some people are more morons than the others.
    5) ???

  9. Jim, the Dayton shooter "resisted" just as hard as you do. What the Boomer Republicans are saying about videogames is fucking stupid, but don't try to associate Dayton with white supremacy; dude was a rabid leftist you'd have been proud of, you chungus.

  10. They were planning the Rocket League system for a while to go with Fortnite's rotating loot system, sorry but Jim had nothing to do with it.

  11. Trump is just he same old pretending to be different. He's just another polician trying to please the elite and donors.

  12. 8:52 "Games aren't going anywhere, but politicians do know this. They know guns aren't going anywhere and they have no real intention of making them go anywhere." Hey Jim, just exchange 'games' for 'guns' and the argument still works. In fact your entire monologue well past the 9 minute mark about what to blame and lip service applies to the anti gun argument. Do you really think any Democrat cares about guns? No, its just for political pandering points which is why they always target their own boogeyman the AR-15. Which is an easy target despite the overwhelming majority of deaths being caused by handguns. But targeting those might be just a bit too politically inconvenient. Also great job on spouting on about white nationalism while avoiding the political motivations of the Dayton shooter. Whatever fits the narrative right? You're becoming akin to blatant propaganda at this point.

    Go ahead, ban guns. Then the argument will move to knife bans and the arguments will center around how no one really needs a knife 'x' long like they do in your neck of the woods, good ole England.

  13. If the US has gotten this bad how come no one hasn’t assassinated Donald Trump yet? Whoever does would become a national hero to many.

  14. Complains about dehumanization in video games a fantasy, while in real life encourages and participates in actual dehumanization rhetoric.
    Are they A) a liar B) hypocrites C) idiots D) dont care because the dissonance keeps them in power

  15. "It is too easy for a troubled youth to surround himself with a culture that glorifies violence," says a man who literally encouraged people to attack dissenting protesters at his 2016 campaign rallies with the claim that he would cover the legal fees.

  16. Video games already have age restrictions
    And children easily influenced are therefor already protected.

    Dont blame games blame the parents if they dont teach them correctly and allow them age restricted content or hell hand them a bottle of beer knowing full well they are not of age and blame the system for not haveing proper mental health checks requirements and licensing for the gun owners who should never have been allowed one to begin with is like saying your ok to drive a car right now but we won't test you later in life when you have poor eye sight and are driving a vehicle that is also considered a weapon just drive through a crowd of people see how well it works or the jogger on the side of a road in a hit and run.

    Even then this will still happen as any shooting that happens is because the person had some personal agenda and there is absolutely no way in hell to account for that.
    Where their is will their is a way and you just can not stop it only be prepared and set deturents.
    So stop trying to stop something out of your control and play the blame game simply put better protection measures in place to compliment the deturents we already have.
    How quick could a situation end with multiple armed guards?
    Why are gaurds or law enforcement not a requirement for public schools or massive public events?

    Hell if we wanted to we could make all guns electric locked triggers to prevent fireing with programmed chips and facial recognition turning guns into smart guns and yet we dont do that why?

  17. Availability of "assault rifles"? Assault rifles are more or less impossible to own legally in USA so I think not.

    To come by them illegally however is another story entirely but to do that you basically go the same route as in any country they're illegal in. You get it from criminals by either being one of them already and having access that way (gangs etc) or just use stuff like TOR and buy stuff anonymous on the internet. It's not rocket science and can happen in any country. Drugs and guns are bought this way all the time all around the globe.

    Sporting rifles or handguns however is an entirely different beast though, since people can own them legally in USA. However I'd honestly argue that it's the society itself in the US that is the bigger issue here and not the guns. The people is the issue, not the guns.

    Only the mass shootings or crimes where innocent civilians gets killed makes people care at all. They make it to the headlines. Nvm that more or less all gun related deaths are suicide or criminals VS criminals AFAIK. On top of this they usually involve handguns and not "assault rifles" that always attracts the focus for some reason even though they are more or less never used.

    But I guess that doesn't fit into the agenda so it tends to be forgotten along the way on topics like these. But in order to criticize guns I think one should be educated on them and by that all aspects of them.

    I think this no matter the topic FYI. If someone's going to attack nuclear power for example, and just hating it very passionately I expect them to be very well educated on the subject. Otherwise strong opinions on the subjects should be avoided because it quickly gets tiresome and frankly, silly. Arguments based on feelings rather than facts.

    Aaaanyway… on the other side of it all, countries with strict gun control see a lot less gun related violence, I get that and there's merit to it without a doubt. The thing is, though, that lots of other countries that aren't very strict do not either…and that to me is very interesting.

    Which brings me back to my earlier point that USA have a people problem, not a gun problem IMHO.

    My take on that whole ordeal. I simply think that just like blaming video games…simply blaming guns isn't that much better tbh. Guns need someone behind the trigger. It's not the gun that turns the monster into the monster. They're just his or her chosen tool for a horrible and sick crime. Removing the guns won't remove the monster.

  18. What about all the Black and Hispanic guys who die to gang violence? Is that because of white nationalism/supremacy? Because looking at Chicago I'm just… distraught because I thought that black lives mattered.

    Except they don't really seem to matter to other blacks, unless they are going to be getting free food or get an excuse to riot.

  19. It’s hard to understand how people vote against there own well being to oppress people they hate. If “mexicans” get the benefits I need then they aren’t worth it. They rather live in squalor as long as people with brown skin live in squalor too. I just don’t get it.

  20. Want to know what's even more horrifying? None of the weapons used in mass shootings were automatic weapons. They were all semi-automatic rifles and handguns. Which means the killers pulled the trigger for each shot. It wasn't just spray-and-pray. It was methodical mass murder of innocent people, one trigger-pull at a time.

  21. Btw Jim I don't know if you did it yourself or Youtube enforced it by this video is now Age Restricted. I can't remember having to be logged in to view it originally but now I do. Funny I can watch footage from CNN reporting on the shooting directly without being logged in, but Jim talking about it in a vague manner with a background footage of video games is too graphic for kids.

  22. Don’t blame it on the firearms, don’t blame it on big pharma, don’t blame it on no (mental) healthcare, blame it on the Xbox

  23. Trump's going to push his power too far and one being, FAR more powerful than Trump, will get very angry. Yeah, Trump, keep abusing your power, because you push it too far and God will bring his wrath down on you! You think you have all the power, but you don't, our Lord and Savior does, and he is probably, can't believe I am saying it, p*** at you! There, I said it! Censored, but I said it!

  24. listens to siblings watch Fast and Furious 8 during a high violent action scene with explosions and gun fire while watching this Jimquistion yea it's "only" video games that promotes violence in our society -_-.

  25. Spoiler alert people, the cause of mass shootings, and murders, is not inanimate objects, like guns, and video games. The cause, is us, the people of this country, and society. That's far too hard for us to grasp, sadly, so instead, we must point the finger at something else, instead of doing the necessary introspection.

  26. Jimbo is not gonna talk about the Ooblets thing, is he? Makes sense, he'd be shooting his own Patreon in the foot if he told people about how Patreon actually works, and that someone not bending over for you on Twitter doesn't entitle you to harass them and send them death threats. It would be a video of him shitting on his own ignorant viewers and they'd probably send death threats to Jim

  27. @Jim Sterling Alright, if we're going to talk bullox, STOP BLAMING NEO-NAZIS!

    Aug 4 "no racial motive or political motive"
    Aug 3 " white nationalist, anti-immigrant"
    July 28 "potential targets, including the Garlic Festival as well as "religious organizations, courthouses, federal buildings and political institutions involving both the Republican and Democratic parties"
    May 31 "disgruntled city employee"
    May 7 "planned to target two students in particular as they had ridiculed him due to his gender identity"
    April 30 "investigators were unable to determine any motive for his alleged actions"
    April 27 "no known connection to any white supremacist group"
    February 15 " the shooting itself started during the termination meeting"

    STOP BLAMING NEO-NAZIS! Trying to pin this on a single extremist group is not helping anyone. These are not fringe groups, these are mentally unstable people. Those of us with actual connections to people with mental health issues are disgusted everytime someone tries to dismiss these people as "radicals". YOU'RE NOT HELPING!

  28. I can't wait for these old wheezers to peel over and crumble to dust. Hell has a special place for the boomer generation.

  29. In Europe (at least where I live) in order to buy a gun you have to go through training, psychological testing, practice at shooting range and at the end pass a final test in order to obtain the license to buy a gun. Kinda similar to how you have to pass a drivers test to get the license to drive a car.

    However, how some unfathomable reason Americans think that guns are more safe even in hand of some nutjob without any training, that driving a car thus not requiring any license for it.
    Its like "You are 18 and driving without license? You are danger to everyone!" but "You are 18 and you want to buy a gun but you have never handled it and have no idea what to do, how to clean and how to store it? Doesn't matter have all the guns you want!".

  30. Iam pretty sure it isn’t the usa’s gun laws the cause but the worryingly amounts of illegal suppliers of weapons and firearms, piss poor welfare, no free healthcare, every state being the polar opposite of one and another (for example wealth and poverty rates: in one state 99% of people are financially stable and have roofs above their heads but in another state your either fighting 10 guys for a penny covered in shit or you have more money than the worth of your weight in gold), medicine being more expensive than rent in New York (as well as the medicine you get for your mental illness) and general stuff like mental illness thats come from child abuse, bullying and harassment, neglect, etc. and prejudice and racist, homophobic and religious extremists ideology.

  31. Are you any different Jim. Here you are blaming guns.. a person decides to kill someone long before they go out and get the gun. Instead of trying to fix the social issues that are causing the problems. After weapons are ban, and people are still killing people with knife.. you want to ban them as well.. after all that is what the U.K. Was wanting to do….

  32. so, according to these idiots, the majority of our young doctors/nurses got all their training from Trauma Center?

  33. Shooter: kills black people
    yells racial slurs while doing it
    writes a very detailed manifesto about why he hates black people and how this led to him becoming a shooter
    FOX news: "you see, in this shooter's mainfesto, he says that he used to get together with other white supremacists and play video games. Do you think the problem… Is video games?"

  34. Thank you Jim Sterling, for laying it down in a no-holds-barred manner. I knew this topic stunk of putrid BS, but I couldn't quite place it. Thank god for you.

  35. you KNOW, its ALMOST like having an administration that ignores, deflects, and enables racism, nationalism, and white superiority results in the people with mental issues who believe in that stuff feeling enabled to bring their ideologies forward and trying to "fix the problem" with their own hands. huh. funny how that works.

  36. I think the extra context – that Mr. Sterling is from an nation that does not HAVE mass shootings – needs to be highlighted as well.
    The deadliest mass shooting in the UK's history was the Dunblane massacre in 1996, where a man killed 16 school children and a teacher before killing himself – so 18 dead in total, many more wounded. Immediately the talk from the government and the media was on gun control, and a direct result is that buying handguns for personal use is illegal in the United Kingdom. The only guns you can buy legally are historic weapons and sporting guns (so hunting rifles and the like – shooting IS still a sport in this country but it looks very different to how it is in the states). Trying to research if there were any other mass shootings of note, there was a mass shooting almost a decade before Dunblane that killed 16 people – and as a result of that, semi-automatic weapons and some types of shotgun were banned. The last gun-related massacre we had was in 2010 and it was a spree-shooting, rather than just one singular event.
    We still have video games and violent media! We still have youths attacking other youths (knife crime especially is considered an epidemic problem)! We still have white supremacists (and they still kill people)! But it took one shooting like this – someone killing children, I can't' emphasise enough how horrified I feel even having to type that – for our government to say "okay that's it, no more handguns – we already banned more dangerous guns, this shouldn't be a problem", and for pretty much the whole population (looking at you, Farage) to reply "okay yeah that's fair enough, we don't need them anyway."
    How many mass shootings is it going to take for America to do the same?

  37. I don't see any mass shootings in the UK, South Korea or Japan where all three have big numbers of gamers. Also really difficult to get hold of a gun lol.

  38. These politicians don't want to accept that mental illness and the ease of getting guns is a serious issue. They'd rather blame something else so they don't have to do anything. There are some places where you can legally buy guns without a background check

  39. Hmm…not to sound like a conspiracy but could the video game industry have intentionally whipped this up just to take the heat off of loot boxes etc.? They know how fired up gamers get to defend them on this topic…

  40. These shootings were done with automatic weapons? It's sad when our normally spot on news guy Jim resorts to fake news. If automatic weapons were used as you inferred like 2 minutes in, there would have been far more killed and injured. It's already bad enough. You don't need to use fake news to enhance it.

  41. Honestly why are we going to bat for the AAA industry? The government isn't going to do anything and even if they do it won't go anywhere, and even if it does, let them. Let companies like EA and Activision and Bethesda burn under their own hubris. I'll bring the marshmalloes and play my NES as it was advertised as a toy.

  42. The modern conservative manifesto has a very simple reality – be seen to be doing something when you're actually doing nothing. Scapegoating is just that; being seen to attack something, even if it's the wrong thing. This is exactly what this is all about, but a lot of us, a growing number of us, see right through the crap. We need to step up and expose it being all dress and no drawers, because too many people just prefer the wool being pulled over their eyes, and do so at the detriment of their fundamental right to free speech.

    Once upon a time, the second amendment was written to safeguard the first. Now it appears the government is prepared to gut the first amendment to enforce a warped and unconstitutional interpretation of the second.

  43. Thank God for Jim Sterling. You are single handedly destroying the loot boxes and I hope you destroy EA games. I have a lot of beef with those bastards

  44. Media: blaming video games for mass shootings

    Me breeding sea turtles and releasing them into the wild in Minecraft

  45. So using history it wasn't the brutal life in west, battles with other ranchers, or Lincoln country war that shaped Billy the Kid into an outlaw it was all those dime store novels that warped his reality?

  46. you know jim i almost didnt watch this video once i was sixty seconds in because of the points you came right around to. THANK GOD FOR U

  47. One thing that sends a warm fuzzy feeling in my chest is the knowledge that everyone who was 40 at the time I was born (mid 80s) will inevitably and irrevocably DIE one day, and then on that magical day, only people who grew up with videogames will be left behind, and at that point, videogames will have the same level of prestige and legitimacy as other forms of arts like movies and music.

    And so on that glorious day, sitting down in your couch to play a few hours of The Last of Us will be seen as no different than sitting down in your couch to watch Casablanca. Whilst sitting down to play a few matches of Call of Duty will be seen as no more harmful than just watching a few episodes of the latest Kardashian Reality TV show.

    What a glorious day that will be indeed.

  48. "Alleged president and sunken trout Donald Trump" – I had a good laugh at that.

    In all seriousness Trump needs to go to prison in 2020 after he loses the election.

  49. If you’re going to blame video games, you need to blame the entire entertainment industry: games, movies, books and other things. That will not end well.

  50. Oh sure, it's video games that are the problem, not pseudo intellectual conservative mouth pieces, like Ben Shapiro. Effectively, adding an air of legitimacy to every, antisemitic, racist, and white nationalistic thought a killer is likely to have already. For every time the new reports that someone plays grand theft auto, they fail to mention this guy is there number 1 podcast.

  51. Politicians: vIdeO GaMes CaUSe vIolENce
    Me: playing video games with GameFAQs open to make sure I get the best ending where all of the characters survived

  52. Well the guns didn't fire themselves either. London has proved that getting rid of guns doesn't stop mass killing either. There must be another solution. I believe games aren't the cause, but perhaps the isolation from playing games hours on end for some individuals may be a culprite. People must learn to moderate themselves and learn self control.

  53. I'm at a point where I simply laugh at America's love for guns. The Americans need them to defend themselves 😆😆😆😆 get yourself a brain.
    The poor souls that die each day aren't just killed by guns but also the tortured souls that were driven to this point.

  54. At 3:50, you should say SEMI-AUTOMATIC as automatic weapons aren't available to the public. Semi-automatics fire one bullet per trigger pull where as automatics fire all bullets in the magazine until it's empty by holding down on the trigger.

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