Blaire White Interview, Dawkins SLAMS Nationalism & Teacher's Topless Pic | Pseudo-Intellectual #10

Blaire White Interview, Dawkins SLAMS Nationalism & Teacher's Topless Pic | Pseudo-Intellectual #10

48 thoughts on “Blaire White Interview, Dawkins SLAMS Nationalism & Teacher's Topless Pic | Pseudo-Intellectual #10

  1. Biden is a perv and only those in denial don't see that. No common sense anymore. Right in front of your eyes and people deny it LOL

  2. Do you want students to think it is OK to use your phone to take nude pictures of yourself and send them to your boyfriend? To me, this justifies the position that she cannot be a role model. If it can be sent on your phone, it isn't private. Remember that. I don't care if you think it should be considered private. It just isn't.

  3. As long as someone comes to a country and brings the good parts of there culture,there is nothing wrong with that.North America was built on the backs of immigrants.I can see other countries complaining about too much immigration.Nothing wrong with patriotism but nationalism can breed hate if taken to far.I see pride in something like you're country of origin strange because why have pride in something you have no control over.Im happy to be Canadian but I'm not prideful.

  4. Is anyone else getting buzzing/distortion sounds on the dialogue throughout a lot of this or is it just me? I tried multiple outputs (one using s/pdif optical, the other using an analog jack) and the sounds were happening at the exact same points in the video, which leads me to think it's the recording.

  5. Richard Dawkins is too often treated as an authority on things he knows little about. Brilliant biologist, no doubt, but little more than that.

  6. everyone can be a minority.
    just find something about yourself that is unique and use it for victim hood status. you can get rich on youtube! just make sure to have videos of walmart ninjas crying about something insane.

  7. I feel like in general when you choose to go to college, you are better off going to a state school than to go somewhere specialized because then you get more of a variety of types of students and professors. It's nice too because we have both a Democratic party club as well as a Republican party club for our extracurriculars. In general, it should be considered unprofessional to bring up personal beliefs as a professor. I don't mind on both sides however if a professor brings up a political idea and presents facts behind them or if they decide to tie in current events to the class. I do love most of my classes though where we can have these open discussions. I love hearing my classmate's opinions because there's just such a variety of ideas and at the end of the day everyone is respectful about it. It is important to look at the university's political climate before deciding where to go. As someone who is planning to become a professor in the future, I do believe that the universities should always be a place where we all can come together and discuss different points of views and have our points challenged. If you go to college in an echo chamber or a place where you are unable to speak freely about your views, then you will not have an enriching experience. I do hope that the day I do become a faculty member within academia I will be able to ensure that my classroom is a safe place for freedom of speech and free thinking. Anyways, lovely video.

  8. Dawkins thinks that Nelson Mandela (the terrorist bomber) is in the realm of Einstein Shakespeare, and Beethoven? Winnie Mandela's favorite method of execution was a tire around the neck filled with gasoline, — (and lit)… Monster.

  9. I love how she could sue them for going through her phone but instead she’s making it a gender issue

  10. holy shit didn't even realize this was a trans person until pretty far in….is this M—>F or F–>M. I assume F–>M?

  11. I love how even with her hair tied up, Blaire can't help but play with it 😂 whipping it back and forth like she's willow smith lmfao

  12. Thought a week almost went by without roaming millennial suck¡ng off a tranny. Glad she's 0kay.
    strong. brave. uncensored.

  13. Why exactly was this person interviewed? And why are you playing along with their pretend gender? Really surprised at the direction of this show.

  14. As someone who is a part of the LGBT community, I'm glad there's people like Blaire out there showing people that we don't all think or act the same

  15. Patriotism is a much better go to than Nationalism. Nationalism invokes government to 'put' one's country first. Patriotism is simply an admiration and love of country. Patriots desire their nation to be first, nationalism wants government to intervene.

  16. I’m center left . Our democracy will only survive if we listen to all views, not just the ones we agree with. I don’t alway agree with Blair , but she is smart and well spoken. When she says something I don’t agree with I stop and think … why don’t I agree with her . Some times I change my mind and some times I am reaffirmed in my thoughts. Either way , listing makes me a more politically aware person.

  17. My country was founded on Nationalism, We got full independence in the 1940s yeah we are very nationalist even when our so called "Leaders" are anything but, Nationalism is about identity and culture.

  18. .
    "It's very funny to hear people praise democracy. Democracy is not a virtue. Democracy is just the authoritarian mentality of the masses."
    – Styxhexenhammer666

  19. There was one man Uncle Joe did it with:

  20. Liberals must realize they are scaring the hell out of people. We're at a point in American history again where the gloves are about to come off and whoever is more of a threat on the streets will be the ones to lose. I hope both sides are aware of that.

  21. i'm 1.78m which in your weird way of measuring things with your feet is 5 feet, 10 inches and 1 sixteenth of an inch
    what the fucking hell USA!

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