Black Panther's Black Nationalism? | Roaming Millennial: Uncensored E07

Black Panther's Black Nationalism? | Roaming Millennial: Uncensored E07

46 thoughts on “Black Panther's Black Nationalism? | Roaming Millennial: Uncensored E07

  1. The majority of your videos on race are about blacks which leads me to believe you probably have an issue with them.

  2. bitch you ain't black and you say African American for you also why you like addressing African America problems and bashing us say we start all this world wide problems against us

  3. At this point I feel like you don't like black people because everything you say is trying to wound our culture and pride. You just need to stop taking about it period.

  4. People are happy about it because for some people it is the first time seeing a superhero represent them.

  5. I mean it was a good super hero movie but the fact that it was nominated for best picture is kind of a joke.

  6. she said "and that's not because I'm a racist"
    this chick wants to bewhite so bad…she claims she's Asian 😂😂😂 I'm black and I'm more Asian then this twat…came by because Angel was talking about your ridiculous existence. it's all true about u just another pretending to know something about something.

  7. Conservative channels: facts don’t care about your feelings and SJWs and libtards are sensitive
    Black Panther comes out with a majority black cast
    Conservatives: WHAT THE FUCK

  8. Black panther is the only movie that many black people can relate to it was a black country exclusive for black people devoid of you and your kind so please stop

  9. If you would look at any type of report that you will see that the crime the drug use and fatherless children are about the same in both communities so don't single out black community you a racist and you just don't even know it


  11. Black Panther is being nominated for best picture so that black people struggling with their identity can feel good about themselves. What's sad is that a movie like 'The Color Purple', which was incredible, is being thrown under a bus in order to elevate a decent superhero movie to best picture status because of……WAYCISM.

  12. Those types of white movies come oujt all the time though hahaha, I don’t have an issue with it but it’s funny that she thought those movies dont exsist or something

  13. In the interest of being FAIR, I think that American released movies should represent race, sex, other, corresponding to the percentage there are in the Country. Then nobody can fairly bitch about their sniveling voice Representation.

  14. I guess none of you people are old enough to remember the original Shaft series of the 70s. Carry on!

  15. I'm not an American and enjoy Hollywood production in general… long before my interest in usa culture/ politics grow to what it is today, i went to see this movie based on 'great reviews' I read online… the movie was so boring I stopped reading reviews and just focused on my frnds rating! Now I understand the propaganda behind such movies

  16. You are always defending whites and when IT comes to Blacks or hispanic you make IT seem like what white people is doing is ok and we are overreacting when you know truly what you are doing, you are a bad ignorant person👎🖕🏻 this is coming from a white guy

  17. The black people r stupid i would have went and watched this but when they told me this is for black people to be empowered i figured i will never watch this movie…..

  18. blackpanter is just junk just junk bad acting bad story bad everyting, marwel must have lost its toutch imo. so if you havent seen it dont do it its just waste of your time

  19. Poverty is not just a black issue. Even some white and Chinese are struggling that why your Trump came up with the "American First" slogan.

  20. I've never seen a more disingenuous cunt… as a Canadian, I consider you to be an embarrassment.

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