Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter Supporters (Social Experiment)

Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter Supporters (Social Experiment)

35 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter Supporters (Social Experiment)

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  2. But the reason for Black Lives Matter is because a hugely disproportionate amount of violence by the police is targeted against the black community. No one in their right mind would argue against the fact that all lives matter. However, the point in question is that all lives are not equal in the U.S. …… You, Joey Salads, are an insidious little fucking creep, a dollar tree Richard Spencer and you and your so-called "social experiments" need to be either viewed with extreme caution, or better still, not at all …..

  3. Black people i beleve that black people think that because of slaves and white on top that they matter more now

  4. Imaging white people beating up a black guy holding up a sign with all lives matter, then it would get on the news and all that

  5. But he knew that there would be a reaction from black people with everything that we face so why go there and do it

  6. if we came out with All Lives Matter to bring attention to cops killing black ppl, y’all would’ve used that for other movements. We needed something that was specifically for that. We’re saying black lives matter too along with all other lives cus right now- it doesn’t seem like white ppl (the ppl in power) agree. you don’t come up to a breast cancer awareness group and say “Well I think all health conditions matter and we need to raise money for all of them, so you shouldn’t just talk about breast cancer”

  7. If black lives matter said 'black lives matter TOO' all lives matter wouldnt be a thing. Just one extra word.

  8. The reason why they are angry is because the point is that all lives matter, including black lives. They already agree that all lives matter, and holding that sign only diverts the topic. That is why they assume you're against black lives matter.

  9. I don't wanna say it, but the black guys, it's just me, or they are stupid ? "All lives matter", what's wrong with that????? 0 iq btw

  10. you're mocking them that's their slogan for a cause they care deeply about what do you expect? fuckwit you're lucky that's all they did

  11. “ Cops be killin n#### every day bro” literaly next scene him and his friend are beating him up. Ridiculos

  12. I’ll probably get a lot of hate for this but the all lives matter response is meant to be little the black equality movement. Black lives matter doesn’t mean we matter no other race does it means we matter too and are we going to get the fair treatment we deserve? Type of message.

  13. I hope i can punch those black potatoes in the video like 5 times. I called them potatoe because they have a potato brain.

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