43 thoughts on “Black Label Society – Trampled Down Below

  1. All I can say is thank you zakk.i know that's ur stag name.but thank you u have helped me get threw the death of my six year old baby girl an still are..if I could I would kiss you on ur forehead an say thank you an walk away with respect to you an I both..love an respect threw an threw

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C_3xldRUG4 This goes out to Dimebag, Vinnie,Zakk and anyone else who loves to headbang and give music everything they've got! Please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

  3. not sure what zakk is doing these days, but he's on guy that just improved over time. He is vastly under rated. his raw power and energy are untouchable. a national treasure not replaceable and without peer. Who sounds like him? nobody

  4. Zakk is one hell of an entertainer, and also one hell of a nice guy. Love you, Zakky boy – coming to see the Dallas chapter soon, and I will be there my brother.

  5. Ozzy said he had to drop zakk cause it was sounding like bls. Zakk wrote most of the music with his time with oz. Sharon said she wanted him gone cause they were trying to keep Ozzy sober. Glad there back together again

  6. Jeff is one of the last of the warriors still willing to put it on the line every night…I salute you; my brother!

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