46 thoughts on “Black Label Society – Stillborn HD / Lyrics

  1. My favorite black label society song…I met Zakk in Houston,Tx. when I was a teen in 1991 and he signed my friends mustang…He did a free show in front of corvettes of houston… Me and my friends hung out with him over an hour just talking..I got his autograph and he signed my friends mustang, Iraq Sucks Zakk Wylde 1991… During desert storm…

  2. Great song…..these guys are freaking awesome…..it puts me in mind of a old Sabbath…..love the vocals and the guitars are on point….. gotta love that….

  3. I think this song is about stillbirth. "The feelings I once felt are now dead and gone." That means that the couple in question were excited to have a child, but when it was stillborn, those happy feelings are dead and gone. "I've waited here for you for so very long." They waited 9 months, only for it to be stillborn. Just my theory

  4. what a combination.. this song uploaded by a youtube channel named after the greatest heavyweight of all time

  5. 13 years old and loving this type of music. I seriously want to smash anything that is playing all the stupid shit that kids are listening to these days

  6. i remember listening to this as a young child and thinking it was Ozzy Osborne

    i know no one gives a shit but im 14

  7. I'll dedicate this song to every weed dealer who made me wait and/or stiffed me…. f*ck all of you….good luck…jsn

  8. I buried my dog with that song… Nice dog and nice dude… he was cool… I love him so much… some "good boy" are going to the other side… Good luck Chicho

  9. The 70 people who dislike have no taste in real music or have no soul. YOU PEOPLE ARE A DISGRACE 🤪😂

  10. My favorite with Zakk n Ozzy besides breaking all the rules. Both my favorite songs of them together… I met Zakk coolest guy talked to him for a hour…great guy…

  11. ok,,,, Zakk, or Randy Rhoads ?? and know I use to go to Zakks house when I was In high school. I went to Manchester high. He went to Jackson high. mutual friends.

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