27 thoughts on “BLACK LABEL SOCIETY – Scars (Piano Version)

  1. Miss my wife of 32 years ! Died march 31st 2018 2 hours before her 50th birthday I have not been able to function since ! struggles everyday ! MISS YOU BABY !

  2. You just never know, do you? If I saw this guy walking toward me I’d probably cross the street. Or maybe I wouldn’t because that’s stupid. But still…

  3. This is pulling my heart strings. Very emotional, and not many musicians can make me feel this way. Great song.

  4. When you can shred a guitar like a beast then play and sing something this beautiful and moving on a piano, pure class

  5. Your words have guided me through watching my youngest child on life support and another fighting for her life in rehab . Always wondering where I went wrong . Wishes are bullshit that much I have learned but I will never give up on them . I turn to your music for peace and knowing I'm not alone . Thank you Always

  6. Another beautiful piece by a bad ass rocker. I love that Zakk is not what society would expect, such a talented person.

  7. Zakks the man! Been listening to him for 25 yrs. Baddest, most under appreciated rocker on the planet!

  8. Zakk Wylde is one of those rare animals that I've never heard make a bad song once. Still, this is very surprising in terms of how heart rending this piano version is.

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