20 thoughts on “Black Label Society – Rust

  1. my buddy and I really wanna go see them, we live on the west coast of Oregon, and dont know when he will be playing either in Portland or Eugene.

  2. Yea hopefully we will find the things that are going to be able to make more of us understand hell and back to the in between and u ntill the end of time. Yea that's what I have been able to connect with

  3. this the dark illussion.   1983.   10 years old aeni` Marcianou.  stevie frum, o "picking".  Bit Later, with Sonny Blue eyes, Bass guitar some vocal

  4. Black label society is the definition you get when you search " best rock" in your Google search bar

  5. the solo leads 2007. song, music. Vocal, lyric. 1983. 10 years old aeni` Marcianou. the DAWn (RATM.

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