30 thoughts on “Black Label Society – In This River

  1. R.i.p. joey shea fuck this town for not loving u as we loved u and investigating your death like a human.. but i will live it for us both. And make them remember .. all i can .. all i am .. the flames that took your soul.. stir in mine.

  2. 13 years. It’s been 13 years since my dad lost his life. This is a message to everyone that scrolls through the comment section, always and I mean ALWAYS WEAR A SEATBELT. put the phone down. Down drink and drive, my dad was hit by a drunk driver got thrown out the fuckin window. All because he didn’t wear his seatbelt and was putting his phone down. R.i.p Donnie Bruce love you. Raise sum hell up there 👆

  3. My homie was a metal head Benjamin Hutchinson killed by a pos ran over like a dog at the Albuquerque flying j truckstop rip bro two years ago it still hurts like hell

  4. No, Sir, I have never fought a woman or man in this bitch-driven society of boys who pee sitting that arent handicapped or whatever

  5. Hey, Doc, I have 30 known terminal illnesses. I ate them and enough poison too kill U.S. inside for breakfast. I used my time and body my way. And whatever, High or Benefit or Desire drives yaw after him or me. I am their Narcaine or opposite.

  6. Ken ken i miss you everyday. I am so sorry for your life baby boy. Just know i miss you too and i love you so much. Whatever life brings it gets better. You have to remember the good times thru the bad times. And vice versa. It keeps one strong. And an interest helps too. What ever it is. I miss you. So much.

  7. This song reminds me of one of closest kindred brothers died in a fire. Wasn't worth an investigation by the police . Said he killed himself . Suicided . I've been fucked ever since. But this song brings me back

  8. This is my favorite song right now when I first heard it I got goosebumps, as a musician and somebody who respects true music for over 30 years now I'm glad to know there's still artists out there that can bring it with that kind of passion, that kind of talent and that kind of Raw emotion, rock and roll lives on

  9. To all of you. Its hard haven pals. White hoarse.i fought a good fight. Cousin dont cry for me. Turn it into something else.

  10. Despite the very emotional, sobering and thought provoking lyrics to this song. You can't deny it isn't incredible. Well done BLS!

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