40 thoughts on “Black Label Society – I Never Dreamed

  1. 3 minutes of silence at the end of the video. What were you thinking when you uploaded this??? lol… buffoon

  2. Todos os dias ouço mais esqueço de comentar fico muito extasiada com essa voz linda do zakk wylde curto desde os 17 anos de idade música linda todas são mais toca na alma

  3. Saw his band last year, at a small venue in up state N.Y. by far best fucking show I've ever seen in my life fucking guy came out into the crowd and jammed I can die a happy man for sure!!

  4. Was with a man that i loved very much but only got used and abused for 7 years he lived a double life which is very common these days i will always love him but the pain he caused me will never go away i hope someday it will but as im typing this tears are falling down my face love thats not real hurts the most

  5. My father told me always be strong son
    Don't you ever cry
    You find the pretty girls and then you love them
    Then you say goodbye
    I never dreamed that you would leave me
    But now you're gone, gone gone
    I never dreamed that I would miss you
    Woman won't you come back home
    Back home
    I never dreamed that you could hurt me
    And leave me blue
    I've had a thousand, maybe more
    But never one like you
    I never dreamed I could feel so empty
    But now I'm down, down down
    I never dreamed that I would beg you
    Woman I need you now
    I need you now
    It seems to me that I took your love for granted
    Oh oh yeah
    It feels to me that this time I was wrong, so wrong
    Oh Lord now I feel so lonely, yeah
    Woman won't you come back home
    I tried to do what my father taught me
    But I think he knew
    Someday that I would find one woman like you
    I never dreamed that it could feel so good, Lord
    That two could be one
    I never knew about sweet love, Lord
    Woman won't you come back home
    Back home

  6. Caralho mano! esse back vocal que ele manda, ohhhhh yeahhh all rightttt parece que ele chora mano. é algo sobrenatural.

  7. Had a man at work tell me Dave Grohl was a better guartist …. then I stomped him with my size 13 work boots! Rock on Zakk


  8. They never sent you. If they did, you wouldn't be listening to this. 🙂

  9. Sorry Carrie for not being there to hold u one last time b4 u left us all. I don't deserve to ever be touched or loved ever again. R. I. P. Carrie Deanna kirk

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