Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on American Politics (Extended Version)

Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on American Politics (Extended Version)

25 thoughts on “Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on American Politics (Extended Version)

  1. By popular demand, here's an extended version of the roundtable discussion we hosted between black conservatives and liberals. Check out some handy time codes of what was discussed below:

    0:57 – What first comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?
    1:59 – "Drain the swap" and capitalism
    3:28 – Who here voted for Donald Trump?
    4:54 – What is your impression when you see a black person wearing a MAGA hat?
    5:51 – Black conservatives talk about how they're treated in the black community
    9:17 – Who here voted for Obama?
    11:06 – Who was disappointed by Obama's presidency?
    15:34 – Issues with the Trump presidency
    16:28 – Why vote for Donald Trump?
    19:55 – Disagreements on systems of oppression – welfare, taxes, etc
    23:29 – Policies that Republicans and Democrats disagree on that help and hinder the black community
    26:09 – Black wealth and reparations
    29:24 – Black voters being synonymous with the Democratic party
    32:26 – Student loans and college
    35:22 – Should the black vote be courted?

    Watch the full-length documentary about The Young Black Conservatives of Trump's America —

  2. Like most of the general population, this group is deaf, dumb and blind as to the real political theater and propaganda perpetrated on us for decades.

  3. The gay dude on our right said that we always run to being a victim, I think its just we like to focus on those who need help. Christ went to the lame and sick not the healthy. So of course ALL LGBTQ people aren't HIV+ and need help with housing but some of them do and we need to make sure we are fighting for our brothers and sister on all fronts.

  4. When I told my (now ex)boyfriend I’d voted for trump, he was so appalled because I guess gays aren’t supposed to do that, that I thought he was gonna dump me on the spot

  5. I think welfare benefits the illegal imagrants more than any americian citizen. All the social social services. Home, medicial, food, ect. We the people don't benefit other than paying the BILL

  6. 16:35 Fact – a black person from a poor background can have a successful life in America. Vice – it does not fit our biased victim narrative so “we’re not going there!”

  7. Black, white, its always the same. Democrats are always the victims of something. They can't tell you where it is, they just know it exists. Tough way to go through life.

  8. Is there really "The right choice". Everyone till the end of time is going to feel that the vote the submit is the right choice.

  9. Personally, I'm a Republican but I supported Obama, and I will continue to support whoever is in office in the future because THEY REPRESENT OUR COUNTRY. I don't why we have to argue with each other, it's pointless and never gets us anywhere. Vote for who you want, and if it doesn't work in your favor then just accept it and move on.

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