BJP landslide win sparks a meme frenzy on social media

BJP landslide win sparks a meme frenzy on social media

3 thoughts on “BJP landslide win sparks a meme frenzy on social media

  1. A strong India from all sides the people of India want.People in India trust Modi and this is the sole reason that has motivated people to choose him as the PM of India.Of course,Modi is fit enough to lead India on the right direction.

  2. EVM was Rigged

    Just 8-10% vote from EVM need to be rigged/transfer to the particular candidate from the arch-rival candidate (which can be determined by election analysts) in a constituency. This will make 16-20% difference of vote( refer EC website for vote percentage of a candidate and you will easily see this pattern)
    Nakal ke liye bhi akal chahiye, isiliye Kam karne par kisi ka Shaq bhi nahi jaega..
    (Since 50% VVPAT votes will be matched, so minor-fixing will be more than enough)

    During the election campaign, winning party campaigners shoulder were down as people were absent from their rally(if you want to see, go through complete videos)

    There was nothing great down by the government in their 5yr term, so that people turn to vote in favor of them as in the previous LS Election(At best, a coalition government could had form by creeping to a majority mark)

    Why only opposite party candidate won were strong room was guarded by the opposition candidate and its workers.. this is one the many Example, a sitting Union Minister called 'Vikas Purush' Manoj Sinha in his constituency lost to opposition in Ghazipur(UP)

    Minor scuff between election commissioners and EC inability to take action against government in power for violation of MCC

    Why Most of the strong room was guarded by inadequate security officials..

    Think on it.
    I'm not blaming that this is happening for the first time. This is dangerous for Democracy.
    This is my personal view, everyone has the right to decent politely.. But Just think..

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