Bitcoin vs. Political Power: The Cryptocurrency Revolution – Stefan Molyneux at TNW Conference

Bitcoin vs. Political Power: The Cryptocurrency Revolution – Stefan Molyneux at TNW Conference

26 thoughts on “Bitcoin vs. Political Power: The Cryptocurrency Revolution – Stefan Molyneux at TNW Conference

  1. Stefan Molyneux's best, most important, speech.
    When all else has fallen away in the sands of history, these will be the words by which he is remembered.
    Well done – thank you deeply for the contribution to humanity.
    Goodness knows WE need it.

  2. So if someone starts a war against a nation she can't defend herself because she can't print money and she haven't enough to pay soldiers?

  3. Bitcoin terrifies Big Banks, because it threatens their centuries-long monopoly over the world. Because Bitcoin makes it possible for ANYONE, who has some brain and knows how to use the technology, to become rich and be part of the money elite. That is what terrifies them, because they DON'T want that. The Big Banks rather want us all to remain poor and in debt for the rest of our lives while they SUCK away everyone's money like BLOOD LEECHES . There is a war between them and us.

    We want to become well off and truly independent. They want to prevent us from becoming well off and independent , the elite want to stay in power so they can do their EVIL deeds , depopulation , vaccines , all the EVIL stuff . IT'S TIME FOR THE MIGHTY BITCOIN TO CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.

  4. Now that's interesting, and NOT surprising. Switzerland, one of the most developed, richest nations on Earth, with the HIGHEST STANDARD of living, embraces crypto's.

    While more backward countries denounce them. It seems crypto's ARE the future after all. They've just been recognized by the World masters of banking. I would recommend for EVERYONE to get on board , even micro bits will serve you well . It's time for the MIGHTY BITCOIN to reign supreme .

  5. Very versatile eye opening! Finally someone with a little sense, AND able to deliver it so that it's comprehensible to the ordinary person

  6. Stefan why do I feel like we are fighting a losing batte. Look at those kids all on facebook, what a shame.

  7. Bitcoin is the ONLY TRUE decentralized coin , don't be fooled by imitators they are ALL pump and dump plays , there can only be one crypto KING …. BITCOIN . Join the revolution or be LEFT behind …. #$%^ the blood sucking vampires ie …. banksters / gangsters .

  8. Like this comment if you're here seeing this video (again) in 2017/18 and holding Bitcoins since you saw this video. Bitcoin #$14K ++++ . A single Bitcoin enough to change the outlook on your financial life!! More the merrier!

  9. I like the speech. Great points. But do people really believe governments won't find some other way to wage wars, money or no? The only way I see that ever being the case would be a full on revolution that completely destroys traditional government and replaces it with one which is built upon a limited cryptocurrency. But who knows if such an overhaul would be even be possible without enormous collateral damage that would negate the purpose in the first place.

    Moreover isn't there an argument that fiat currency also facilitates other expensive endeavors like single payer health care/insurance (second largest cost in the US after defense) that otherwise could not be afforded? I suppose he would argue that that's something people would actually choose to pay for, unlike a war.

  10. what exactly does he mean when he said "billed shall be the wall mongers and then w get peace?"

    What does that even mean.

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