BITCOIN TO $7,200 OR $8,500?! | Gold Breakout & The Next Global Financial Crisis

BITCOIN TO $7,200 OR $8,500?! | Gold Breakout & The Next Global Financial Crisis

24 thoughts on “BITCOIN TO $7,200 OR $8,500?! | Gold Breakout & The Next Global Financial Crisis

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  2. Carl have you produced a video on the terminology you use for your technical analysis. I think it would be good for newbies entering the crypto market…. Great video…

  3. That's a bitcoin bull pennant bro. But after that pennant breaks out, you're prolly right about the fib retracement.

  4. In zis video…. I will look very handsome. And if you think that sounds interesting then you should defshshshhshwshhshwhideo… TOMOWWOW!!

  5. The recession will not come before the presidential election in 2020. So, Bitcoin has plenty of time to CAPITULATE below 3k.

  6. headlines in the USA..btc is dominating altcoins..of course it is, when exchanges are systematically cutting Americans off from altcoins by not allowing Americans to buy altcoins what choice do they have? BTC. If US regulations weren't so strict altcoins would have ran by now. Americans are losing access to altcoins which is a huge market. No wonder BTC is outperforming most alts. WE CAN"T TRADE THEM>

  7. I bought some Gold&Silver today. I'll DCA every paycheck the next few months, already loaded in BTC. Hopefully the Recession will come so i'll be part of the biggest wealth transfer in human history.

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