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  1. For reference purposes, readers may find the following information useful. Apologies for its length, but the 'trans' issue very complicated and does need precise exploration:

    The main error of any one-size fits all approach to youthful manifestations of transgenderism is the way it ignores the complex origins of Gender Dysphoria. Instead, it would be more accurate to speak of Gender Dysphorias in the plural. This is highlighted by the following classification listing some of the probable causes of Gender Dysphoria.

    1. Biological-based Explanations for Gender Dysphoria which can be divided into the following six sub-types: –

    1.1 Genetic – where Gender Dysphoria is an inherited family trait

    1.2 Intersex – where Gender Dysphoria results from an unusual combination of XX and XY Chromosomes

    1.2 Hormonal – where Gender Dysphoria is due to a hormonal imbalance in the fetus

    1.4 Linked – where Gender Dysphoria is linked to or is a symptom of more underlying condition like autism

    1.5 Psychotic – where Gender Dysphoria is a psychotic delusion resulting from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

    1.6 Traumatic – where Gender Dysphoria or confusion results from a physical injury to the brain

    Highlighted, is the role of medical factors or ‘nature’ in creating Gender Dysphoria

    2. Environmental-based Explanations for Gender Dysphoria which is divided into the following six sub-types: –

    2.1 Abuse-based – where Gender Dysphoria is a defence mechanism made in response to some form of early life physical or sexual abuse

    2.2 Cultural-based – where Gender Dysphoria is a response to cultural pressures mediated through the mainstream and social media; these include the influence of peers, transgender role models, the impact of biased news reporting and the growing acceptance of trans lifestyle

    2.3 Drug-based – where Gender Dysphoria is an outcome of inappropriate drug treatment like Di-ethyl-stil-bestrol (DES) which from 1939-1971 was prescribed to pregnant mothers reduce the risk of miscarriages

    2.4 Personal-based – where Gender Dysphoria is a result of some form of personal insecurity or identity crisis which may be inflamed by the process of undergoing puberty

    2.5 Pollution-based – where Gender Dysphoria is a result of industrial chemicals in the air or the higher level of female hormones in the water supply

    2.6 Volitional-based – where Gender Dysphoria is viewed as something that is reinforced by a succession of decisions people take

    Highlighted, is the role of social factors or ‘nurture’ in creating Gender Dysphoria

    Represented in this list is the old ‘nature’ versus ‘nurture’ dispute which bedevils both the biological and social sciences, i.e. how much of human behaviour is due to inherited biology and how much is due to social interaction? The most likely answer is that it varies on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, the explanations listed in this analysis are contentious and it would be unwise to be dogmatic about any of them. Some have been subject to heated debate whilst in the case of DES lawyers have had a field day. Furthermore, it’s not always clear whether just one or a combination causes in operation. Overall, it does appear that Gender Dysphoria is a hybrid ‘condition’ in which several influences are simultaneously at play. An added complication is that these may vary in prominence during various stages of a person’s life. This explains why there can be several different outcomes in relation to Gender Dysphoria. Where some are content to settle for weekend transvestitism, others cannot accept anything less than full-scale re-assignment surgery. In between are those who live part-time as one sex and part-time as the other or they may feel they have the characteristics of both sexes at once or the characteristics of one sex at one time and of different sex at another. The intensity of Gender Dysphoria does vary from person to person and in the same person during various stages of their life. As time progresses it can: –

    1. Fade naturally – as puberty helps the brain to align naturally with the body

    2. Become fluid – varying in intensity with some youngsters following a same-sex orientated pathway rather than a transgender one

    3. Remain fixed – requiring some form of psychotherapy or medical treatment if at an intense level

    4. Intensify – especially as age advances

    5. Found to be there later in life – following decades of repression and denial that usually produces extremely unhappy consequences (this scenario may diminish as transgenderism becomes more socially acceptable)

    Overall, Gender Dysphoria is a highly complex phenomenon with various causes and various outcomes, which are usually impossible to predict. To suggest that there is only one way to approach it is not only unwise but extremely dangerous – especially with young and vulnerable people who may well come from highly troubled backgrounds. Compounding matters are the serious levels of ignorance at the public, professional and political level – although this may now reducing because of the social media

  2. I really enjoyed this video as a teenager who is currently in the process of starting to transition and come out. I am so scared of the idea of having to detransition and agree wholly with the idea of getting therapy/going to a psychologist before hormones and surgery and, just transitioning in general. I would hate to have to regret something like this because being trans and having to transition isn't fun. Anyway, I will definitely be checking some more of your videos out!

  3. Kalvin may be one of the least articulate people I’ve heard in ages. He needs to work with someone to help to be able to articulate clearly and communicate effectively. I can even get past his annoying use of the word “like” every five words, but grammar and syntax are troubling. Did he finish HS? Perhaps I am being unfair if he didn’t have educational opportunities.

    I’d be shocked were he able to write with a modicum of clarity.

  4. And this is the REAL definition of Cis , "cisgender" when the lesbian transitions to become a dude claiming that she is a STRAIGHT dude because she's into women LOL and her EXTERIOR image happens to be male. ,,, this is the true definition of CIS ,,
    and for any heterosexual individual to use this word SHAME on you

  5. I really enjoyed this! Its very informative even though I'm trans myself 😝. I didn't realize I was trans until I was 14 but I have really severe dysphoria so.. 😏. Keep it up!

  6. Subbed. You are a great interviewer 🙂 And I love that you bring people like Kalvin on. I hope to see Blaire also. And I look forward to check out the rest of your channel.

  7. I have 2 trans people in my family and both went through heavy trauma. I'm gender critical. I don't think every single trans person has been through trauma but I do think there's an unusually high number who have.

  8. Just a quick suggestion which may or may not be what you agree with – time stamps would be really helpful for these interviews.

  9. I think Benjamin should also interview Contrapoints, who’s also very intellectual but with a totally different point of view.

  10. Contra points is very talented and intellectually stimulating i.e. Natalie Wyn. I enjoy her channel and have enjoyed the interviews I have listened to. I actually don't CV think Maritza was rude or disrespectful. I think she is simply sharing her journey and wanting the world to know the realities of that part of the equation.

  11. Didn't even realize that my appointment with a psychologist is tomorrow, my mother just reminded me. Literally only a handful of people know what it's actually about (gender dysphoria, anxiety, possible depression). I'm actually kinda nervous now.

  12. A guy in a dress told me, my wife wasn't a woman anymore, she's a cis woman.
    Another dude in a skirt told me he was gonna compete against my daughters in sport.
    Then some bloke tells me he's gonna use the same toilet/bathroom as my wife and daughters.
    I said No way, I protest. Now i'm in trouble, cause that's hate speech apparently.

  13. It's really hard to listen to this Kalvin – she makes no sense really, doesn't seem to have much insight and she absolutely is NOT a straight man FFS. For goodness sake, you can't change your sex, so if you're attracted to females then you're a lesbian. Get real.

  14. I couldn't figure out what this kid was yapping about. Yap yap yap blah blah blah slow down, kid! What's he against? What's he into? This one just seems like yet another victim of the internet to me! If he hadn't had the internet at home growing up, would any of this have happened? I also wanted to be a boy as a kid, but nothing was there to endlessly reinforce the idea (social media/internet/social pressure) and I totally forgot about it.

  15. wow this was totally a retarded show,, woah ,,, is this biological female Calvin a transgender or a straight dude ?.?? what the hell is going on. ,,, as a former lesbian of 40 years I was really concerned about the GSA being pushed in the RAINBOW community,, we never really understood what the Gay-STRAIGHT Alliance was doing behind the scenes , and now I know !!!!! you have got to be kidding me,,, so lesbians are now claiming to be straight dudes WOW,,,, THE pendulum is really swinging way too far it's out of freaking control ,, and for this moron that says NOTHING happened to them while they were a child LOL good luck buddy when something happens to you and your memories come back and show you what you blocked ,, kids are really good at blocking trauma,,,, wow,, so I guess this is how they are wiping out the Gay, how the word GAY is going to be considered a hate word ,,, thanks to the GSA permanently screwed up the Young Generation

  16. if the trans community isn't going to get to that point of cohesion, then it shouldn't even be on the political arena. there should be no reason for it to be included into law. if it is such an individual, personal experience, then… it should be treated like a religion.

  17. I had to stop. The likes. The likes. Kalvin. I have watched other videos of yours and really wanted to watch you explore biological essentialism on a deeper level than your other videos in a different format have but it just got to me so badly I couldn't listen. So frustrating.

  18. The videos are getting better and more interesting (with terrific guests), but there’s one caveat: Ben’s sartorial expression is hindered by the “I used to be a roadie for the Go-Go Dolls” vibe. I know that the Pacific NW is incredibly relaxed but the clothing is going to be a serious limiting factor if B.B. wants to go for the big time.

  19. First thank you Kalvin for sharing your story it was very educational for me. Second this is a question coming from a sincere place of curiosity and not intended as a critique. When you said that non-binary people are really either trans or cis do you think there is also a third category who really feel more gender-fluid then the categories of trans or cis would allow for and might those people be more likely to be erased because of all the trans or cis people who id as non-binary? I asked because as a cis bisexual woman I have had both straight and lesbian people tell me there is only gay and straight pick a side I'm really one or the other Etc so that comment did strike a nerve from my personal experience and I just want to understand where you're coming from with your comment thanks again

  20. It’s too bad and Kalvin didn’t know when to shut up and let this guy ask some good questions ,he seemed like he wanted to say more but didn’t really have the opportunity . it’s funny because Kalvin is a pretty good speaker when he’s not speaking next to an actual adult LOL His youth extremely shows 😉

  21. i would like to see Kalvin’s view point about GNC Centric detransitioning but not have taken T i’m confused

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