Bill Warner, PhD: Sharia and Fascism in Knoxville

Bill Warner, PhD: Sharia and Fascism in Knoxville

Well it’s kind of funny. I’m a former
college professor and I got thrown out a high school. I was going to give a talk in Knoxville, Tennessee and the venue was at a high school, but when some Muslims complained about it the Superintendent of Schools decided, (that you know) it is the purpose of education to provide a safe, comfortable environment, and evidently, neither what I was going say wasn’t safe, or I woud make people uncomfortable, which is true, but the Superintendent
decided that Knox County didn’t need to have any critical thought fact-based reasoning going on in your
school system because you see it makes people uncomfortable…Muslims in particular. One of the Muslims said, “You know there’s kind of an aggressive tone in the flyer about this talk.” and I thought to myself, you mean aggressive, like in Surra 9, where it says the cut off my head because I’m a Kafir? Or, maybe you mean aggressive like the day Muhammad killed eight hundred Jews by cutting their heads are off? You mean, aggressive like that? No. I’m not an aggressive kind of person. I don’t raise my voice. I don’t insult. I just use fact-based reasoning. But now we get to the nut the
matter, because you see muslims brought up the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center says that I am a hater. Now, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a
very interesting institution. They’re worth over a quarter-billion
dollars. They hold money in offshore accounts and
their executives live in high palatial style. and by the way they are the consulting
on hate groups to a lot of people. They used to be the consulting on a group to the FBI but the FBI found out that these people don’t
have a criteria for hate. The Southern Poverty Law Center decide
who’s the hater by well I guess it to feeling in their
stomach or something, but anyway… they don’t have any criteria and so they
have no criteria for calling me a hater either. But they do, and the Knox County Schools
decided, you know we don’t need any haters in our schools, so Bill is “out of
school”. Now there’s two points that need to be
clear. The Muslims are right when they say that I
should not be allowed talk about the Sharia. Because, the Sharia says that non-muslims are not allowed to say anything that’s makes other Muslims feel uncomfortable or they just have to not like it. So turns out that the Knox County
Schools are enforcing Sharia law. Of course, based on what the Superintendent says the Knox County Schools doesn’t know Sunna from tuna and does know Mohammed from molasses. But they do know this: there is a fascistic way happening in America, and it is the purpose of fascism to let the government dictate what thoughts of the citizens will be. You know, I can remember when the left in the Liberals saw that fascism would come to America from the right. but instead we see that fascism is rising in America, because I’m not the only one who has been told that government does not like what you say,
and the government says you can’t say it. Remember I mentioned the FBI earlier, well my papers used to be considered as part of a training on counter terrorism but the FBI was told by the Muslim Brotherhood
that they don’t like what I say and for no other reason than that my
papers were thrown out. This is a serious problem because, to more and more people, ICAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) dictates what the media will portray and what will happen in the public market place of ideas. So on one hand, I make why the fact that the old college professor has been thrown
out of school, but what’s happening here, is that I’m riding the crest of a wave of fascism in America where it doesn’t matter what the truth
is. It doesn’t matter what the facts are, the government has decided I shall not speak, along with a lot of others. That’s a serious problem. Think about it. Do we want the government determining our truth? I thought we determine the government
but, it’s not working out that way, Or at least it didn’t in Knoxville. Oh, by the way, the talks is going on, but in a different venue. Have a nice day.

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  1. The term "hate group" applies to groups like the KKK that spills over to violence. So technically Islam should be considered a hate group and not you. Perhaps you should ask the superintendent if the same result would have happened if you had substituted KKK for Islam. 

  2. Yep, we are forced to live with the most intolerant people on the planet, if you don't like it thats Islamophobic.

  3. Diversity =White GeNOcide
    No one is flooding Arabia with non-Arabs , giving them special rights and privileges, affirmative action, and free healthcare.
    No one is flooding Asia with non Asians, giving them special rights and privileges, affirmative action, and free health care. It is White countries and only White countries why this is happening. And anyone who resists is called a racistwhowantstokillsixmillionJews.
    But we know now that Anti-Racist is a CODEWORD for Anti-White. If you want to see what we are doing to stop this, check out www. and watch some of the videos.

  4. Mayor of NYC, Bill deBlasio has now banned undercover agents from Muslim areas thanks to CAIR.
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali was to receive an honorary degree from a prominent university and now she won't thanks to CAIR.
    CAIR is an under-table front group for Islamists in America.

  5. Town Hall – Farragut has now been moved from Farragut High School to Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 400 Everett Rd, Knoxville, TN 37934.  Dr. Bill Warner will speak there at 6:30 p.m., Thur., April 24.  All Muslims and non-Muslims are invited, and it's all free. Rather than "haters", you will find us "lovers". Lovers of the truth, lovers of freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and lovers of those who are not afraid to find out how Sharia Law is keeping them in bondage.

  6. To outsidelight1, who said "Bill talks rubbish most of the time", can you give us all just one example of where he talks rubbish? Thanks. Also can you direct us to your writings? I don't think I've heard of your scholarly works before. Thanks again.

  7. A lot of our Government officials, which I will call puppets, no longer care about the Constitution of this Country. They either disregard it, or are trying to get rid of Amendments (like the 2nd Amendment, to gain complete power). Their real bosses are behind the scenes with a lot of cash and a demon in their pocket. 
    Yes I have the right video.

  8. Dear Dear, a) you are quoting out of context, not the full quote and b) who get your horses back in your and bolt it. Don't see what your neighbors stable has

  9. has anyone read the Quran ? I have a copy but I must admit I haven't read it yet. I like to compare Islam, christianity, and Judaisiam as all being from the same source, Probably Zoroastrianism, am I wrong ? The foundation of all four is the fear of a negative entity, Satan, the devil, Beelzebub or other boogeyman. (notice all male figures, whats up with that ?) the truth is negative entities cannot exist. Impossible. If E=mc2 what does -E equal ? Makes me wonder does anyone think, or do we all have the religion of what we are taught, whether it is a lie or not, whether it is sound or not ? Most people severely disappoint me. people as a whole are gullible, and fearful. Our governments understand this and use it against us, so their wealthy donors may benefit. I firmly believe that money is mostly the primary motivator. How many know I mean know, that compassion is wisdom in action. The technicalities of anyones religion, or should i say religion itself is all relative. If you did not discover the truth on your own than you are dumb of the truth. Anyone can parrot.  The cold hard truth is your religion does not matter. If you are a hateful person then you are an asshole, and your religion/philosophy or what ever you want to call your way of thinking is dysfunctional. If it is dysfunctional it is simply wrong.

  10. Iam part Jewish and live in Israel -im secular and leftist  in nature – BUT – i think this man is a genius – he is one of the few scholars who  really pinpointed the global Arab state of mind. only someone who lives with arabs on a daily basis – know how fear driven they are – awaiting more lectures Bill!

  11. Beneath the rosy assurances from Muslim apologists that Islam is about “peace” (HA!!) and tolerance lies a much darker reality that better explains the violence and deeply-rooted indifference.  Quite simply, their KORAN teaches supremacy, hate and hostility.  These muslims know it, us non-believers know it, and the world can see it simply by the ACTIONS of “good” muslims who follow all of this hate, intolerance, fighting and KILLING for their moon-god-allah.

  12. So, here we are. Isis gaining lots of ground in Iraq. Seen the weaponry they have? THAT IS FUNDING, big funding. There is almost a CORPORATE STYLE – ummm money flowing in. Guess who? no, not unions in the UK, this is SERIOUS petro-dollars. I'll let YOU figure out where from.
    What is their agenda?
    A simple question – but a (necessarily  complex answer)…….
    Ever read the Koran?
    No  ? Well , please do… ,and you will see the supremacist, tyrannical, murderous ideology behind Al-Queda, Taliban, Al-Shabab, Isis, Boko-Haram etc.
    AND you have to understand this. They are pious believers of the teachings in the Koran – they are TOTALLY prepared to KILL AND BE KILLED IN THE WAY OF ALLAH.
    What does that mean to you and I, as non-Muslims?
    Read the Koran-  ESPECIALLY if you are NOT A MUSLIM.
    The early passages agree that they should be tolerant to other faiths – the later verses ( confusingly, by deception) completely denounce the former verses – and claim that the only way to treat non-Muslims is by death and destruction.

    'Islam is as dangerous in a man, as rabies in a dog'   Winston Churchill,  PM of Great Britain !940 – 1945

    The Koran removes empathy for non-believers, making it easier to harm them
    The Koran is  very clever war psychology.

    Look. I know nothing -you must look( PLENTY OF KORAN TRANSLATIONS ONLINE),and decide for yourself..

    search trop   thereligionofpeace

  13. a Muslim is a person of peace. Islam means peace. my man is talking a load of shit and taking shit out of context. may the true god guide us all inshallah

  14. Liberals do not want to hear any negative facts about the religion of war, Islam. They have allied with Muslim groups against Christians and conservatives. The traitorous left is now allied with Muslims who want to destroy Western Civilization.

  15. He didn't talk about the history of the birth of other empires and their expansions,if he can then we can compare, that is history mate, let talk about Alexander the great and Napoleon and Hitler and many more how many pple they killed, let talk about all that and see the common sense of it!!! 

  16. Not a bit of hatred in this man's voice.  Anyone who believes that this man should not speak because he makes people uncomfortable does not believe in the first amendment.  Think that mosque at ground zero made anyone uncomfortable?  But they still built it anyways.  So why can't this man make people uncomfortable with his point of view?  Hypocrisy abounds! 

  17. sorry to say the so called "american gov " is already in support of radical global jidad becuz US LOVES to WAGE WARS around thie world and im not MUSLIMS AT ALL 

  18. im a muslim I have watched only one of bills videos it was about how islam was spread by the sword. he has done extensive research on the rise of the islamic world in the golden age. Although a lot of what he presented were facts not all of his presentation was true.I started noticing a lot of mistakes in his presentation he is inciting hate against all muslims when he should be focusing on the terrorists which muslims around the world reject.

    The prophet of Islam said If you do not know or need to know anything ask the one that have the knowledge.

  20. You should come to Denmark and speak! The politicians talk of not importing muslims! They will win the next election.

  21. He´s right education is not about "safe" and "comfortable."
    Hes wrong about fascism coming from the left or liberals. Many "liberals" are deluded about Islam, but they share no values with it, in fact they are diametrically opposed, Islam is as about illiberal as you can get. 
    You can have doubts about left thinking but not when it comes to the principals of Islam.
    Islam is a force of the illiberal right and it feeds off the commercial right. They confront each other but are two sides of one coin. The coin is fear greed, and inhumanity.

  22. Mohammed married a 9 year little girl and raped her on her wedding night.

    Mohammed was a child rapist and Muslems who love Mohammed for this are evil beasts.

  23. He is totally right in his sayings. Sir I salute you for your informations and the truth about islam. Hoping you continue your lectures and videos. thanks a lot

  24. An American Indian, A Islamic and a cowboy were traveling in the same train car. 
    The American Indian sadly announces, “Once we were many, now we are few”.
    The Islamic arrogantly brags, “Once we were few, now we are many”.
    The relaxed cowboy, boots kicked on the table, trying to nap, lifts his hat, spits his tobacco on the floor, looks at the Islamic and says, “We haven’t played cowboys and Islamics yet”.

  25. ONLY White countries are forced to accept unlimited migration.
    ONLY White countries are told to assimilate with immigrants.
    ONLY White countries are predicted to become mixed race.
    Does any one see a pattern here?
    Anti-Whites call themselves "anti-racist", but their words & actions lead to the genocide of only one group: White people.
    The true goal of anti-racism is to genocide my people.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  26. try read your own comments like its directed to you and find out how ugly your inside….some of the comments here make me wanna puke.

  27. Are we going to stop teaching 20th century European history in case it makes any German or Russian descendents uncomfortable?  Should we knock out 19th century history for French descendents?  No, history is history and the more we get to understand the history the more we understand what is going on today and yes, it may be uncomfortable to hear, so what? It can't cause offence as it has already happened, if this guy is teaching something false, question it, if he is teaching something true congratulate him for the education.  I'm British, we have a horrible history of conquest and imperialism, I'm not going to deny that as it's true.  I am offended by many things that have happened in the name of empire, and some may have to face up to what has happened in the name of religion.

  28. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….The First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state. That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach….Following this declaration, the Supreme Court–and numerous lower courts–began striking down religious activities  and expressions which had been constitutional for the previous 150 years. Consider the following decisions delivered in the jurisdictions of contemporary courts:                                                                                                                                   A verbal prayer offered in a school is unconstitutional, even if that prayer is both voluntary and denominationally neutral……                                                                                                                             Freedoms of speech and press are guaranteed to students and teachers–unless the topic is religion, at which time such speech becomes unconstitutional.                                                                                                                    It is unconstitutional for students to see the Ten Commandment since they might read, meditate upon,respect, or obey them.
    If a student prays over his lunch it is unconstitutional for him to pray aloud
    A school song was struck down because it promoted values such as honesty, truth, courage, and faith in the form of a prayer..Interestingly  the song occurred as a part of voluntary extracurricular student activities.                                                                                                                              it is unconstitutional for a war memorial to be erected in the shape of a cross.                                                                                                                                   The Ten Commandments, despite the fact that they are the basis of civil law and are depicted in engraved stone in the U.S. Supreme Court, may not be displayed at a public courthouse.                                                                                                                         When a student addresses an assembly of his peers, he effectively becomes a government representative; it is therefore unconstitutional for that student to engage in prayer.                                                                                                                                  It is unconstitutional for a public cemetery to have a planter in the shape of a cross, for if someone were to view that cross, it could cause "emotional distress" and thus constitute and injury in fact.
    Even though the wording maybe constitutionally acceptable, a bill becomes unconstitutional if the legislator who introduced the bill had a religious activity in his mind when it was authored.                                                                                                 It is unconstitutional for a classroom library to contain books which deal with Christianity, or for a teacher to be seen with a  personal copy of the Bible at school.                             It is unconstitutional for a Board of Education to use or refer to the word "God" in any of it official writings.                                                                                                                  In a city seal composed of numerous symbols representing various aspects of the community (e.g., industry, its commerce, its history, its flora, its schools,etc), it is unconstitutional for any of those symbols to depict the religious heritage or any religious  element of the community .                                                                                                  It is unconstitutional for school officials to be publicly praised or recognized in an open community meeting if that meeting is sponsored by a religious group.                                Artwork  may not be displayed in schools if it depicts something religious- even if that artwork is considered historical classic                                                  
    It is unconstitutional for a kindergarten class to ask whose birthday is celebrated by Christmas. 
    It is unconstitutional for a school graduation ceremony to contain an opening or closing prayer.
    It is unconstitutional for a nativity scene to be displayed on public property unless surrounded by sufficient secular displays to prevent it from appearing religious.                                                                                                                                Numerous other absurdities have stemmed from the courts "separation" doctrine:
    Because a prosecuting attorney mentioned seven words from the Bible in the courtroom  a statement which lasted less than five seconds….a jury sentence was overturned for a man convicted of brutally clubbing a 71 year old woman to death.            A high ranking official from the national drug czar's office who regularly conducts public school anti-drug rallies was prohibited from doing so in Nacogdoches Texas. The Federal judge pointed out that even though the speaker was an anti-drug expert, he was also known as a Christian minister and thus was disqualified from delivering a secular anti-drug message.                                                                                In the Alaska public schools, students were prohibited  from using the word Christmas at school, from exchanging Christmas cards or presents, or from displaying anything with the word Christmas on it because it contained the word "Christ".
    In a high-school class in Dickson, Tennessee, students were required to write a research paper using at least four sources. Despite the fact that the students were allowed to write about reincarnation, witchcraft, and the occult, because student Brittney Settle chose to write her paper about the Life of Jesus Christ,  She was given a zero by her teacher.              Although States print hundreds of thousands of custom license plates purchased by individual citizens, Oregon refused to print "Pray", Virginia refused to print "God 4 Us" and Utah refused to print "thank God" claiming that such customized license plates violated the "separation of church and state."                                              
    An elementary school principal in Denver removed the Bible from the school library, and  an elementary school music teacher is Colorado Springs stopped teaching Christmas carols because of alleged violations of the "separation of church and state"      In DeFuniak Springs, Florida, a judge ordered the courthouse copy of the Ten Commandments to be covered during a murder trial for fear the juries would be prejudiced against the defendant if they saw the command "Do Not Kill"                             In Omaha Nebraska, a student was prohibited from reading his Bible silently during free time, or even open his Bible at school

  29. When asked if we have a Republic or a Monarchy, Benjamin Franklin responded "A Republic, if you can keep it".  Political correctness- no one wants to be guilty of Islamaphobia- will be the downfall of this "republic".  

  30. C.A.R.E. is running the white house ,con gress, and U.S.Senate their building is right across the street of capital hill .Every tuesday care has huge lunch and dinner for american congressmen and senators with pile of cash and prostituts for all. wake up.

  31. You know I'm a Christian by faith and I don't buy this crap from this loser.
     I have one question. WHY
    Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] listed as “GREATEST LAW GIVER” of the World in US Supreme Court. WHY??????????????????? answer me

  32. Bill Warner,  Thank's for courage to enlighten with the truth
                                                 Greatfully yours K. Rommel

  33. I can't figure out for the life of me why anyone would fallow the writing of a MAD man like MohamMAD who would rape little children and beheaded over 800 Jews. Are ppl still that mentally challenged? Are they really so weak that they need to worship characters like Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler in equivalence.

  34. You are a hater and I am a hater, you are a kafir and I am a Muslim! My hate is praiswothy and yours is against truth and is blameworthy, get that you kafir and go to Syria and preach that hate and hopefully they treat you nice there

  35. i can see in his face how bored is this guy from his life , nigga got fired because of abusing a student and he doesnt know what to do with his life anymore. if i see this guy, am going to hug him real tight and cry …. thats how much i feel sorry for him.

  36. In Islam, lying to non-believers is prescribed as a strategy. 
    How can we ever have a dialogue with muslims when we know that ^ ?

    Indeed, muslims are the most dishonest and disingenuous pieces of shit you can ever find. 

  37. 1000 BRAVO to Bill Warner …..With all those unchallenged Islamic stupidity on the media those days our intelligence and morality starts to shift….Its like we take crazy pills.
    Hight time someone puts us back in track with some common sense.

  38. i have no issue with muslims, my issue is with islam. Any muslim who believe in islam and says it is a religion of peace is either ignorant, or a liar. If they are ignorant than they need to hear the real facts about islam, if they are liars, then i have a problem with liars and that puts them in my liars box of which all liars are treated as just that, liars. 
             Let the ignorant hear the truth, and let the liars be seen as liars, it is time something is done about this supposed religion of peace, more like pieces if you speak against it is what your body will become if they get the chance. 
              In love and kindness we share, but patience is costing us life, and devaluing life. Women are miss treated, used, murdered all because of political correctness. It is time we stand up against such oppression and free the weak from the clutches of these evil men who seek to abuse them and rape them and kill them and then brain wash the next generation to do the same. 
               Key Word, in love and kindness, not some angry mob throwing pitch forks ! If they respond aggressive than defend yourself, but only resort to physical behavior in defense, never in anger, or you become no better. Rescue the children and women from this disgusting ideology. 

    With the level of atrocities being perpetrated daily all over the world at a fevered pitch, we have those of fanatics and those of psychopaths being held up by sociopathic societies. If we were to live decent respectable lives according one of these we are doomed. That's why Jesus is my choice. Love God , Love Your neighbor. Wield your sword, do not live by it. DEATH FROM THE SWORD can come by living by it ,or ignoring it while it is in the hands of evil people.

  40. I think this man has said Muslim, yet he went on to describe Zionist Jews…how many muslims in the US government, I think you confuse who APAC and other lobby groups represents/
    I am glad you were not allowed to speak, spreading hate and lies is not needed. TRUTH and facts are needed. We have too much deception and bigotry, why allow someone like him to spread more of it.

  41. He is right on Islam and creeping fascism in America. Both if allowed to run amuk will continue to erode what is left of the Bill of Rights.

  42. As a chinese, I fully support this professors'opinion. 150 years ago, the chinese empire had lost nearly 20 millions of population during the war between chinese non-believers and chinese muslims. The threat is always there,we shouldn't overlook it.

  43. Mr. Bill you have done a very good research but all of it produced negligible outcome. Because  you expose the cruel truth covered up by falsehood but you did not expose the real truth before this cruel truth came into being. Rather you categorically depicted the real truth as cruel truth. Because you may be a truth seeker but you are not a believer of true God. That's why you are on a mission to erase the real truth for an intention unknown to me. Let me summarize the biggest and simplest truth:

    God gave a messenger of high morality and His teaching with him to save the mankind from the evil criminals of the worlds. When the messenger left this world after his mission, these criminals take the ownership of God's messenger and God's teaching for their worldly gain. They corrupt the reputation of messenger and his teaching with well-planned deception so that people never able to find the real truth. There they start their cruel truth on the very foundation of real truth so that it can be hardly distinguished. It happened every time – time of Moses or Jesus or Muhammad. The pagan Romans were not any follower of Jesus or the pagan Arabs were not any follower of Muhammad but they are the criminals who spread the corruptions. They depicted Alexander as the Great while he was the Great Psychopath. They are the greatest enemy of Jesus and Muhammad and their sole purpose is to defame the God's messenger and God's teaching inflicted by their filthy paganism. God's teachings yet have truth while some are corrupted, some mistranslated to hide the real truth. Criminals ruled the world, so they will not let you to expose the real truth at any cost. And you have strong hatred for God whether know it or not, whether you admit it or not. Let me prove you that. The verse you mention, read it carefully what a great message in it, while you depict it as worst reference.

    [9:5] And when the restricted months are passed, then fight the pagans wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, maintain prayer (for them), and offer purification (for them), then let them (go) on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.
    [9:6] And if any one of the pagans seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he may hear the words of Allah. Then deliver him to his place of safety. That is because they are a people who do not know.
    [9:7] How can there be for the pagans a treaty in the sight of Allah and with His messenger, except for those with whom you made a treaty at al-Masjid al-haram? So as long as they are upright toward you, be upright toward them. Indeed, Allah loves the who guard against evil to save themselves.
    [9:8] How (can there be a treaty) while, if they gain dominance over you, they do not observe concerning you any pact of kinship or covenant of protection? They satisfy you with their mouths, but their hearts refuse (compliance), and most of them are defiantly disobedient.
    [9:9] They have exchanged the revelations of Allah for a small price and averted (people) from His way. Indeed, it was evil that they were doing.

    If you do not know what are restricted months, they are the months of pilgrimage and fighting are prohibited and only defense is allowed if attacked. Arabic word "qatl" can be used for "fight" or "kill". God always used "kill" only when it is absolutely necessary. And all of His messengers are allowed to fight on moral ground. If there is any violation of morality, it is not from messengers and their followers, rather it is from criminals. If God is not Merciful even to the pagans as mentioned in the above verses, the pagans would not rule the world. But the pagans completely utilized this opportunity for their filthy purpose. If you are a real truth seeker, then also expose the real truth. And do not consider God's Book as a history book that you read it and you will understand it. One needs a minimum level of purity of heart towards God to understand it. May God help you to find the real truth.   

  44. Can anyone tell me what kind of research does this guy do before bringing out facts to you guys who believe in the crap he says.

  45. Thanks Mr. Warner,  It's so refreshing to listen to someone who is factual and brings the thinking processes of Islam into focus.  Actually now in 2015 they are revealing themselves to be brutal monsters all over the world and when I listen for the "moderate" muslims to speak up all I hear are crikets.  I appreciate your clear warnings and well read historical facts.

  46. Islam is the psychotic plan constructed by a pedophile mass murderer. It is a political movement, a Murder cult, nothing more. Islam, in its ultimate goal of enslaving the world and killing all unbelievers has NOTHING in common with religions of the world. It is pure evil, a plague upon all humanity.

    The Liberal, Open and Democratic Societies of the World must exercise caution, unite and support each other to fight this Nonsense of Islamic jihad. don't allow Muslims to settle in your non-Muslim countries otherwise some time in future when their Population will increase sufficiently they will unite with other Muslim population of the world in the name of Islam and control your nation and your population by Sharia and Hadith Rules/ Laws or if they don't succeed in this they will divide your nation and take away a part of it to rule by Sharia and they will convert non-Muslim population of that part to Islam by force, those who don't follow them will be killed. The history of Islamic countries in Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh etc. stands witness of my argument. most of the Muslim nations don't allow other religions people or even converted Muslims to become permanent residents of their country, we can also do same to them or at least put a condition as rule of immigration that they must convert and follow the religion of majority population of that nation for getting permanent resident status. So wake up before it is too late?


  48. LOL. HE GOT FIRED!!!! Now go to an old age home and have a nice peaceful rest, STOP STRESSING, RELAX. its not good for your health. SHAME

  49. Bill Warner has a very astute and intellectual sense of comedy, that only a man who is brave enough to face the truth and speak it can express. May he continue on wards in shining light into the Islamic dark corners of this ever darkening world.

  50. may there be millions of Bills …I've learned already such a lot..We need education on this front because Islam is a very tricky ideology

  51. I used to have respect for the work the SPLC does, but they've steadily gone off the deep end so far they're now just a laughing stock.  I actually wasn't surprised to discover recently that they even consider "GamerGate" to represent a 'hate group' (but, of course, not Black Li~es Matter — the most hateful, bigoted group to emerge in the last decade!)!  What a joke!

  52. Is this why Killery and Bill and CAREER POlitICIANS are afraid that they are losing control of the money and the people? Are they afraid that Trump and his Team will win the election? Is the election rigged? Is America finished? Will the US DOLLAR collapse because jobs and big business are leaving America? Will crime and chaos be everywhere? Will people be forced to run away?

  53. Islam can't handle the truth. This is because Islam is all based on lies of the false prophet Muhammad.

  54. Educational reform is past due, time to return to objectivity and factual learning. Peter Pan social engineering makes children weak and ignorant. Islam is a return to medieval times, should be extinct and has no intelligent purpose.

  55. Quran is miracle book from God, prophet Mohammed is last prophet, after Jesus .
    But lots wrong information about Islam on internet why?

  56. Knowing Christianity, should read Bible and ask priests for explanation.
    knowing Islam: read Quran and ask Imam for explanation.

  57. You should see if Sam Harris will host you on his podcast "Waking Up." He called Islam the "motherload of bad ideas" and is totally Science, fact, and logic-based. I'm sure you two would have a lot to say on this topic.
    You should also see if you can team up with Dr. Richard Dawkins and do some public debates. One of Dawkins' favorite tactics is to demand the apologist or Muslim answer "what is the penalty for apostasy?" Of course, it takes awhile to wring the answer out – death.

  58. Great work Bill. Come to the Netherlands there is a lot wrong..In The misunderstanding about The sharia and the politcal islam..Try FVD or PVV!!

  59. Muhammad did an excellent job with these traitors who plotted behind his back to assassinate him . A well executed plan to annihilante these criminals one by one .

  60. Read Michael Hart Muhammad is the number 1 in all fields ! Military he is the best , faith aspect he still is the best , secular aspect he is the best. No matter what field , none can compete with him . Nor Jesus nor Napoleon nor Alexander the great , they all failed while Muhammad achieved a very huge revolution and to that day his name is whispered every second everywhere on earth

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