44 thoughts on “Bill Warner PhD: Answers to Questions about Political Islam

  1. LAWFARE is justice defrauded, and liabilities are built upon in this deed.
    A defendant has time lost, wages unearned, anxiety suffered by the family…
    A lawsuit should be easy to win.

  2. In Oldham near me the moderates are draped in Palestine flags throwing bottles at Tommy Robinson supporters. Were are the media?

  3. ISLAM is a DISEASE which gets called a Religion, its BS, its a Demonic Trojan Horse!
    Throw Political Correctness into the Bin, REVERSE MIGRATION Laws are Required Globally.

  4. Question:1
    Today in 2019 does Sharia law permit slavery ??
    Are there differrent versions of Sharia law one that condems slavery ??
    Do muslums wish to repeal the 13th amendment.
    (that being the abolition & outlaw of slavery)

  5. The Islamic threat is minuscule in comparison to the threat of Chabad Zionists within US politics. Congress is literally bought by the AIPAC lobby which push for Zionists interests above the interests of the American people. This is actually so obvious that it’s funny that so many Americans don’t catch on to this. In Europe however Islam is a bigger problem at the moment however one needs to ask them selves why the fuck are Muslims in Europe in the first place when once there where none. This is probably due to European idiocy and Jewish lobbying for mass migration into the continent.

  6. The global citizenship is a disguised way of saying people have no rights in the country of their birth. Muslims can come in and get better treatment.

  7. You ask why the two sides which seem to have nothing to do in common can be in one camp. Well they have unspoken common enemy: christianity.

  8. They are long planning is because they are planned from the Vatican , Islam is a kill wing of the Vatican to harass other denominations other than RC , but of course they will also say other RC’s are persecuted, that’s how the game is played to act as if Muslims are not aware of who created them.
    The main goal being the Vatican wants to be the NWO, one day muslims will be shown supposedly sacred text by the Vatican that Islam is part of RC! and it’s game over for the rest of us!

    Mr VDH, please investigate my claims !

    You should not challenge Islam as a bunch of brutal thugs as others will also point out the Bible is no better!

    Your better off chasing the Vatican link as a scientist ! Do you wonder why the Vatican is making moves to show the world Islam is their brothers lately?

    China and Russia is the last bastions they will have to destroy!

    They can try but guess who will come again ?

  9. I believe i find out why we are loosing political islam…its because the liberals who defend muslims dont know the real demographics of muslims… they know islam is possibly bad but they are not interested to learn more about it because they think it will never concern us! They think those problems can only occur in Africa, Asia and the middle east….. they dont know its coming here because of demographics….. Could you please make a video on real muslim demographic?

  10. Sir we need to 20 million people like you who teach the world political Islam history I am from India we are suffering from long time because of Islam I am from India

  11. Bill, I hope and pray that you're saved. Believe 1 Cor 15:1-4 KJV, the only Gospel that saves anyone today. The Gospel of the Grace of God.

  12. Islam practiced African slavery centuries before the West and untilo very recently, in the 80's, and under Western pressure. In the 60's there were still African slaves in Yemen, Mauritania, etc. All you have to do is read what the famous Arab historian, Ibn Kaldoun says about black Africans in the 14th century, long before the discovery of America and its colonization. It is shocking how he dehumanizes them. Google it.

  13. As should learn Christianity from Christian priest, not from rabbis. Should learn Islam from Quran and Imam and their translate and explanation about Quran.

  14. All religions have Jihad: Moses was against Firoah, even though he had grown up in their palace. Jesus was against Roman, for that, wanted to crucify him.

  15. Moses, Jesus, Mohammed are all prophets from God that created the universe. Enemies try to put distance between them by giving wrong information.

  16. Black and white shows art of God . Black and white have one God that created the universe. Personality is important not colour fo God.

  17. Balall was black man, respectful person in history of Islam, Muslim visit his grave every year.He used to say : AZAN. means call people for pray time.

  18. Quran say: your personality is important for God , not your nation and colour. Black and white are the same in Islam.

  19. Jihad in Islam : if enemies attack you to kill you , defend yourself, this defend name is Jihad.
    Muslim never start Jihad or war.

  20. The Western nations have become weak. And I mean WEAK.

    Politicians will stand up and piss right down their legs, then shit their pants, groveling, making excuses and apologizing for Islam. It's quite sickening to watch. Weakness. They worry about Cultural Marxist PC nonsense more than logic, rational thought, realism, and the security of their countries.
    spineless jellyfish invertebrates…Weak…weak…weak. Not to mention, there is not one single school in the nation that teaches Islam.

    btw, since I found out Pearson publishers is a shill for Islam, I am stopping the use of their products. Not that it makes a difference to them, but it is a principle to me.

  21. We are now fortunate that ex-Muslims are telling us the core fact – Islam is a controlling, aggressive, contempt filled cult. This is the complete opposite of what the neo-Marxists are telling us.

  22. Unethical Capitalism fuels the ignorance towards socioeconomic burden in pursuit of hot cash. Shameful

  23. Dr. Warner you are the one holding the torch of truth and light in dispelling dark beliefs our western culture that is asleep in the truth of Poetical Islam interring in our christian land. I am supporting Dr. Warner in lighting more torches of understanding Islam….you too can a simple spark on the torch of freedom now… you can see yourself as this statue in New York Harbor… this is you…stand free and share the light. Thank you Dr. Warner.

  24. Quotes from The Jewish Talmud: Gentile: A Non Jew Goy= "Cattle" aka
    Goyim Referring to Non-Jews Quotes: From the Talmud 1- If a Jew finds a
    Object Lost by: A Goy it does Not Have to be Returned [BABA MAZIA 24a]
    2- "If a Goy hits a Jew, He Must be Killed [Sanhedrin 58b] 3- If a Jew
    Kills a Goy There Will be No Death Penalty. [Sanhedrin 57a] 4- 'What a
    Jew Steals from a Goy,He must Keep [Sanhedrin 57a] 5- 'All Children of
    the Goyim Are Animals [Yebamoth 98a] 5- 'If You Eat with a Goy it's the
    same as eating with a Dog' [Yebamoth 98a Tospoth,Jebamouth 84b] 6- 'The
    Gentiles are not Humans,They are Beasts' [Baba Mezia 114b] 7- 'Even The
    Best of the Goyim Should be Killed' [Soferim 15] 8- 'Do Not Save the
    Goyim in Danger of Death, Show NO Mercy to the Goyim' [Hikkoth Akum X1]
    9- 'Sexual Intercourse between the Goyim is Like Intercourse between
    Animals' [Sanhedrin 74b] 10- 'When the Messiah Comes every Jew will
    have 2800 Slaves' Simeon fol 56D 11- 'Extermination of the Christians
    is a Necessary Sacrifice' [Zohar, Shemothj 12- 'Jehovah Created the
    non-Jew in human form so that the Jews would bot have to be an animal in
    human form,and condemned to serve the Jew day and night [Midrash
    Talpioth,p.225-L] 13- 'A Jew is Forbidden to drink from a glass of wine
    which a Gentile has touched,Because the touch has made the wine Unclean'
    [Schulchan Aruch, Johre Deah, 122] 14- ''To Communicate anything to a
    Goy about religious relations would be equal to the Killing of ALL
    Jews,for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them,they would Kill us
    openly'' [Libbre David 37] 15- ''A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he
    can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.'' [Hadarine,20,B;
    Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348] 16- 'A Jew may violate but not
    marry a non-Jewish girl' [Gad. Shas.2:2] 17- "A"prayer" or "benediction"
    to be said by a Jewish man every day: "Thank God for not making me a
    Gentile, a woman or a Slave." [Hilkkoth Akum X1] 18- "A Jew should and
    must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything
    against them" [Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17]

  25. In 1987 The Muslim Brotherhood compiled a " Manifesto" regarding " The Global ISLAM " where the print their strategy how to overtake the whole world and conquer all religions and make Islam/Sharia the world religion/life rules/Law. Since then Saudia Arabia have financed this endevour by make their litterature the only one allowed in the Mosques they finance, wich is in Europe 98 % and North America ca 89 %, and they are even more "Hardcore" then the MB ( Study Salafism, especially the Saudi Arabian variant Wahabism ) Wahabi is the family that govern all Religious, Theological, schools/Education and " The Laws how you b,ehave aand function in Saudi Arabia, The Saudi family govern the business/Economical parts of the kingdom, side by side by The Wahabi family. This may be come as a surprice for many of you who not heard about this, and this is a well crafted politic of Saudi Arabia, who want to be seen as a West friendly Nation, wich they are not in any stretch of the imagination….

  26. Please watch ….when hate turns to love


    quran 49:13 O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.

    (stop the hate)

  27. Many..many thanks for your relentless info. Videos!!! I follow Bridgette Gabriel…and now YOU.
    I call Congress..and White House WEEKLY to demand NO SHARIA in America..or anywhere for that matter..
    Just WHERE are they getting their funding?? Desperate groups get money BAMN..that is slavery, organ taking,drug running, Communists like Soros..yada..yada..

  28. They will appear to you as moderate to climb the ladder career wise in politics law and finances when elected they work for their own community

  29. It will take another 10 years , maybe more , but people will wake up , no doubt about it. Islam will be beaten back , as it always happens in Europe.

  30. Mr.Bill you are right.The Muslims are always political. They never trust on non Muslims.When they are interested in only rules on others by thair Islamic law.

  31. Wish more clever people would explain the Jewish roll in our subversion and their enabling this sorry plight on us by Jihad.
    As if it wasn't enough to have their damned Usury crippling us.

  32. No one can disagree that Dr. Bill Warner he is educated to the teeth about Islam , that is so true , but he is missing something very very important that makes me better than him , why ??? , because he wasn’t born and lived with them like me , let me tell you it is a freaking nightmare , dr. Warner has the education and I have the experience

  33. ISLAM fruits are violence, SUPPRESSIVE of women polygamists, fearful in living in their MOTHER COUNTRIES anymoŕe for they cannot speak AGAINST EVIL suppressive of their LEADERS. Islamic ONLY win uneducated ignorance violence…

  34. I love to hear your news on Europe – I live in London – and your reports on the former eastern block, thank you Bill!

  35. A good question is how do they slowly creep their way in bit by bit without opposition? Muslims know damn well that everyone is fearful of them. People are under the impression that if you oppose them in any way, they'll take it as insult and there's going to be some serious trouble. As if they know they'll have you looking over your shoulder all the time. And people don't want that premise looming over them so they pander to them. It's like a mutual understanding that a sleeper cell might pop up out of nowhere and kill people and both sides know this but neither admit to carrying that premise or how it lingers. It's as if they carry an arrogant supremacy and we carry a fear. Bill Warner has explained to us that the majority of Muslims don't wield the sword, but the fear of it still looms over us. We can no longer be fearful to say "no". That shit has to stop.

    Another thing Muslims have done is wrap their ideology in a racial shield. If you oppose or disagree with them, they cry out racism. Don't let them convince you of this facade. Islam is not a race, it is a religion. If I mention Somalia, Indonesia and Iraq, you'd imagine 3 different ethnicities or race. But they're all Muslims. And Muslims too. They're not a race. They're followers of an ideology.

    And as for moderate Muslims? If you asked one of them if they believe in Jihad, they'll say no. if another Muslim asked the same Muslim the same question, they'd say yes. This is because they don't want to step out of the collective mindset because in the future if they want to get something their way, they'll still have the support of that collective mindset.

    The wind has replaced the sword.

  36. We need to start calling them/naming them SHARIAHNS. I will after this no longer say or type the word islam or musssslim or refer to it as the religion their taquiya professes…this is the largest humanity psyop by a death cult ever perpetrated on planet earth..

    UN delegates praise SA human rights record…wholly disturbing

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