100 thoughts on “Bill & Melinda Gates Talk Taxing The Wealthy

  1. The Real rich people don't care about what they own, instead they rather care about what they can do for the poor!

  2. The Capitalist Class : "pitchforks are upon us, better tell working folks that the crumbs we've denied them for so long, well, we gonna give them to you now."
    The Working class : We'll tax the shit out of you, we'll have universal quality public services, and workers will unionize and have a share in ownership. We're not begging for crumbs anymore."
    The elite : "but-"
    The Working Class : "Shut up. We're in charge now bitch."

  3. Well they can say …"yes we agree that the rich ought to be taxed more…". But in my opinion, there are different degree of "rich". Not every rich people want to be taxed more. As for the billionaires like themselves, they have way too much.. they want to give it away but not to the Inland Revenue Department.. they transfer much of their money into their tax exempted foundation. Higher taxes make not much difference if you can legally move much of it to another account and be exempted..

  4. 4:11 „You need to have a vibrant philanthropy sector.“

    Sure. How can you be against „love of humans“/philanthropy?

    The questions should be: Why you? Why do so few have the means to do philanthropy? What do you think would happen in society if the large portion of it was not in debt, sick and stressed just to get through the week and instead had the time and space and freedom to pursue innovative ideas that may benefit the community at large?
    Do you really think you have a one-in-a-billion kind of mind and heart and talent to make the world a better place?

    #ubi #crowdfunding

  5. People here commenting and kissing bill gates ass. Poor you misguided and brainwashed by billionaires lies and jokes. Like the audience what the f ever he says they cheer him up. OFC THEY ARE SAYING TAX US MORE WHEN THEY ARE SURE ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN !!!! But now that they are really afraid of it happening because of warren or bernie sanders running for presidents he(bill gates) not anymore so generous and his true colours showed up. Whatch channel SECULAR TALK on latest news about Gates.

  6. The question should be "Thanks bill for bringing us common core math, shouldn't the irs accept it as a tax calculations?" Then I can shove the pain of that math for the irs.

  7. So if high taxes in France will prevent another Bill Gates from happening there according to Mrs. Gates, won't the high number of children in poverty in America stop another Bill Gates from happening here as poor nutrition won't allow their brains to develop properly?

  8. When I think how many Americans are going bankrupt each year, how many do still not have affordable medical insurance, or how often I see fundraisers for kids needing operations, I think, Bill and Melinda, you should start with charity at home, instead helping people all over the world, helping all those families affected by medical bills or who cannot afford to see a doctor.

  9. Nobody ever asked me what I thought of taxation. I don't CARE what these clueless shmudniks think or say, EVER.
    Philanthropy is a pitiful joke. Pay up, bitches.

  10. When billionaires utilize their wealth in as honorable of ways as the Gates do, taxing it is counterproductive. The government might do as honorable a job of utilizing those funds but that all remains in the realm of debate. Not sure how much more honorable you can be than to save lives from malaria, American or not. There would be some that argue against foreigners benefiting from our billionaires that way but they probably are republicans. These two are integrity personified. Humankind doesn't have borders. I'm a citizen of Earth.

  11. Bill Gates should pay zero taxes. He's created great wealth for the world, millions of jobs are made possible because of his products.

  12. SO in Feb 2019, Bill and Melinda wanted the Govt ot tax them MORE.
    But ny Nov 2019, Bill was saying that Elizabeth Warren wants to ta him TOO MUCH.


  13. If government was fair and just with regulations becoming a billionaire would NOT be possible. Neither would there be government assistance programs and the tax rate would be at most 10%.

  14. They are both utterly reasonable in this segment. The fact he’s being vilified by the bernie and warren people at the moment is very much not good politics and definitely not good policy.

  15. Increasing the estate tax is great. It let's people enjoy their money while they're alive and then when they die the wealth gets funneled back into society instead of being wasted on their bratty kids who did nothing to deserve it. Great way to increase taxes that keeps our society a meritocracy.

  16. The water in Flint and other cities is still undrinkable.  Homelessness is increasing steadily.  45,000 people are dying due to lack of healthcare.  How can you say you're philanthropists when America has these 3rd world conditions?   How can you walk around the homeless and sleep at night?  You did not make your billions in a vacuum.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbzvWkbUVEQ

  17. Gosh, Bill doesn't sound the same about raising taxes on the wealthy now that Warren has a chance at the Democratic party nomination. What a surprise – not.😮

  18. Wealth fuels acquired narcissism. Do you understand narcissism in humans? If you don't then you will slowly change into a narcissist…Or not.

  19. Really who gives a yuck about "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation", it should be the Peoples money to begin with.
    Trying to give it away, it needs to be more. Start talking numbers. Not convinced here. Bill Gates owns a monopoly that means he has no competition he stuffed it by winning a Monopoly with "Bush".

  20. Bill gates is full of crap lol. Of course he thinks the wealthy should be taxed more because they hide all their money overseas anyways. You can’t tax what they can’t find.

  21. The amount he pays in taxes is 12B/year. 107B net worth(Includes all his money and value of everything he owns) Up to Congress to "put it to good use." Well, fuck that.

  22. all she said about France is utter nonsense. They have super wealthy families there (Arnault, Pinault, etc.) who, for example, popped up in the news after the fire of Notre Dame, when they announced their spontaneous donations of 200Mio. and 300Mio. Euros within 2-3 days after the fire. In comparison to the USA the people in France have a much saver, healthier and easier life; I'm talking about a social state, like all the western European states are. But still, the gap between rich and poor is widening in accelerating speed and frustrations are high. Very naive interview by Steven here, I'm disappointed. Well, he is a multi-millionaire, too.

  23. Pieces of shit that won't pay me what's rightfully owed for work I've done at their request,! Lying, greedy pieces of shit!

  24. He wouldn't be able to give away SHIT if the tax laws were the way they are saying they want it cuz he wouldn't HAVE shit. I call bullshit.

  25. I get the feeling that if Bill lost everything tomorrow, every dime, every stock option, every physical position, she would still be right there beside him going “ok, so let’s figure out what’s next”

  26. The gates foundation is absolutely manipulative in the way they practice philanthropy. This interview is little more than precious commercial for corporate overlords.

  27. France has no billionaires ,old man rothschild sits with his 10 trillion dollars. Oh and what bank lets you open an account without a monthly service charge and it's more than a dollar a month?

  28. Well since they want to give away the position so fast why not donate 8k to my student loan account so i can focus on my family and not have to worry if ill have milk on the fridge or not!

  29. I would ask him (do you think if you spent a billion dollars buying food for America's hungry children this year, could that make their lives a little better)?

  30. That's why I like the Gates. They believe in taxing the wealthy a lot more, but in a reasonable manner. Being a billionaire isn't wrong but it does mean that you should give a lot more than others. But the main thing is that philantrophy can't die because it enables innovation and development in lesser known areas, which are given less importance.

  31. So’ 1st 😈 Let me guess. (Without watching;)
    B&M are going to stress, how they prefer that
    We #TheWorld/Country give him all of our money (for him to decide how they spend it). While We pay at a 35% NFL QB Rate, yet allow him to pay only the 15% investment rate.
    “You working stiffs can buy the 35 Million dollar Fighter Jets & Fuel them. 🤷‍♂️ To protect me & my Microsoft fortune.🎁 Thx 👍👍 Because I’m sure the 911 attack wasn’t against Wall St. 😳
    It was against Main St. USA” 🇺🇸 – Bill Gates
    #WaitWTF🥵Bill ⁉️

  32. Dear Bill and Melinda, Please help our world spay & neuter pets as frequently as possible to prevent animal suffering. TY 🙏❤️🌎

  33. Fiat money- paper money given value by the government. Having a billion dollars is redundant when banks are able to print money. Gold and solid assets are key to real wealth… The U.S dollar is a form a currency like bitcoin.

  34. Billy is NEVER GOING TO PAY 70%, number one because it is a MARGINAL RATE, number 2 because he has the clout to get IRS letters allowing his transactions to be sanitized (like Buffet and Heinz) so he pays no taxes….

    I am sorry, he is a monopolist who KILLED important useful simple software and has enabled massive invasions of privacy while shitting on Single Payer…. which would have prevented the silliness about healthcare coverage for 9/11 responders and would have prevented thousands of military suicides…..

  35. WHY IS SHE NOT TALIKING about sex discrimination at Microsoft and the foundation? Of course they spit out the mantras of the KLEPTOCRAPS….. We boomers have listened to this crap for the last 50 years every time we thought we had earned a raise or promotion… and every year they took away a day of vacation or sick time or the pension or the 401k contribution or increased our healthcare costs …. Anyone who thinks the boomer have it good is not looking at the fact that the boomers (90%) of us have not had a raise in 40 years and our social security is 20% less than our parents and housing and education costs for the bottom 50% of us have prevented our leaving the workplace. FIX Social Security so that the 10% pays their fair share since they live 10 years longer than the rest of us (because of our crappy healthcare system and the frustrations of dealing with the 'ENTITLED 10% who retire in their 50s at the latest….

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