Bill Maher: This Is The Democrats’ Race To Lose | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Bill Maher: This Is The Democrats’ Race To Lose | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Bill Maher: This Is The Democrats’ Race To Lose | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Always identified with liberal policies: I support the legalization of drugs, ending Mass incarceration, antideath penalty, prochoice, heavy investment on renewable energies, supportive of social programs. However, sadly the left is becoming anti-science to appease the alphabet community, anti-white and anti common sense pertaining to immigration. We, the left are running off the cliff when it comes to pragmatic suppositions.

  2. Maher sees the problems with both parties, but somehow he thinks the Republicans are evil or crazy, but the Dems are just dumb. Both are both.
    Also, people deserve representation, but I'm not required to buy education from somebody who I don't like, and I'm free to complain to my education provider about it. What can't Bill get about that?

  3. Bill Maher…not my favorite person in the world, tbh. But he knows the truth at the very least. As much as he wants Trump out of office, he knows anyone other than him RIGHT NOW is a bad idea. No one else has the fortitude, the strength, nor the will to do what Trump's been doing. They'd fail in every aspect. they'd have horrible relationships with the countries surrounding us. And they'd destroy the country with their socialist views! No wonder Bill is hated by the left, not that it takes much.

  4. what r these guys talking about? the average Brit hates the MP's and support Johnson (even if only in agreeing we need a general election now!) Obviously Bill and this other guy see the enemy of the people, the MSM media reports and think people don't like Bojo! well the MSM is not the people BIll no where near! plus u have Rachel Maddow and Russiagate yet its Trump fans who are into conspiracy?

  5. look this up on youtube lets everyone see wat liberals think of black Americans ami horowitz how white liberals really veiw black voters look it up see for yourself dont take my word for its a shocker

  6. What a joke. Mourning Joe is a dirty little liar – he was never Republican in any sense. Maher is interesting in the same way as your outspoken uncle – I love it when he mocks the Democrats

  7. Bill is wrong. America as a whole is not ready for full blown Socialism. The liberal Dems are radical when it comes to socialism. Many Dems and former Dems like me will vote Trump. Trump 2020!!

  8. As an Aussie watching with great interest from across the pond, Tulsi Gabbard seems to be the only Dem that hasn't been poisoned by the extreme lefts lunacy and the only Democrat that has a chance against Trump

  9. Glad they talked about political correctness. We do need to reclaim free thought and free speech in politics and in the humanities. Political correctness hinders the truth and encourages lies, and lies turns off voters.

    Tbh though, Bill Maher is falling for Trump's provocative stunts by propagating the fear of a Trump coup. Trump is baiting liberals to accuse him of things so it looks to his base like he is winning and has liberals crying.

    Healing tribalism requires real leadership and a set of values that everyone can get behind. Then, ideally a reform of the political system to mitigate corruption and break up the two-party system. I don't think this will happen however until the country is faced with a real mass crisis. For now, people are doing well enough that it doesn't matter so much who is president. And politics has become a kind of reality tv that is divorced from reality and hard to take seriously.

  10. No one does conspiracy theories better than Democrats. They masterfully took over every college and have every mainstream media outlet defending every radical thing coughed up on a whim. They even made half the country believe white people are the problem and it turns out when you constantly attack a whole demographic they just might not vote for you. It's even funnier when white Democrats are attacked on all sides by the people they are virtue signaling for. Bill has made one good point, Democrats (IE the far left) must not be allowed to take over.

  11. Let me get this straight Billy boy…
    You’re mocking the Trumpsters over conspiracy theories within your own conspiracy theory?
    “Hello pot? Yeah, it’s kettle.”

  12. morning joe cheated on his wife with a married woman.
    how many times did he lie to his wife and childrens face?
    why would ANYONE trust a dbag like that?

  13. Its not aBout weakness… Nobody thinks Hillary is/was weak… its because folks think they are soo crazy strong that they do things like Open borders or socialism Even if people dont like it

  14. I'm starting to Like Bill M. Condemns Madcow for not Condemning Hunter Biden.
    OBAMA goes on Apology tour… Democrats weak and SORRY. 2:37 & 3:37 Say's Democrats going to Lose 2020 Maga

  15. Bill is the only Liberal I can follow these days.

    The left have gotten so crazy with their political correctness and wild ideas that they're starting to sound like Alex Jones.

    I find myself listening to right leaning people now more than I ever have.

  16. Remember when Bill Maher was a bright cry from the left? Now he’s right of center. And it’s not because he moved right , but because his party shifted the tectonic plates wildly to the extreme left. Bill Maher is the stick pin of what once was classic liberalism.

  17. People like to label others.

    When a liberal host does a show, conservatives imagine that if they go, they will be lectured all the time. Sorry Bill, but that’s the true. They believe they would suffer, that’s why they don’t go.

    But you are right. We should listen to both sides, and take the best of each. One side can’t live without the other. A government needs opposition, with the risk of being a tyrant by failing of doing so.

  18. "No one votes on policy," says Maher. Spoken by the man whose only concern has been the protection of his stock and asset portfolio for years.

  19. Bill Maher: This Is The Democrats' Race To Lose , C'mon Bill, the democrats lost it when they all raised their hands in support of open borders and healthcare for illegal aliens.

  20. Maher, The reason you can’t understand, communication or speech. Because your shallow way of thinking. From the beginning now. We the people want the corrupt politicians out of office! We voted a business man, who is doing well! He is the only President who is listening to what the people want! Rather than the last previous presidents who failed miserably! He PDT listens!!!! Quite simple don’t ya think??

  21. Taxation, Toxic Political Correctness, and their anti-2A views are reasons why the Democratic party will lose again.

  22. Lol Trump is troll and if he says he would nuke hurricane… its a joke 😀 Its a bit weird… comedian… dont understand jokes… pretty pathetic.

  23. I am a conservative I'm very open to hear the ideas in the news of the opposite side I would not mind going to a Bill Maher show I really would like the opportunity to do so as I think it would be something to experience the problem is people on the left don't want to reciprocate these days.

  24. Then you will never be President Bill because if people want to see strength you are more seen as a pussified loud mouth know it all that would melt in a bowl of milk like a piece of bread.

  25. Bill you sound absolutely crazy at the end of this. You both do. The last 2 minutes of this is bizarre. You are completely delusional.

  26. I agree with Bill on few things but he says it perfectly here, people that are not fans of Trump, even dislike him, fear the dems and the lunitic left more then they dislike Trump. So true.

  27. You're scary bill and smoking too much weed cause you're looking a little too low energy… Bernie Sanders has a very powerful message with his healthcare, wages, and green new deal, so doesn't Elizabeth Warren, those are the candidates that I'm supporting, they're the the ones Americans need even if you're not excited Bill, my God they're better than trump… He scares me to death if he gets re elected, his help this country…

  28. Welcome Russia because if Trump wins, this country will be like living in another Russia, this is America, I'll be vote for my cat before I'll ever vote for trump and Russia

  29. RUSSIAN TRAITORS, a vote for TRUMP is a vote for RUSSIA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    TRUMP isn't turning my country into communist RUSSIA 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. It's amazing how clueless most of you are. There is no such thing as "free healthcare ". Also stop comparing the U.S to these other countries that have it. There is a massive difference and that is military spending. These countries you are referring to have almost no defense to speak of. They rely on the United States. We have our hand in every cookie jar in the world. Also these smaller countries like Scandinavia are not socialist countries. Capitalism is where their money came and comes from. You are willing to destroy the U.S because you hate trump. Dont be surprised if the Right start fighting back because they love America. Some of you need to think about the consequences of your perfect utopia. Read a history book please. Last but not least those of you that think you live under a dictatorship are completely out of you mind. A history book would also help in that regard. Good luck

  31. Sorry bill you're never gonna find those traits in a democrat because those traits usually come from honest people with nothing to lose.

  32. What can’t you criticize Israel for not being harsh on Trump.
    You claim that it has same values as USA.
    But an important question is why ? Why Billy Boy

  33. At least he is calling out the left for tribalism and, running on oppressing the tax payers and, other nutty ideas.

  34. How low can Bill Maher be, by putting all his hopes on potheads, and they called themselves the highly educated, they are just pretentious fake people.

  35. Did Bill Maher say that democrat nomination should be scarier than Trump and not scarier than Trump to win. Such intellect.

  36. Democrats hate Trump so much you would have thought Trump gave $150bil to Russia's close ally Iran to purchase more Russian armaments.

  37. The nuke thing was a distraction,while msm got crazy about trumps quote,he silently changed a another imigration law..think about that

  38. Trump won't leave office if he loses the election? Kinda like Killary still going on about how she's can't accept that SHE lost. Give me a break.

  39. If you look at President Trump and his political beliefs and patriotism, they are the same as they were 45 years ago when he was a Democrat. His politics didn't change. The parties changed. When the Democratic Party absorbed the American Communist Party and became the New Democrats (around the time when Bill Clinton and Hillary came on the scene) things started to change. Democrats that didn't like where the New Democrats were heading with bashing the country and making patriotism a bad thing left the party and became independents or became Republican. Over the years, these newly acquired Democrats have slowly changed the Republican party into more like a conservative/moderate Democrat party similar to the patriotic Old Democratic Party. Like some of the members are already calling themselves, the New Democratic Party should change their name to the Democratic Socialist Party. But that would be too honest and cause a stampede of Old Democrat hanger-ons to see the light and possibly make a split of the Party. This may be the year that causes that split. I wish we could just get rid of the parties and call ourselves Liberals, Moderates, or Conservative. That would be more honest. The fact that President Trump won a third more states than Hillary with no previous political experience should have told both parties something about what the country think about how they are doing politics.

  40. (11:08) "If he loses the 2020 election, YOU try to get him out of there (the white house)." True independent thinking by Bill Maher
    giving us dictator tactics of the orange squatter in the white house. Thank you for great insights and humor in these dark times. Please call Congress 202-224-3121 for your independent thoughts on necessary impeachment.

  41. What happened to russia libs? Russia russia russia. U say its real. But i hear NO ONE on the left talk about russia anymore. Hmmmm

  42. No contest for dems. Bernie snd Warren don't lead from fear. Look closer. Trump is afraid.He certainly backed down from the Turkish leader and all leaders. Remember he is tough and abusive to women .Oh yeah! Big tough guy abusing women.

  43. Removing him physically? He talks about doing a coup d' etat and removing him tru violênce? Treason?
    Is bill maher cray cray? And he Wonders why ppl believe things are rigged against TRUMP? And calls them conspiracy theorists? U just gave them more reasons to be so.
    Then he calls himself a comedian but he doesnt understand one joke even if it hits his head? Ofc Trump wasnt gonna nuke wind lol

  44. President Trump is the best president the United states has ever had period
    President Trump in a landslide in 2020,period
    God bless president Trump and his family and God bless the United states of America

  45. Entire video summed up…. Bill: "I hate political correctness. I also hate the far left. It's ruining America. They also apologize too much." Joe: "So how do we turn this around and change tribal politics?" Bill: "It's simple. Blame the right. It's their fault."

  46. Maher is more a libertarian than a progressive. He thinks compassion and solidarity are no great qualities for a politician , that concerns me graetly.

  47. Hmmm…..speaking of "conspiracy theories"…..why would we hasten to forget about the one specific political party that continues to this day to swear up one side and down the other that the 2016 Presidential Election was somehow "rigged" and was "stolen" by the handy work of Russia and Donald Trump? How is it that it seems that so much of what hardline Democrats criticize about the other side has already been manifested by their own so blatantly? I believe that it would surely behoove you to listen to your own words and what you are claiming that someone else is or has done when the Democrats have already done it time and time again! You are not stupid people however, you are all effectively characterizing yourselves as a truly stupid group of one-sided thinkers! "WOKE UP"!

  48. I think America needs a reform to it's election system. Donald Trump had less votes than Hillary Clinton but has won. That is just unbelieveable for me as an European. You need Proportional representation. You need more than just two parties. That will soften the hatred between the political left and right and will concentrate debate into the political middle.

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