42 thoughts on “Bill Maher Talks about Ron Paul, Foreign Policy

  1. I've seen Frum on Maher's program several times now and I still don't understand what point he is trying to make.

  2. Wasserman is going to jail going to jail going to jail wasserman is going to jail and I could dance all day

  3. That bitch is so full of shit. Signing statements? You mean the thing 0bama said He wouldn't do as POTUS. 0bama signed indefinite detention, He owns it. Every other lawyer in the country reads everything and then doesn't sign it if they disagree with it.

  4. it's so true. some people care so much about social issues, which are not even things government should be involved in, and totally overlook any number of policy failures, wasteful spending and scandals. this is the trend in liberal politics the world over. you get a pretty face to act as figurehead who ticks the right boxes when it comes to social issues. he/she goes around and kisses babies, shakes hands, comments progressively on all social ills, and behind closed doors shit is happening that people dont even realize or care about. they could literally be dismantling the country and audiences would still get up and applaud and vote because the president releases a statement that they support trans rights. i'm not saying it's a bad thing for leaders to be socially progressive, it's cool if they are, but it's not their job to lead the country when it comes to social issues. their responsibility is the economy, security, law and order, etc. social change happens among the people, and over time our politicians will reflect that, not the other way round.

  5. That fat guy reminds me of the uncle in a family that thinks everyone likes him but NO ONE does lol.

  6. But I am a generous god. I can make you rich beyond all measure. I will make you warlord of all Greece. You will carry my battle standard to the heart of Europa. Your Athenian rivals will kneel at your feet if you will but kneel at mine.

  7. The Austrian economist Ron Paul, champion of free markets, the gold standard and an end to the federal reserve and fiat currency has "no regard for economics" compared to socialists expanding the debt….WHAT?!

  8. I like yer videos and would value your support in my Hilarious 2016 push to be the next President of these here United States of America. Check out my channel and shoot me a line when U get a chance Yeee.. Haaaa!!!

  9. "Social mobility''; I can't understand why these people don't look at what has changed since the 1940's? Such as the massive change in the population size, and regulation, taxation etc. have all risen exponentially. That govt is the common denominator here. Not the free market.
    Govt helped kill jobs post-great migration…look it up.

  10. Mrs. Schultz ''lawyered'' her way out of that one; befitting that she is a lawyer.

    I find it troubling that the one profession that requiresd someone to be dishonest so that you can keep your job(attorneys) is what 90% of our politician did for a living prior to politics.

  11. First of all, to compare Ron Paul to Rick Santorum is like comparing a priceless piece of art to a piece of dog shit. Second of all, Rob Reiner is a fat, ignorant, socialist…what a fuckhead

  12. Debbie Schultz has an amazing impact on me … I wanna throw up every time I see her or hear her open her ugly trap! Stupid pandering hypocritical cow!! 

  13. Hey David Frum, it tells us Jews like you are running this shitshow around the world. So sick of you Jews who think you speak for America, take your dual citizenship and move to Israel where you belong.

  14. That moron seriously believes Santorum gives half a shit about the middle class? Since when did pundits get this dumb? The whole notion that progressives can't support Ron Paul without also supporting Santorum or the other right wing dingbats is absurd.

  15. – –
    White countries are being blended out of existence by a flood of 3rd world immigration & government FORCED integration

    No white neighborhoods, schools, cities – everything "white" is viewed as suspicious

    Catchy slogans like "diversity" & "multiculturalism" in reality mean "there must be FEWER whites"

    Non-white countries are NEVER targeted by these trojan horses; ONLY white countries are

    Instead of bombs & bullets, it's a clever, insidious genocide of white people thru social engineering

  16. correct I'm just saying obama masterfully maintained the resources and technology desperately needed in the investigation/raid.

  17. You said that he (Obama) allocated resources to give them (CIA, military) the ability to function at full capacity. What was your point? That Obama gave more resources than his predecessor, or that he gave the same amount..that he gave less? If so, what's your point?

  18. Yeah, because President Bush wasn't giving the department of defense and the CIA everything they needed to find Osama and his band of bearded fucktards. Under Bush, the CIA even had the go ahead to water board and beat information out of them. Give me a break. I know Bush was a fat failure as president, but you can't say that military spending and intelligence spending was neglected during his administration.

  19. Not this one. I would still rather have that #$%^$ Obama than Mitt Romney but I am definitely NOT silent about what that man is doing to our Constitution or our ecology

  20. Frum, you lost me at Santorum. Frankly I don't care what his other policies are. His homophobic and religious stance makes him a loser.

  21. It goes the other way around for Republicans, who complain now, but didn´t have a problem with Bush. The politicians aren´t the problem. Most of the US citizens are just a bunch of idiots…

  22. Wasserman Schultz is wrong. There is very little that separates Obama and Bush foreign policy. The rhetoric is different, the actions are mostly the same.

    Oh, and what's up with her patronizing pat on Frums shoulder?

  23. I agree it was an odd move, however that doesn't come close to Romneys, and the Obamas etc. and their never ending hypocrisy, and arrogance.

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