22 thoughts on “Bill Gates: The nationalist case for globalism

  1. Nationalism is not anti trade. Globalism is Slavery on a global scale. Bill you use forced labor and slavery to build your products .You are not alone Bill .By The way most people know. We seen the Youtube videos.Globalism is Slavery . Nationalism is not. Nationalism is about equal trade. Liberals and Conservatives are Globalists Bill .They Support this Global Slave System that you Bill are a part of. Why are you pretending you are not Bill Gates. Here is what Nationalism means. Youtube Lauren Rose Nationalism

  2. Nonsense . We in the western world can certainly continue with such programs abroad . That does NOT mean we have to have weak borders or welcome people who do not have respect for our values … respect for the rule of law , freedom of speech , etc, Any nation needs its cohesive binds … language , values . Multiculturalism is nonsense and it’s being shoved down our throats . Nope

  3. Bill Gates is trash, communist trash. Globalism is all a bs mask for communism. Gates is a trash human, he can't even maintain his own product. Globalism is going to burn, but not before it's conscripts.

  4. The start of globalism was the beginning of the end of many great nations! It is already starting to show and now the U.S. is high up on that list now too!! Go away Bill, your not helping anyone in the way you think you are

  5. nationalism doesnt mean you cant help fight diseases and things like that. Democrats want open borders and to tear down our border walls. No sane person wants that

  6. "Amen Mr Gates invest in that world but I don't know either "..I wish I truly knew how talented he was on the computers..software poverty reduction a very inquisitive unique individual …forgive me if om upset but you see how everything a scam school education everything questionably but amen I hope theirs forfilment and happiness and true <3 and commitment their.

  7. Bill Gates makes a fair point. I am also a philanthropist. But, should you promote globalism via nationalism or should you promote globalism for the sake of globalism? After all, nationalism is a social disease just like slavery and racism. Look at the world history. Countries were built on the basis of oppressors and oppressed. Classifications and social statuses were built on power. If all humans are part of the same species, what is the point of nationalism? Shouldn't liberalism, secularism and individualism be the fundamental part of any human society? It is time for single world government. It is time to end the currency based economic system. Sooner or later, this is going to happen anyway. So, what are we waiting for?

  8. Sharpen up the guillotine. Everyone think he's such a great guy but when you have as much money as half the rest of the world, your a thirth hoarder. YOU ARE THE REASON FOR POVERTY AND POLARIZATION.

  9. These globalist talks from bill gates are no different than the letter from George Soros. The global elites are terrified of losing their power in the tide of rising nationalism.

  10. Helping refugees is very commendable and open boarders apeals to travellers.Many think globalisation will create a peaceful world, but It was globalists who created refugees in the first place with their wars. Given the chance, globalists will enslave humanity .

  11. Countries need to fix themselves, the US can't take in the world. We wouldn't need globalism if countries were more capitalist than socialist/communist.

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