Big Brother: The way of the nerd | أخ كبير: صحيح الدحيح

Big Brother: The way of the nerd | أخ كبير: صحيح الدحيح

Big Brother The Way of the Nerd I woke up to the sound of collective braying
and the sound of sirens in the Champs-Élysées, and total chaos all around Paris: Everything was ablaze, people were smashing shops, and they said that people in the Place de la République
were dousing themselves in shit. The Louvre closed and the Metro declared a state of emergency — a state of total chaos,
the whole country was paralyzed. What’s going on? They tell me some dude
made some Youtube videos, where he explains science in a simple manner, and they suspect that, God forbid,
he might be an atheist. God forbid! It’s a disaster for French society,
as we know, religion is a vital part of the French character. There are churches everywhere,
everyone goes to pray on Sundays, and at night they commit adultery,
and gamble on marbles. Therefore it’s a huge problem,
if it’s discovered that someone’s an atheist — it’s almost a threat to the French social fabric. Not to mention if this person is famous,
or has followers. Not to mention if they explain to French society
certain scientific content, or encourage, God forbid,
thinking, learning and motherf*%$ery. Obviously, I was very happy with the idiotic reactions. Especially after a priest created a video
in response to that filthy dude suspected of atheism. and these videos received many comments praising God. Despite its typical reliance on fake debate tactics,
so loved by French Christian preachers, I was happy for two reasons. First of all, getting rid of the competition. Because Big Brother, like any narcissistic,
totalitarian, handsome artist, can only accept the field as his alone, without competition. Second, this reaction from French society confirms once again
that the yellow French citizen exists, and has a role in the events
that take place in their filthy French reality, and that their political and spiritual leanings are translated into acts and pressure tactics, and contributes to forming the filthy reality
in which they live. Many might observe the French political scene, and say that the French citizen is wretched, they live in a situation in which they are a victim. The state sucks them dry,
and has them scared from their own shadow, and there is no hope in changing this anytime soon. So the French citizen is powerless. We shouldn’t blame them; on the contrary,
if you see one, you should give them a kiss, on each side and lean them against the wall. Yet, it is important to remember,
that the French citizen is unlike the Egyptian citizen, in their love and passion for melodrama, and their satisfaction with the idea that their suffering
is caused by a higher cosmic power, and is a fate that cannot be changed. While they are responsible for their situation, and have significant power
which contributed to creating said situation. They use this power when they wish,
with vigor and force, in order to achieve the things
they strongly and deeply believe in. There might be some who manipulate this belief
at the right time; there might be some who channel
this belief according to their whims. But in any case the belief is there,
it is influential, and changing it results in changing things. The French yellow citizen is unaware of this power –
both its existence and its influence at the moment. They think they’re a cushion
on which one sits. Yet, a situation such as the one with the video is a very important indicator that this power exists,
and that there is a desire for change. Thank God that every time there is a populist mobilization, it is in the right direction
one that suits us. Let me discipline you while I school, you as usual, and go over the recent history of what took place in France over the last few years, which will prove my point. Of course, I don’t need to prove the validity
of what I say with facts, records or history. Because my words are non binding but true. I know how much you love science, accuracy, objectiveness, civility and piano. This is why I will present you with my views in a manner
that seems rational, sane and historically accurate, but which at the end is still biased
by my own choices and preferences. A quick look at France’s recent history. – A quick look at France’s recent history. – In 2011 there were mass demonstrations
in Liberty Square in the center of the French capital, Paris. These protests were initiated
by a group of filthy young liberals, demanding freedom, filth and f#@*&ery. they were later joined by other segments of the French populace. The protests were successful and brought down
the now-former President Nicholas Sarkozy, who is amazingly still alive
although he is more than 140 years old. Because the French are polite,
sweet and know their limits, after Sarkozy, came the Military Council
of the French Armed Forces, which Sarkozy headed. It then took power, and the polite,
sweet pushovers, the French people, didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, thank God for his blessings. Afterwards there were democratic elections in France. The Frères Chrétiens’ candidate came to power, or the “Christian Brothers”. This is a very old and underground
religious political organization in France, that has a very long history
of struggle, alliance, somersaults, struggle, alliance and somersaults,
struggle, alliance and somersaults, with the military regimes that have ruled France since the 1950s. During the Sarkozy era, the Christian Brothers
were criminalized and outlawed, yet they got seats in Parliament, just like that. Their leader used to praise Sarkozy in the media, he used to call him the Big Father. That’s the next show, God willing. Big Brother, Big Father, then Big Bear. Bear as in the animal,
not the other bear, with your dirty mind. This organization came to power by appealing
to the religious sentiments of the French, who are well known,
as previously illustrated, for their piety. If a woman takes off the veil, she’s crucified in church,
then bread is placed on her head for crows to eat. This organization came to power by appealing
to the religious sentiments of the French, and rubbing in the Christian identity, and dreams
of a return to the era of Catholic greatness, and the Notre Dame — and things got steamy. Yet as soon as the Christian Brothers came to power, many French people began feeling worried. Especially Parisians and inhabitants of “Nouveau France”, or “New France” — the bourgeoisie — who began to feel concerned about their authentic French identity. The Christian Brothers were considered
by many an intrusive element in society, despite coming from beneath it. A group that was isolated and closed off from society for years, they consider mainstream citizens to be heathens, and they’re talking
about applying Sharia, and first- or second-class citizenship by religion.
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They want to change French society so it can be truly Christian — meanwhile the French use wine for ablution. Motherf%$#ers. The French realized they weren’t a homogenous society, and that the French Christian yellow citizen with a pot belly isn’t everyone in France, and this simplified image of society they were led to believe was true might be fabricated, and that there were Muslims, Jews and Bahai’, Hindus, Buddhists and Zoroastrians. So many a$$holes, and each of them wants something. Each one wants to feel safe, and that the French constitution and law protects them — protects their right to live the way they wish. They did not feel that the Christian brethren
should be allowed to form the identity of French society alone, according to their own understanding of Christianity. This existential mess and acid trip was one of the main factors that accelerated
French society’s resort to “Big Brother”, i.e. the French military, once again, to protect their identity, you got that?
And their culture, see that? Taking back power from the French Brothers, and returning it to the people
so they can choose their representatives, whose presence in power would not cause
so much disorder and psychosis. But for some reason, maybe they forgot,
or they were just winging it. The French military looked around
and thought, well … Why not? Let’s do it. It decided to take on the whole job again, and continue to rule France once again, with same logic, methods and philosophy that had ruled France for the past 60 years. This led to your 2011 s%$tty revolution, sorry — I mean theirs — which made half of the French hysterical,
and threw the other half into the deep end. A nice prank played by the French military,
on the cute French people. The French are really into pranks. The most popular show in France
is a prank show, hosted by a dude called Rémi Gaillard. So good, it reminds me of a ballsack. These ideas are like the moment when one opens the lid on the last
of the leftovers in their fridge — a moment a person uses logic
and scientific analysis to make a decision, while the decision was already made,
deep down. You’re opening it when you’re starving. You open it after realizing your mistake —
you didn’t buy food, you didn’t prepare yourself,
or plan for your food security, and let things deteriorate to this extent. Why did you let it deteriorate?
Because you’re knee deep in depression and helplessness. Why are you knee deep?
Because you’re poor and unable to make your dreams come true. Why are you unable?
Because of series of historical complications, which led you to be in this place at this moment. You open it and sniff, as if you’re making sure it hasn’t gone bad. As if you wouldn’t eat it
if it had gone bad. You know you’re going to eat it,
you have no choice. You’re starving, you have no other option. If Shaaban Abdel Rahim popped out of it,
you’d still eat it. This is exactly what happened to the French in 2011. They opened the lid and found a cat and its litter. They thought their problems were corruption, high prices and greedy businessmen, private lessons and blah blah blah. Instead, they opened the lid and found problems
at extremely deep levels. Philosophical problems around who these people are, and why they are here. What are the ideas and values
that govern their lives as a group? They open it and find
that everybody wants something different. Each thing requires effort
to achieve. One guy’s goal is freedom and the guy next to him,
his goal is that the other doesn’t get freedom. They both have firm beliefs that their goals are sacred and cannot be negotiated. Nope, you both get b#tch slapped,
and sent to your room. Neither of you get anything,
go back home, back under the folds of denial and silence. One of the complex problems
that floated to the surface of French society in 2011, that f#%^@ed year, was the issue of Christianity itself. Within this religion, practiced by more
than a billion people around the world, the Catholics call the Protest…tan tan tants,
heretics. The Mormons, I think, only wear cotton underwear. Some of these Christian brethren,
see Christianity one way, and fundamentalist Christians, see it an entirely different way. Meanwhile, separatist movements in Eastern Europe
are slaughtering people left and right, according to the same scriptures
these people believe in. What’s going on?
What’s going on?
What’s going on?
What a mess. The French suddenly found themselves trying to find a way
to discuss what they had forgotten in a drawer for 7,000 years. What they blindly believed and speak for, but no one discusses,
you know what I’m saying? Pay attention, this is important. They speak about, but not discuss. The centrist, cute citizens start asking themselves, What is Christianity in the first place, if each of us has a different idea? I’ll tell you what Christianity is. Yes I will.
Who else? Youtube? Listen! Anyway, all of this nasty history, created among European Christians, especially the French, since this is our topic, led them to think of Christianity as a fort, or a sacred link that joins Cristians, more than as a personal, spiritual
connection between the individual and God. They also came to believe that Christians as a group are under constant threat, subject to conspiracies and targeted
because of their identity, and that they constantly need
to protect themselves from this threat, and remain together in a state of cohesion and cooperation. They have a point, they’ve been consistently
slapped around and historically spanked, all of their modernizing projects failed, they have nothing left to cover
their a$$es except this belief system. Ok, that was the history. What about the present? As we can see,
France went down the drain. Huge economic crises, survives on loans, the people are groaning
and the regime is thrusting, in order to reproduce itself and survive as long as possible. An economic miracle must happen
for the situation to improve in France. France must have a different role
in the international market. France must possess something the world really needs. A source of income other than the sex tourism
on the beach that they’re living off of. A real economic miracle. For this miracle to be achieved,
there must be scientific advancement. Scientific advancement requires critical thinking. and … um, ABC science is critical thinking. Critical thinking means if I’m unsure about something,
I keep doubting it until I am sure. Can we do that in France? Can I doubt in France? I’ll b&^%#slap you, I swear.
Doubt what? Doubt what fool?
We can’t handle that. I mean, can France handle that?
France isn’t China. China can isolate itself and lock itself inside. China goes and finishes its homework, and
afterwards it can go play outside with its friends in the international market. But France is wedged in a ratchet part of the world. Anything that happens in it, influences its surroundings
Anything that happens in its surroundings, influences it. What’s the solution, then? Big Brother and my words are non binding. Begin the Great European Winter Project immediately. An ambitious political project, that aims to completely freeze the political situation in Europe. Didn’t they do the Arab Spring,
the crappy Arab Spring there? We make the European Winter over there. Completely freeze the political situation in Europe,
and France especially. To protect French society from any changes, shocks, or tremors that might risk toppling it. We close all newspapers and TV stations
and open pasta factories instead. We change the curriculum in all the schools,
and teach only civic education. We double the number of churches in French cities,
and intensify religious discourse. We go after all the a$$clowns,
such as that dude on Youtube. We distort their educational projects,
spread rumors and nonsense. Then we accelerate the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere, to increase global warming, accelerate the melting of polar ice caps,
and rising ocean levels, ruin the ecosystem and cause climate change,
so that people stay home, And never see or talk to anyone. Put everyone in the freezer, everything stays the same. Belief stays the same, just like … Just like new, social perceptions, just like new. The regime is just the same,
education is just the same. Any new idea or thought … If you touch it, mess with it,
it will come undone. Don’t! don’t!
Boy! You want to be creative,
do it under our watch at the youth conference. How will you be creative?
We know good creativity from wrong creativity. Why shouldn’t we correct you?
We know everything and we’re always right. We have the keys to success, as you can see. Any messing around, and in two weeks,
Egypt will be drowning in French immigrants. We can’t handle this s#@t,
we finally got Egypt together. All we can do now is invest in maintaining
the status quo for as long as possible. Our role as Egypt, along with
our neighboring global powers, our brothers, is that we contribute to this freezing. We sell France weapons and spend
the money on our universities, museums, and our LGBTQs. We support and befriend
the autocratic regime in France, and take pictures with them next to their Champs-Élysées. We watch the dancers orientalize themselves
and make that money. We increase France’s dependency
on our markets, loans, and the World Bank. We suffocate and squish French society, and take advantage of their
sense of inferiority and helplessness. Take what we can. While Egypt remains always on top, the first, the prettiest, the thickest and biggest. The home of patriotism, nationalism
and the center of all things. Egypt remains above all, forever. Thank you, and til the next episode of … Big Brother. I don’t need to point out
that this episode especially, must be shared, I didn’t say how are you motherf%$#^ers, so you don’t get upset,
you don’t like it when I say how are you motherf%$#^ers. I didn’t say it, so you’d share the episode, but now share and spread it,
everyone will benefit, God willing. Subscribe and follow, and sell our souls to the devil,
like we previously mentioned. Thank you,
til next time.

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  32. إنت بتقول
    إن الفرنسين ولاد وسخة و بيتوضو بالنبيذ!!!!!!
    يعنى أنا ترضى حد من فرنسا أو من اروبا حد يقول ع العرب كده أو على مصر كده.. مجش يقولى وأنت مالك أنا ولا فرنساوى ولا أعرف حتى واحد من فرنسا و آخرى وكل علاقتى بفرنسا إن أعرف نادى باريس سان جيرمان
    لكن أكيد فى ناس كويسة و محترمين وفيها مسيحيين محترمين و فيها مسلمين كتير فرنساوين و عيب آوى يشتم شعب كامل كده………
    لا لا بص أنا مش عاجبنى إن اناقشك باحترام و أدب فهقول علطول كس أمك أنت ا إبن وسخة وابن شرموطة و أسلوبك سرسجى آوى و باين عليك فعلا إنك سرسجي و وسخ وهو أسلوبك طبيعى كده يخلى الواحد عاوز يشتم كس أمك إنت هتعمل فيها مثقف يابن الاحبا يا سرسجى

  33. حد قالك اقبل كده انك بيضان اكبر من بيضان التنين

  34. في الفريزر يا باشا وكيس واقفل
    العقيدة زي ما هي
    زي ما استلمناها….
    ودي هاتناقش فيها ايه لامؤخذة…؟ يعني تجيب حد من الاخوان المسيحين تقوله ان المسيح متصلبش يقولك اه والله احتمال…؟ ا

  35. حلقة خرا ….انت بتتكلم لوحدك وكل كلمة يترد عليها بمليون كلمة
    نفس الاكلاشيهات بنت الوسخة بتاع الجبناء اللي زيك
    إلضم الدين في الديكتاتورية وريح دماغك

  36. الله, طاب ما ايه, طاب ايه, طاب ما الله, طاب ما هو, طاب ما هي,, طاب ما يالا

  37. أهم حاجة أن الولد ذ مش مصاب بداء العظمه والنرجسيه الوسخة اللي عند كل مشاهير السوشيال ميديا واعجابي به زاد لما أتكلم ببساطه عن شخص آخر مشهور بدون عقد وأدي قمة الثقه بالنفس

  38. أنت انسان عبقري سابق لزمانك للأسف ولن يفهمك إلا القليلون! تحياتي من ألمانيا

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