Biden's Campaign Chairman Is A Big Pharma Lobbyist

Biden's Campaign Chairman Is A Big Pharma Lobbyist

so Joe Biden has become insanely brazen in his corruption it's almost you know you almost can't wrap your mind around it because he obviously really really really wants to be President and he's just going about at the exact wrong way he's guaranteeing that he's gonna tank in the polls even more than he already has so the American Prospect explains the following if Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden meet on the debate stage in Detroit later this month it's not likely to be as cordial as it went in Miami the two presidential candidates have been sparring intensely over medicare-for-all Sanders signature plan for universal health care Biden has rejected Medicare for all as risky and unrealistic while Sanders defended it in a July 17th speech where he also issued a pledge challenging all 2020 candidates to deny contributions of $200 or more from PACs lobbyists or executives of health insurance or pharmaceutical companies quote when it comes to health care the insurance and drug industries have been able to control the political process Sanders said in the speech a top member of Biden's braintrust fits that description Steve rich Ettie referred to as Biden's campaign chairman in a published report last month was a longtime lobbyist for healthcare and other corporate clients he worked for then Vice President Biden as a counselor and then his chief of staff as a counselor and then his chief of staff and now for presidential for his presidential campaign rich Eddie founded and ran his own lobbying firm with his brother he personally represented drug makers Novartis Eli Lilly and Sanofi Sanofi the latter two are among the three major insulin manufacturers as well as health IT company nav emetics now Navin net what's with these fucking names dude and the American Hospital Association let's understand exactly what's going on here and what we just learned Joe Biden's campaign is literally being run by a big pharma and health care company lobbyists that's not hyperbole that's not an exaggeration there's no spin on that there's no you know flavor added to it that's a stone-cold fact Biden's campaign is being run by a big pharma and healthcare company lobbyists and the dude even worked for the worst offenders when it comes to pharmaceutical companies the ones jacking up the price of insulin price gouging people so every time Joe Biden comes out there now as he's been doing repeatedly and viciously attacks Medicare for all and lies about Medicare for all and straw man's Medicare for all it's because he both ideologically is against it but also because the person pulling the strings behind the scenes is literally somebody who's profited massively from for-profit health care companies and from Big Pharma Joe how dumb are you are you trying to lose I mean it's got to be that you're trying to lose because this is next level corruption son like at least some of the other corporate centrist Democrats are smart enough to try to hide it are smart enough to jump through the hoops to be like me bro I'm against lobbyists Joe Bynes like no I got it I got one of those running my campaign Joe Biden came out the other day and gave a speech where he said like you know I expect the Republicans to come after Obama care but I in my wildest dreams wouldn't expect fellow Democrats to be against Obama care to try to repeal it and replace it so in other words he's lying what he's doing is trying to take the fact that Barack Obama has a high approval rating and used that name to muddy the waters in the health care debate and try to pretend like people who are for Medicare for all are also for a separate bill prior to Medicare for all we're first we have to totally repeal Obamacare which of course is not at all how it works and nobody on the Left is arguing for that but Joe Biden has no real point he has no real argument so what is he doing he's listening to his you know healthcare lobbyists buddy who's as corrupt as they come and he's running with it you want to talk about political instincts being out of whack all Joe Biden had to do in this election to be a serious viable candidate is also to go out there and pretend to be Bernie Sanders that's all he would've had to do is if he from the very beginning of this campaign said you know what it's clear where the country is at right now and I want to represent the country where they are and so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna fight for Medicare for all I'm gonna fight for free college I'm gonna fight for a living wage I'm gonna fight for a green new deal I'm gonna end these wars and I'm gonna represent the American people because that's my job I'm middle-class Joe middle-class Joe Biden yeah if he just pretended properly he would have been a viable candidate you won't know why because he already has the most name recognition of everybody running so when you have the most name recognition and you marry that with the strategy that makes sense you would have been a force to be reckoned with what he's doing he's like okay where the healthcare lobbyists said we're the same vultures and swamp creatures who've been ripping off Americans for decades I will stack my campaign with said people this is totally unacceptable but you know what it's transparent and you know what the deal is you know you're not gonna get changed with Joe Biden he's going into the negotiation saying let's slightly expand Obama care or maybe on his better days let's get a public option you know you're gonna get if that's your starting point ditch you're gonna get absolutely nothing so listen here's my advice to Bernie Sanders in wait I don't know if Bernie's on the stage with Joe Biden the next debate is he I don't know yet I know they released the lineups for the debate I don't know if Bernie is on the stage with Joe but either way take out the brass knuckles burn stir take out the brass knuckles because if you'll notice what happened in the last debate qumola went for Joe Biden's jugular and then Camilla got a big vote so a Bernie needs to understand is because they're coming at Bernie now I'm a big fan of the counterpunch I don't like to be the one throwing the first punch even to people I'm massively ideological disagree with massively ideologically disagree with but Biden has thrown so many punches at Bernie and thrown so many haymakers at his policy idea is that now now it's time the gloves are off take out the brass knuckles grab a blowtorch maybe a hatchet and go to work because this guy as soon as everybody knows what's really going on with Biden and as soon as people realize he's not just Obama's buddy that's when it goes they go oh yeah that's unfortunate not really for that guy but you gotta expose him in order to do that you have to expose him and there's no better way to expose somebody than to let them know hey they're a lobbyist literally running his campaign so you think he's gonna fundamentally change a system that the people controlling his campaign massively benefit from and will continue to benefit from there's no way there's no way he changed that system and everybody needs to know that

27 thoughts on “Biden's Campaign Chairman Is A Big Pharma Lobbyist

  1. Hes trying to appeal to dumb baby boomer 'democrats' and at the same time he's making sure if he doesn't get the nomination those people won't want to vote for Bernie.

  2. Biden may as well have always been a Republican, just not as evil but almost. He is the choice of CNN, MSNBC and other corporations. When they talk about Bernie it reminds me of FOX.

  3. This is actually a good thing. Let Biden think that he's winning and shot himself in the foot in the process. With him out, we have other bigger targets to knock out of the race.

  4. Someone just needs to say the headline to this video during the next Biden debate… Because you aren't going to hear it on corporate media.

  5. Day 1, Tuesday, July 30

    Bernie Sanders
    Elizabeth Warren
    Pete Buttigieg
    Amy Klobuchar
    Robert O'Rourke
    Steve Bullock
    John Delaney
    John Hickenlooper
    Tim Ryan
    Marianne Williamson

    Day 2, Wednesday, July 31

    Joe Biden
    Kamala Harris
    Cory Booker
    Julian Castro
    Andrew Yang
    Michael Bennet
    Bill details Blasio
    Tulsi Gabbard
    Kirsten Gillibrand
    Jay Inslee

  6. What I don't get is why Bernie, AOC etc don't just split from the DNC? Bernie would get more than enough votes as independent. Biden sucks….I hate DNC corporate dems, but I still hate and fear Trump far more. Too bad my vote will never count anyway(Blue state). Sadly, I know many of my liberal friends whom get blinded by the Corporate Dems.

  7. Thank God Bidens political instincts are as bad as they are. Otherwise he might actually be a real threat to Bernie.

  8. New law idea: If you have ever worked as a lobbyist or corporate executive, you cannot hold any public office or work for someone who does. Also, if you have ever held public office, you cannot work for any corporation. Ex-politicians can basically only work for the government or retire on a modest pension.

  9. I could write a 100 page book outlining the authenticity, bravery, honesty and populist heart of the country's most beloved politician – but I won't – (too many political books out there , as it is)
    I'm just gonna simply and honestly say:
    BERNIE 2020 !!! ( 6 letters, 4 numbers – says it ALL )

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