Biden, Warren Continue Battling For National Lead Of 2020 Field | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Biden, Warren Continue Battling For National Lead Of 2020 Field | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Biden, Warren Continue Battling For National Lead Of 2020 Field | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Mike Steele forgets that single-payer healthcare was initially proposed as a policy by Bernie Sanders. He also believes single-payer will be more expensive than multiple corporate insurance companies. That contention doesn't make mathematical sense. It sounds more like neo-liberal talking points.

  2. Bernie Sanders went to Canada to find out how the Health Care for All works. The insurance companies are the money vulchers in the system. The United States is 30 years behind the rest of the G7 nations when it comes to Health Care. That is mostly because of corporate greed. You can't play politics when it comes to this. You have to bend to the will of the people and just fix it… The People Are Tired Of Being Screwed Over !

  3. Wow! Everyone on Morning Joe has been drinking the corporate Kool-aid! So disingenuous about Medicare For All (read: LIES). Educate yourself about it because these people won’t. I’ve lost a lot of respect for y’all today.

  4. Obamacare was better than what the corporate insurance companies were providing, but, it was never intended to be the end of healthcare improvement in America.

  5. This is a warning for those wanting the progressive socialist candidates. You are electing the orange buffoon for a second term. Warren has no chance. She's even more annoying than Hillary.

  6. The thing to keep in mind with employer healthcare… if you for any reason lose your job… byebye healthcare plan. If your employer has financial struggles, we've seen time and time again; byebye healthcare plan.

    Not really meant as an argument "for or against" – but something important to keep in mind. You don't have any rights to that healthcare plan. It's at the mercy og a commercial entity whoms only purpose is to generate a maximized profit – in which ledger both you and your healthcare plan is a big, fat red number.

  7. If elected VP Biden will do NOTHING as POTUS, He has kept quiet since he jumped in what he intends to do for this Nation. Folks, it's a BIG SECRET. Every time he opens his mouth to Senator Warren as to 'How are you going to pay for your plan?" What is that telling you? What is he going to bring to the table if there is no money? Afraid to tax the BIG GUYS. Are you just going to occupy 'space.' Is it just WHITE HOUSE FEVER you overcame and relish in the fact that you won? I was around to witness that you backed every bill of the Republicans and especially okaying the war in Iraq.

  8. Panelists like Mike Barnacle make a remarkable effort to misrepresent Medicare for All. DMV? Aside from the state-by-state variation that exists in actually getting a driver's license, single payer is not the same as source/supplier. Existing Medicare users do not all go to the medicare clinic and the medicare hospital to see the federal employee doctors. Thanks for nothing, Barnacle.

  9. Vote for Bernie NOT Biden! In 1978 Joe Biden co-wrote with Republicans the evil cruel bill that deprives poor people of being allowed to bankrupt federal student loans! That was evil of Joe Biden! If you have a heart and agree that an impoverished single mother should be allowed to bankrupt her federal student loans, then you are a hypocrite if you vote for Joe Biden instead of Bernie Sanders! Bernie Sanders wants federal student loan forgiveness. VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS! Here is link for more info on Joe Biden's evil act against the poor with the bankruptcy laws:

  10. The polls miss one important point – people are not voting for statues; these candidates will be saying and doing things every day and Joe Biden will be saying or doing something dumb at least once a week. It's not his age. Joe Biden HAS ALWAYS DONE THIS which is why he's run twice before and lost twice. Whoever first said "The third time is the charm," was a fool.

  11. It is not like the US govt is ever going to pay back their debt, so who cares about some more debt…
    This administration has a 1T dollar yearly deficit runrate, and we get nothing but an unnecessary wall… At least for 20T we will get something …

  12. This is no longer America. The land of the free, or the brave.. it's become the land of cowards traitors and racist.. all under donald trump

  13. Universal healthcare argument is simple. The USA pays 2X (double) the norm, & gets worse results. MEDICARE FOR ALL means lower admin costs (no chasing deductibles or copays). All Americans have it, so no doubt about coverage. Now undertaxed filthy rich will help pay for it. More doctors & nurses, because all citizens are covered. Premiums replaced by taxes, but less out of pocket when healthy, none when sick! STOP CONFUSING AMERICA!! BERNIE WILL DO IT!! ☮️❤️🇺🇸

  14. Biden will be the nominee. Warren and Sanders are attacking big money – the same people who fund the DNC! They won't stand for policies targeting their businesses. Big donors are holding off contributions while Trump is bringing in 6 times the amount of donations. The DNC is worried that they won't compete for the Senate and could lose the House without the donors. The more traction Warren gets the worse it is for the Dems. The DNC will rig it for Biden.

  15. The American People NEED Elizabeth Warren For President, The rich are Panicking, That She WILL BE President . : ) She Is What Is NEEDED For All Middle Class and Poor Americans ! ! !

  16. Oh, great.according to MSNBC, they would rather have the Crookes and crazy's that they agree with. This is pathetic.The people want trump.Im sorry if that hurts the democrats wallets but its the simple truth.

  17. I wonder what people with illnesses and require some sort of medical care feel about medicare for all, i wonder what the person who just lost that "great insurance" when they lost their job, might feel about medicare for all,

  18. I like my Obamacare insurance, but I don't love it. It's still costing us at least $200 a month, not including my post-surgery medications and doctor visit co-pays. And we've been nickled and dimed by Blue Shield for at least a couple of thousand dollars in billing since my September spinal fusion surgery. That's been a lot of money for us that we've struggled to pay.

  19. MSNBC just love these right-wing talking points when it comes to health care. Seriously, universal health care works wonderfully in every developed country in the world, why would the "greatest country on earth" be incapable of it?

  20. What the mainstream media never ever acknowledge is that, although medicare for all will increase taxes overall, take home pay for the working and middle class will INCREASE because you will no longer have to pay private health insurance. Basically, they are telling people that you shouldn't have more money in your bank account. They don't want you spending the money you have earnt. They want you to be ripped off because the 1% do not want to pay more tax.

  21. MSNBC just love these right-wing talking points when it comes to health care. Seriously, universal health care works wonderfully in every developed country in the world, why would the "greatest country on earth" be incapable of it?

  22. It's hilarious watching these fools in the US and their "polls". Go to the ground and do some real journalism and you'll find the truth. 70% of Americans support almost everything Bernie stands for. And they'd get it if they quit watching all MSM and voted with their brains.

  23. Lying and parroting Republican propaganda. That's all MSNBC has anymore because they know a progressive is going to win.

  24. We should impeach and convict Trump voters and supporters. We should amend the Constitution to allow for ex post facto laws, and for cruel and unusual punishments. Then we should make the types of juvenality and stupidity exhibited by Fox News viewers capital crimes. We could then jam all Fox News viewers into Oklahoma and firebomb that state. THAT'S the way to make America great again.

  25. Ya hear that? The "Journal" that reports on the interest of WALL STREET says if we raise taxes on billionaires and corporations the entire economy could literally collapse!

    Seriously, the rural working class voters they're soooo worried about Warren and Sanders NOT appealing to (with policies they would greatly benefit from) do not give a f*%# about the elitist concerns expressed in the WSJ.

  26. these polls are absolute BS. all of them have no more than about 1000 people and some as little as 415. these polls are insignificant.

  27. Not sure why anyone believes these polls, they mostly just call people on landlines and only the older crowd 50 years old and older have a landline. Pretty biased data.

  28. So, 30 Trillion divided by 400 million people is $75000 per person. According to statistics, World average is around $5K/person, US is 10K/person, really, no brainer. Perhaps the US capitalist medical system is not the "greatest or best politically motivated system in the world"; Bernie may have a point.

  29. The price tag on Medicare for all is only being challenged because it makes the wealthiest Americans pay taxes on their main source of income, the stock market. Biden is a puppet for the establishment elites.

  30. Obama's health care plan wasn't affective because 1 it didn't go far enough because he wrongly tried to concede to Republican criticism on a Republican healthcare plan. That was then used as a political tool as the Republicans used anything at their disposal to sabotage.

  31. I used to like this channel, but someone bashing Medicare for all when they have NO idea what they are talking about. Please talk to people who are suffering with inadequate healthcare or NOhealthcare. You people who have enough money to afford any health care without having to decide to give up buying meds are what is wrong with this company. PEOPLE are HURTING, and you know nothing of what you are talking about

  32. Oh yeah every American wants it they just don't know what it's going to cost them. Dizzy will take private insurance away from 180 million people that have it. If you have a job that employer pays all or part..GONE. SHE LIES LIES LIES FOLKS . SO JUST BECAUSE TRUMP UPSETS YOU, TOO FN BAD, JUST CHECK YOUR WALLET MORON. VOTE DEMON AND THTOW AWAY YOUR WALLET THERES NO MONEY TO PUT IN IT.

  33. Any candidates that wallstreet doesn't attack are not worthy of being our president. We don't need another CORRUPT, corporate sponsored, spinless puppet in the white white house. The only candidates willing to take down corruption are Warren and Bernie.

  34. finally real politics,battle of our needs, medical,border, foreign affairs, jobs instead of trumps stupid infantile games and name calling. time to get back to real world issues. trump 2020welfare receipient

  35. Biden wants to keep taking your money or private insurance companies and their profits they receive from the insurance company and not giving you any care.
    Just pay insurance companies that's all it's about and stealing other people's oil using our own military to do it.

  36. 500000 people a year go bankrupt with Obama care and private insurance. How many denied care can't say it enough denied Medical Care

  37. Why would America want to stick with something that was so hard to pass because people don't want it?
    We need media that is out there for the benefit of the people.

  38. First it's immoral to profit off of people that are I'll, 2nd it's immoral for our government workers to find ways to make money off of us the employer's, 3rd the insurance programs that they are pushing do not want to cover anyting. They put out opioid propaganda Wars, take children off of Healthcare, create shortages of drugs and let people go homeless just to be abused by these insurance companies so that our government employees can get their Kickbacks and bribes. Again it's not about the people it's all about the oil

  39. Where are all these Biden supporters ? Literally no one I know or see actually likes him . It's like the corporate media is just creating this false narrative that Biden is leading this race . And the man that the media is trying to hide is doing just as good or better than any of them . Bernie 2020 👍. If you put Biden in there you might as well just leave Trump in there .

  40. It's all good. China Joe has major issues coming up, when the evidence comes in that he has been totally compromised by the Chinese government, to the tune of millions. Plus, he can't remember what state he is even in! His gaffes will only get worse. Warren is giving a great sales pitch, but she will always be the blond haired, blue eyed, white woman that lied about being a Native America all her life.

  41. I want universal healthcare and I would love it if that means an expanded ACA with a public option and well regulated insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

  42. It's really sad and telling how some people will defend the multi billion dollar profits that the health insurance companies make, not to mention the oh so abhorrent idea of giving doctors and nurses a much deserved pay reduction.

  43. Elizabeth Warren's plan is not written in stone. It is aspirational open to negotiations. At the end of the day who is the one fighting for the little guy and who is for the status quo. It's clear EW fights for the middle class – the 99% of us.

  44. 261 dislikes from the dumb kids who can't handle stats and evidence right in front of them. They must have not heard it on their stupid social media bubbles and silly little youtube opinion shows seen from mom and dad's basement.

  45. It's funny to watch a bunch of rich people telling me what the country can't afford. I'm pretty sure they enjoyed those tax cuts we can't afford.

  46. Medicare for only US Citizens and Legal Immigrants who have contributed to the Medicare Plan . No Govt. funded Health Care for the millions of illegal immigrants !

  47. Neither of them could lead more than a board game. Both have policies that would utterly destroy the country. Neither are electable.

  48. Mika sleeps with the host and now she can do what she wants. She’s obviously biased for Biden and she doesn’t even try to hide it because she knows she doesn’t have to because she’s sleeping with the host. That’s why companies should have a rule about bosses not having relationships with their employees.

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