Bible Prophecy Update – August 11th, 2019

Bible Prophecy Update – August 11th, 2019

all right let’s get to our prophecy
update so I always know that the enemy doesn’t want you to hear what I have
prepared and this is one of those times because and here’s how I know I always
gauge it by the spiritual warfare on Saturday when I’m preparing it and usually
it’s a satanic attack in some way it’s an attack on me on my mind it’s an
attack on my family Satan I mean Saturday’s I hate Saturdays can I
just say that I hate Saturdays because I know and I’m getting used to it I you
know in fact I expect it in fact so much so that if the enemy leaves me alone on
a Saturday I get concerned no I really mean that so I always gauge the message
that I’m preparing and how God wants to use and how much Satan doesn’t want you
to hear it by virtue of the warfare that comes prior and certainly this was the
case yesterday that’s why I’m really excited to see what God’s going to do today
so usually as I mentioned the attack comes on my family its usually on me well
this time it was on my refrigerator just hear me out on this this is unbelievable
so I’m preparing the prophecy update and I’m seeking the Lord and I’m
saying Lord you know is this You is this the direction You want me to go and then
all of a sudden I hear my wife downstairs
yelling come down stairs now I come down and you know we
have an old refrigerator it’s one of those refrigerators the has the you
know dispenser the water and the ice dispenser in the front and it was it was
leaking so and we have our old hardwood floors the original hardwood floors
in our house so all of a sudden now we’ve got we got a little flooding
situation going in here I highlight the word little because when I got through
trying to fix it it wasn’t little anymore it’s it is criminal for me to
try to do anything related to repairs mechanically or electronically so here I
am we pull the refrigerator out okay and Here I am you know being the genius that
I am well that’s where the water is coming out right there duh so I take
the tube with the waterline and I’m I don’t know why it did this I pulled on
it oh wow I mean water starts pouring out I’m like thinking man I need to cast
demons out of this thing and there was something coming out it wasn’t demons it
was water and a lot of it and all of a sudden we got a full-on flood I’m
running around trying to figure out how to turn the water off I’m calling this
appliance guy I call you know the plumber I called Frank Tanaka I’m like
what do i do what do i do finally about five minutes later I found the right
valve to turn it off and the flooding stopped and I went back upstairs and I
said okay Lord I get it I’m supposed to talk about this the enemy doesn’t
want me to talk about this he wants to disrupt distract derail and so I say all
that to say this we’re going to talk about a prophecy that’s
in the Bible that’s not really talked about much at all in fact going back
through my archives I’ve referred to it but I’ve never really devoted a prophecy
update to this prophecy it’s the prophecy in scripture concerning fear
fear coming upon the whole earth at the time of the end
it’s a last days Bible prophecy about fear coming upon the world
the prophet Isaiah chapter 24 I’ll read verses 17 and 18 fear and the pit and
the snare are upon you O inhabitant of the earth and it shall be that he who
flees from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit and he who comes up
from the midst of the pit shall be caught in the snare for the windows from
on high are open and the foundations of the earth are shaken in the original
language of the Old Testament Hebrew this carries with it the idea of people
living in fear being tormented and trapped with no way of escape they’re in
this pit caught in this trap and there’s no way out this fear this pit this snare
and the foundations of the earth are shaken listen to what Jesus said in
Luke’s Gospel chapter 21 I want to read verses 25 and 26 he says
there will be signs in the Sun in the moon and in the stars and on the earth
distress of nations with perplexity the sea and the waves roaring and then he
says this men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things
which are coming on the earth for the powers of the heavens will be shaken
interesting Isaiah prophesized that in the last days the foundations of the
earth will be shaken Jesus says in the last days before I come the foundations
and the powers of the heavens will be shaken few verses prior in Luke 21
verses 10 and 11 listen to what Jesus said about what will happen in the last
days just prior to His return he says nation will rise against nation and
Kingdom against Kingdom there will be great earthquakes talk about shaking the
foundations of the earth ask California about this that’s old
news now isn’t it interesting great earthquakes famines and pestilences in
various places and notice fearful events and great signs from heaven this is one
of those prophetic passages that requires an understanding of the
original language of the New Testament which is Greek the word that Jesus is
using for nation in the original language
of the Greek New Testament it’s the Greek word ethnos it’s where we get our
English word for ethnic stay with me what Jesus is saying is that at the time
of the end people of different ethnicity and race
will rise up against people of other ethnicity and race oh my goodness I would submit that this is exactly what’s
happening in the world today nation rising up against nation Kingdom against
Kingdom are your news feeds the same as mine I know they are look what’s going
on in China look what’s going on in Russia look what’s going on in Iran and
certainly and perhaps more importantly here in America this last Thursday
Haaretz which is a an Israeli news source published a report about how
President Trump slammed Shepard Smith and Fox News after he said that white
nationalism is a real problem what Fox News anchors Shepard Smith’s comments
were in direct contradiction of his colleague Tucker Carlson who claimed a
day before that white supremacy is actually not a real problem in America
Carlson argued the whole thing is a lie white supremacy is quote actually not a
real problem in America end quote Carlson added that
white supremacy issue is a hoax quote-unquote and a conspiracy theory
used to divide the country quote-unquote interesting to me this is a textbook
case of divide and conquer and this divide and conquer is vis a vis ethnic
race rising up against ethnic race dare I say that this is right out of Satan’s
playbook what do you mean oh it’s an old lie with new wrapping paper on it it’s
just been repackaged destroy from within that which cannot be destroyed from
without the gates of Hell cannot prevail against the church Satan knows he cannot
destroy the church but here’s what he does know and here’s what he doesn’t
want us to know he can do it from within a house divided Jesus said cannot stand I’ll take it a step further and suggest that fear is one of the most powerful
weapons if not the most powerful weapon that Satan has in his arsenal and he’s
using it very successfully in this country just this morning I got up as I
do every Sunday morning early and first I need to wake up and then I need to you
know prepare my heart and so I woke up this morning at 3:30 and went to my
newsfeed and saw this study that was published in the Journal of American
Studies that was released and here are the findings doomsday prepping is on the
rise due to what they call a mainstream American quote culture of fear the
results indicated that the main reason behind preppers motivations was the
overall sense of fear currently dominating u.s. culture across a variety
of media channels most Americans can’t seem to log online or turn on the
television without being hit by a grim view of the future being reported or
speculated on potential occurrences commonly worried about by preppers
include possible economic depressions terrorist attacks cyber attacks
pandemics or environmental disasters author Dr. Michael Mills in the release
explained that quote fear is now deep entrenched in modern American culture
and is the principal reason that so many citizens are engaging in prepping I
think this USA Today report says it all concerning Americans living in fear
being on the edge after a week-long string of mass shootings have shaken
shaken interesting word Americans and multiple false reports and hoaxes of
active shooters apparently there were many have spread around the country they
are highlighting and acute fear many Americans feel in the wake of the
incidents this report was about I don’t know if you heard about this something
that happened in Times Square in New York panic quickly spread in Times
Square when a loud bang caused the crowd of people to scatter in all directions
you can watch video of it it’s chilling and for those of you who have been in
Times Square you know the crowds there I remember one
night I was there in Times Square I had my daughter with me and we’re trying to
get back to our hotel and I mean it is there’s so many people I grabbed
her hand I almost cut off the blood circulation I was holding on to her so
tight trying to get her back to the hotel through the throngs of people so
what many thought in the moment would be another tragedy in a sea of mass
shootings in the USA well it turned out to be another false alarm
you know what it was a motorcycle backfired ringing out like the gunshots
of an active shooter and the throngs of people there in Times Square in New York
went scattering and running for their lives here’s the good news and this is what I
want to talk about for the remainder of our time together today we as God’s
people do not need to live in fear like the world of that which is about to come
upon the world join me in Isaiah chapter 8 I want to read verses 11 through 13 this is what the Lord says to me let me
say this this is what the Lord is saying to you and to me today let him who has
an ear let them who have an ear hear what the Spirit is going to say to the
church today this is what the Lord is saying to us today this is what the Lord
says to me with His strong hand upon me warning me not to follow the way of this
people do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy do not
fear what they fear and do not dread it the Lord Almighty is the one you are to
regard as holy He is the one you are to fear He is the one you are to dread Jesus said this in Matthew 10 verse 28
do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul
rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell you know I
was just thinking about the irony the irony you know this world is the way it
is because there’s no fear of God in the eyes of man there’s no fear of God the
Proverbs which by the way we finished the Book of Psalms Thursday night you
know how long it took us a year and two months the next book is The Book of
Proverbs can’t wait when we get into the book of Proverbs and go through the Book
of Proverbs what’s going to come leaping off the pages of our Bible in that book
is this the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom the fear of the Lord
is to hate evil and that’s the irony to me there’s no fear of God but there is a
fear of evil but if I fear God I won’t fear evil I’ll hate evil but I won’t
have any fear will you I know it’s kind of funny whenever I ask you
this because it’s like what are you going to say to me no will you just indulge
me for a little bit I want to share with you something that the Lord ministered
to me that was I mean a game-changer saying it’s a game-changer would be a
gross understatement I mean this was a real breakthrough for
me personally and I’ve shared with you very candidly very openly about my
struggle with fear and worry and anxiety and we’ve talked about this before some
of us we just have this proclivity this propensity we’re maybe with our
temperaments wired that way you know some of us are
just more prone to be worriers and be more fearful than others well I’m one of
those people but God God just ministered to me something that just I mean changed
the entire complexion of everything it has to do with Job that was another book
we in fact that was the book right before Psalms I don’t think it took us quite as
long but that was quite an interesting study going through the book of Job but
here’s something I never saw before and the Lord opened my eyes to it and it’s
this conspicuous absence of any warning from Satan that he had God’s permission
to attack him there’s no prior warning we read nowhere in the narrative even
though God had given permission to Satan there’s no indication at any time that
Satan started to tell Job ho ho ho man you what I’m going to do to you you know what I’m going to do to your family you know what I’m going to do to your kids
I’m going to kill you and I’m going to do to your wealth I’m going to take it all of it
and I have permission to no mention of it conspicuously absent is any warning
from Satan prior why the reason that Satan did not warn Job before attacking
him is because God did not give him permission to warn Job he only gave
Satan permission to attack him but to warn him stay with me please and this
is what I mean by this is this is what the enemy does not want you to hear
especially if you’re here today and given over to fear I want to say to you
if that’s you I love you I feel for you I know exactly how you feel you’re
tormented Satan has successfully given you a spirit of fear and it’s crippling
your life you are paralyzed in fear and he’s putting thoughts in your mind you
know what I’m going to do to you oh this isn’t going to end well you’re going to lose
everything you’re going to lose your job you’re going to lose all your income you’re
going to lose your wife you’re going to lose your children that son that daughter
they’re never coming back the reason Satan listen please the
reason Satan attacks our minds with fear of what’s going to happen what if what
about what are you going to do when is because he doesn’t have permission to do
it and think about this were he given permission he wouldn’t warn you anyway
he would just do it the element of surprise if you will that’s his M O is it
not in other words those thoughts of fear that he’s attacking you with
they’re not going to happen you know why because if he had permission to do what
he’s telling you he’s going to do he wouldn’t tell you he was going to do it he
would just do it let me say the same thing in a different way maybe I can
bring it a little bit closer to home just in my own life Satan attacks my
mind with fear and it’s specific to my family who I love more than my own life
my two sons my daughter my wife of 31 years I love them more than my own life
and Satan knows that because he studies us you know that right
strategically he’s studying us like like those you know you see those war
photos those old World War II photos where they’re all standing around the
table with the map strategizing this is what Satan does with our life the map of
our life he’s studying us strategizing waiting very patiently for the optimum
time to attack and he knows where we’re vulnerable and that’s where he attacks
and he knows that’s my vulnerability he knows
that he can get to me through my family so he puts thoughts of fear like you
know this is going to happen to your son this is going to happen to your wife this
is going to happen to your daughter oh my goodness she’s 12 I’m going to baptize her
today I can’t wait really excited if you’ve
never seen a grown man cry come to the water baptism this afternoon I get
emotional just thinking about it but he’ll put thoughts in my mind like
you know if the Lord tarries and your daughter you know she starts dating
she’s not going to date till she’s 40 but anyway no but he puts these thoughts
in my mind you know and it’s like wait a minute
stop no no uh-uh get out of here I was sharing this on Thursday night it’s in
the Psalms where out loud you vocalize praise to the name of Jesus and you do
it out loud because Satan can’t stand it whenever I’m getting attacked I come
against Satan in Jesus name and I do it out loud
I don’t do it out in public because then they think that you need to be
institutionalized but I will outloud say Satan I come against you in the name of
Jesus you are a liar you get out you are a defeated foe that is not true
you get out of here I resist you you have to flee and he does and then I
start praising Jesus thank you Jesus praise to Jesus praise to he can’t stand it hey
put on some worship music that exalts and extols the name of Jesus he’s out of
there oh he hates worship music alright I feel a lot better now just I having
said that but let me say this again this is so
important please especially if you are tormented by a spirit of fear God has
not given you a spirit of fear the Holy Spirit does not give you fear but power
and love and some of your translations render that passage in Timothy a sound
mind better understood as a disciplined mind we have to
discipline our minds we have to give our minds a good spanking sometimes we have
to bring them under our discipline and say no that’s wrong
get out Paul says Philippians 4:8 whatsoever things are true you think on
those things that’s not true you’re a liar everything that comes out of your
mouth is a lie because you’re the father of lies so here’s how you know that you
have nothing to fear if Satan is attacking your mind putting thoughts of
fear in your mind guess what it’s not going to happen because he doesn’t have
permission to do that and even if he did have permission to do that he would not
attack your mind and tell you beforehand he would just do it you know what’s
really interesting in the book of Job we talked about this when we were studying
through the book I mean it’s like God says okay you can do this but do not
touch him and Satan went right to the very edge of exactly what God said he
could do to Job now some of you are thinking wait a minute God will give
Satan permission to attack me okay now just hang on you remember when Jesus
some of you might even be asking well wait a minute didn’t Peter get warned
that Satan had asked for permission to sift him as wheat yes he did but the
warning did not come from Satan the warning came from Jesus and it wasn’t to
create a spirit of fear it was to strengthen him and encourage him for
that which was coming Peter come here so Satan asks the other day asked Me for
permission to sift you as wheat if I’m Peter I’m thinking to myself You
told him no right You said no you don’t have permission so no I told him yes he
can do that but you’re going to make it through he cannot do anything to you
that I did not of him permission to and I will never
give him permission to attack you with fear because I do not give you a spirit
of fear that’s how you can know that whatever that fearful thought is in your
mind won’t happen because again Satan will never tell you ahead of time now
let me hasten to say that the only time God will give permission to Satan to
attack you is if in the end it is for your good and His glory listen the devil
is God’s devil he’s not God’s opposite he can only do what God gives him
permission to do he can not touch one hair on your head unless he has
permission God gave him way too much permission to touch the hairs on my head
but anyway I digress do you know that there’s one mention of Job in the New
Testament and it’s in the book of James chapter 5 verse 11 listen to this as you
know we count as blessed those who have persevered you have heard of Job’s
perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about the Lord is full
of compassion and mercy God will never allow the enemy to do anything to you
that would ultimately be to your harm because that’s not His plan for you His
plan for you is not to harm you but to give you a future and a hope to bless
you to prosper you He’s full of compassion
and merciful Hebrews chapter 10 I want to read verses 36 and 37 for you have
need of endurance yes I need endurance I need endurance like Job oh my
goodness so after you have done the will of God you may receive the promise and I
want you to pay particular attention to verse 37 for yet a little while and he
who is coming will come and will not delay not tarry did you hear that yeah
you’re hanging on by a thread you’re being attacked from every side
you’ve given way too much territory in your life to the devil and he’s got a
stronghold you know what a stronghold is right I know this is deeply profound but
it’s something that has a stronghold in your life maybe fear has a stronghold in
your life today that need not be God will give you the endurance and for yet
a keyword little while I think about the Apostle Paul who said our present
sufferings they’re you know just little of course they’re little in comparison
to Eternity He who is coming will come and will not delay and by the way one of
the signs that He will not delay His coming that He is coming very soon
is this fear that is coming upon the whole world as
we see it today this is why we do these weekly prophecy updates and it’s also
why we end with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the ABCs of salvation which
is a childlike explanation of salvation how to be saved what’s the gospel well
Paul writing to the Corinthian church in his first epistle chapter 15 basically
says here’s the gospel Jesus Christ came He was crucified He was buried and He
rose again on the third day that’s the gospel what does that mean the word
gospel means good news your debt has been paid you’re free to go good news
that’s what the word gospel means wait what debt oh you don’t know you’ve been
sentenced to death and the good news is is that somebody else went to their
death in your stead so it’s like you’re in this courtroom with the judge of the
universe and you’ve been found guilty as charged
and now comes time for the sentencing and the judge hands down the sentence
death death penalty and in walks a man not just any man the God man Jesus the
Christ zhe walks into that courtroom He says hold everything and He says to the
judge I will pay in his place his death penalty I will go to my death for Him
for her instead of him instead of her and the judge says
whoa and he says it’s just like that too whoa
good news your debt’s going to be paid in full you’re free to go
that’s the Gospel that’s the good news of salvation found in the person in the
finished work the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross you know we had a
couple of comments recently about the ABCs of salvation and I just want to say
that this is not the only way to lead somebody to Christ or come to a saving
knowledge of Jesus Christ but it’s a simple way and for me I know 37 years
ago when I called upon the name of the Lord and was saved I needed it to be
simple thank God it’s not complicated could you imagine if it required that we
knew quantum physics to be saved shoot me now I’m toast I have no hope it’s
childlike simple and the A in the childlike simple ABCs of salvation is
for admit or acknowledge that you sinned you’re a sinner and you need the Savior
for the forgiveness of sins this is what repentance is it’s a changing of one’s
mind turning from one’s sin and turning to the Savior for the forgiveness of sin
that’s what the word repentance means Romans 3:10 says there is no one
righteous not even one I quote this at memorial services and I do so for
good reason because most of the people at a memorial service believe that good
people go to heaven and bad people go to hell right you ask anybody average
person the street hey do you think you’re going
to go to heaven and if they answer yes and then you ask them why their answer
nine times out of ten will be because I’m a good person do you realize there’s
going to be a lot of really good people in hell and a lot of really really bad
people in heaven and I’ll be at the front of that line and you’ll be not too
far behind me so you might be good but you’ll never be good enough and Romans
3:23 tells us why it’s because all all have sinned and fallen short of the
glory of God interesting word in the original
language for sin it was an archery term it meant that you missed the mark you
fell short you missed the bullseye so if you’re an archer and you shoot the
arrow and you missed the bullseye they would say you sinned you sinner
that’s what it means you fell short you missed the mark of God’s perfect
standard of righteousness Romans 6:23 I love Romans 6:23 because it ever so
perfectly packages the bad news first which is important and then the good
news I think we do err greatly when and you wouldn’t think this would be the
case but I think we do err greatly when we don’t emphasize that all have sinned
we’ve all broken God’s law every single one of us has sinned and transgressed
against God and what is the penalty or the wage for that sin Romans 6:23 says
for the wages of sin is death that’s the bad news first now I’m ready
for the good news the gift of God the gift of God is eternal life in Christ
Jesus our Lord now think about this and please know that I in no way wish to
insult anybody’s intelligence I only want to
explain very simply the truth about what a gift is is not a gift something that
you don’t pay for but somebody else paid for a gift is something that is given
and received if I pay for it it’s no longer a gift it’s something that I paid
for no that gift was paid for you didn’t pay
for it that’s why it’s a gift you know who paid
for it Jesus paid for it cost Him everything cost Him His life so that He
after paying in full with His blood for the remission of all of our sin could
offer us this gift free gift of eternal life no strings attached no fine print here’s the B the B is for believe in
your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and as Romans 10:9 and 10 says if you
believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved
you will be saved not you might not you could not you should you will and to C
lastly is for call upon the name of the Lord or as Romans 10:9 and 10 also says
if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God
raised Him from the dead you will be saved and here’s why for it is with your
heart that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth that you
confess and are saved and lastly Romans 10:13 this seals the deal
all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved
period if you’ve never called upon the name of the Lord I implore you
today while there’s still time today is the day of salvation if you’re watching
online you’re not watching this video by accident I can assure you of that and if
you stuck with it this long there’s a reason for that
today’s the day of your salvation I implore you to call upon the name of
the Lord why don’t you all stand and we’ll pray thank You Lord so much oh Lord how could we
ever thank You enough certainly it is impossible this side of
heaven to ever adequately express or communicate to You our gratitude in our
thanksgiving for the free gift of eternal life Lord Lord I pray for anyone that maybe today
something clicked something connected hearts have been opened Lord I pray that
today would be the day of their salvation as they call upon You Your
name Jesus believing in their hearts that You rose from the dead putting in
You their trust for the forgiveness of all sin Lord thank You and one last
thing Lord Maranatha come quickly Lord Jesus even so in Jesus’ name Amen

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  4. Amen ! Fear not the Lord says ! This is not a suggestion ! Greater is Jesus than he who is in the world the devil . Jesus said We ,His people shall do great things in His Name ! We need to live that way. Absence from our body we are present with the Lord! We must believe this to encourage others ! God bless Fear Not !

  5. Where did God say , Satan you have permission ?
    Can you please tell me those scriptures
    I been looking and having trouble locating them….
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  6. I enjoyed your message as always but this is one I need because I do have a spirit of fear. So you are saying since God doesn't give us that spirit of fear, that HE also won't allow what satan is telling us to happen?? Right? So anything bad that happens to us, God allows it, for our good, right??

  7. 🔴🔴🔴Does Jesus Christ come back for His Bride (The Church) on Tu B' Av – The 15th of Av: Love and Rebirth (Thursday, August 15th to Friday, August 16th, 2019)? We are looking at this time for the following reasons:

    ◼️◼️⚠️1. This is the end of the wheat harvest, the time when Boaz (Jewish) married Ruth his Gentile Bride. This is a picture of when Jesus marries His Gentile Bride (The Church).

    ◼️◼️⚠️2. The Talmud tells us that many years ago the "daughters of Jerusalem would go dance in the vineyards" on the 15th of Av, and "whoever did not have a wife would go there" to find himself a bride. This is the one time of the year that a young Jewish man would pick up a bride! And this is the day which the Talmud considers the greatest festival of the year, with Yom Kippur(!) a close second!

    ◼️◼️⚠️3. The 15th of Av starts sundown in Jerusalem on Thursday, August 15th (WHICH IS MORNING IN THE USA) to Friday, August 16, 2019. What is interesting about this date is that many have had dreams and visions that the rapture will occur on a Thursday in the United States!

    ◼️◼️⚠️4. Last night, as I was thinking about Tu B Av, I felt led to check the Jewish date of last year's 613 minute long blood moon next to Mars in a constellation I am thinking points me to Jonah and his warning of coming judgment. It was on Tu B Av last year!

    A one year's heads-up per the Jewish calendar?

    The timing of Tu B Av this year per the Gregorian calendar also echoes another sign in the heavens I observed last year, which is also a possible one year heads-up in my estimation. It was when Jupiter came close to a star in Libra, for the third time, called Zeben El Genubi which means the price is deficient, the message given by Daniel to Babylon's last king just before his kingdom ended.

    In other words, both of these celestial signs last year point me to Tu B Av this year.

    So, I am very watchful for Tu B Av this year.

    The fact the jewish tradition has the last 200 men of Benjamin (mentioned in the last chapters of Judges) snatching brides on this date is significant to me. Add to this the jewish tradition that Tu B Av is when the last group of folks in Israel during the wilderness wanderings realized they were not going to die but came out of their graves to inherit the promised land, makes me even more hopeful.

    Tu B Av also seems to me to be a perfect day for a "provoke the jews to jealousy" rapture date. And to think that the theme of Tu B' Av is love, romance and weddings.

    Tu B Av seems almost too perfect. Yet, I find, ironically, that I am fighting a bit to not get my hopes up.

    Ever watching, ever hopeful. What else can we do? Jesus is our only blessed hope. He is worthy of our constant watching.

    ◼️◼️⚠️5. PRAYING 🙏🙏


    REPENT OF ALL YOUR SINS TO GOD! Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior!

    PRAY: Dear Lord Jesus Christ I realize that I am a sinner, and that you died on the cross for all my sins. I ask your forgiveness for all my sins right now, and ask that you please come into my heart and be my personal Lord and Savior forever! I thank you for dying on the cross for all my sins, and for loving me unconditionally! I humbly accept you as my personal Lord and Savior in my heart-Amen

    GET HOLY SPIRIT WATER BAPTISM at a Christian Church! This is needed to seal your faith in Jesus Christ, and provide you with the Holy Spirit to help you!

    (NOTE: Any spirit filled believer can baptize you. However if none is available, baptize yourself by prayer in a tub or pool. Afterwords asked Jesus to baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire!. Be baptized in the name of Jesus according to Peter….buried with Jesus (under water); raised with Jesus (come out of the water). You must be filled with the Holy Spirit!) After you have baptized yourself, say this prayer in order to be baptized by Jesus with the Holy Spirit:

    Get a Holy Bible and read it!
    "The Gospel of John" Movie:

    ❤️What must I do to be saved?🙏🙏

    As a new Christian, step by step VIDEO instructions as to what to do next:

    & SEE THIS:
    & THIS:

    For baptism and for training on how to lead people to the Lord and how to pray for healing, go to the map website and contact a person in your area. (Help available worldwide!). Here is the website:
    The power of personal communion:
    Heaven and Hell are real:


  8. Thankyou JD. As always! I have my own church, but they do not teach on bible prophecy. My pastor believes alot of the end times scriptures to be symbolic not literal. Shame! But I get good teaching and well needed encouragement from yourself, Amir and Jan. God bless you and keep you protected and strong in this last hour 🕊

  9. Also I know you said Job wasn't warned but it does say that the thing that Job feared came upon him. Does that mean Satan was putting those thoughts in Jobs head?

  10. Brothers and sisters pray for my family. My panic disorder/GAD and depression finally got to the point where I can’t work. Appreciate your jobs no matter how horrible they are. I’d give anything to be able to go back. I’m jealous of the comfort this brought many of you. Please intercede for my family dear ones! My family is collapsing.

  11. Would someone be kind enough to lift me in prayer. For the past 22 years since I was 30 I have been virtually housebound through chronic illness and disability. Throughout this time I have been without church or Christian fellowship despite having reached out on occasion. I rarely see or speak to anyone. The last 2 years have been particularly difficult as the team of carers that assisted me I no longer have due to the cut backs in my country. So now most of my days are spent on my bed unable to do often the most basic of things. Potentially now, if possible circumstances are about to get worse as financially I have now lost several hundred pounds a month. I am usually a very private person and would not normally publicise such personal matters but I have little strength now both physically and mentally so would be very grateful to anyone who felt so called to lift me before our father. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to anyone who chooses to do so. God bless you xx

  12. It's not what we do, IT'S WHAT HE DID. JESUS is THE I AM,BELIEVE IN HIM I like your videos GOD BLESS YOU….

  13. You've already indicated that Satan cannot even so much as talk to us without permission according to Job 1, therefore he has PERMISSION to oppose us. I like what you said about his methods, and we don't want to be ignorant of them, but He is God's instrument for our good, no matter how much he may enjoy his work. The bottom line is God's control. We talk to God, not to Satan. How many times did the Lord rebuke Satan? How often is any other saint of God reported as talking directly to him? Rather, we are told in the book of Jude that even Michael the Archangel 'when contending with the devil…durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee". Further, we can ask that the Lord bring every thought into subjection to the mind of Christ, which He is faithful to do, and we learn to stand, being girt with the truth, and having on the whole armor of God, to resist the enemy. Like weight-lifting is an exercise, wherein we are strengthened by resisting, we are also exercised in the same way by learning how to 'resist' the devil. Hebrews 5:14, "But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil", that is, we need the exercise! Faith comes by hearing…the Word. Faith works by love. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. Love is the bond of perfection. And LOVE is produced by tribulation, (which works patience, experience, hope, and….love). Fear not, God is in complete control. 1 Cor 11:36. He works all things together for our good, and there is not one hair of your head that is not numbered!

  14. Thank you for doing the bible prophecy update every week! I look forward to it and God Bless you Brother Farag I love that you are a true man of God.

  15. Thank you, Pastor, for this message on fear. You are so right. I watch your video every Mon. am to be informed and blessed about prophecy updates. Thank you!

  16. Thank you Pastor J.D. Prayers for all of God's manifold blessings to continue for you, your family & ministry! Maranatha

  17. I didn't think we were to talk to Satan? That we were to ONLY call on Jesus. Dangerous territory to think we should speak to spirits. 🤔

    Excellent messages otherwise!

  18. Man, this was so encouraging. Thank you Pastor JD! May God bless you & keep you.. may He shine His face upon you. 🙏

  19. Thank you so much for your prophecy update. I am also reassured when I hear that it took you over a year to study the book of Psalms. I always feel pressured to read through books of the Bible as quickly as possible. It is refreshing to know that I can give myself permission to take my time and study God's Word over a much longer period of time. Thank you 👏😊

  20. That is amazing I had a dream the other night that the earth gave way and there was a round pit below me that went on forever it was an opening to pitch black in essence Hell. I was falling into the pit and then I called out to Jesus and suddenly and gently I rose out of the pit and out of danger. WHOA then I see this by JD. wow

  21. This is the drumbeat I needed to hear to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Thank you and God bless you and your family. P. S. I'll be in front of you in that line.

  22. JD.. i could listen to you all day… you bring the awesome Word of God with such boldness and clarity of the Truth. I praise God for your life. I so appreciate and gratefully to the Lord Jesus Christ for your ministry. All Glory to God.

  23. Bless You Pastor JD!! Hang in there Buddy, SATAN Is defeated. He knows it. I've had a raging case of SHINGLES (4-5mos?) Since oct9 of last year. No sign of abaiting, new outbreaks every day! I scratch while I have my daily devotions and watch you wonderful (closed caption for my hearing impairment) teaching from GODS Holy Word. Thank you pastor. I'll never get to meet you on earth, as I don't fly (too old) I will 'flyaway', hopefully SOON. God Bless the ministry there at your beautiful church! Hang In There!!

  24. 26 min mark . Yes sstan studies us . I too have been attacked . Its my family too he knows .but he's under our feet in Yeshua Name . Hold tight to Yeshua and your family !!!!! Its almost Wedding time Ya'll ! Love from Tennessee !!!! And yes speak and rebuke them devils in His Mighty Name . They gotta flee !!!! He promises and Gods no liar as man !

  25. I didn’t think God gave satan permission to attack anyone after Jesus died for us.

    I thought we gave satan permission by not resisting satan and because this is a sinful world there is sickness and disease.

    God uses these attacks to bring us closer to Him but I don’t believe He causes them or gives permission for them.

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  28. Thank you Father for sending your only Son to pay for our sins, that may we spend eternity thanking You ,serving You and worshipping You….Praise THE NAME ABOVE OF ALL NAMES JESUS CHRIST!!!

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  30. Never saw the Job/Satan relationship in this way before! Thank you for being so faithful to God. Prayers to you and your family and church. Be encouraged!

  31. I've been giving the word and who needs it will take it via social media but I see a lot are awakening to his word

  32. Thanks once again, your teaching confirms the word that I have been studying. God is great and Jesus teaches us much about how the Devil is able to be rebuked in the name of Jesus and that he and all his spirits will flea from us.

  33. Thank you again for the timely updates. I'm prepping. Not because of fear. I am saved. I have hope. I know I will be spared the wrath to come. I prep for those left behind. I stock all the usual survival things PLUS a variety of Christian materials, including all the Bibles I can get my hands on.I do this out of love and the sadness I feel for them. I pray that anyone that finds my cache will find comfort and hope in the Lord. Jesus is and will always be the blessed HOPE, even in the midst of the tribulation.

  34. Oh My Lord at 9:17 God showed me this 35+ Years ago. But in that vision people of different ethnic groups banded together to eat the other groups as food. Because there was no food after the destruction.

  35. Every day in my prayer life I ask My Heavenly Father to drive out any Satanic Darkness with the Mighty Power and LIGHT of Jesus Christ!

  36. My husband and I have been married 28 years. He got saved last Easter, he is getting baptized this Sunday 8/18. God is good and faithful. Hang on and keep praying if you have an unsaved spouse!

  37. Great teachng Pastor!!! 

    Opposite of fear is our Blessed Hope through King Jesus. As you brought up Luke 21:25-26 , lets finish off with our Blessed Hope, our Great Redeemer in Luke 21:27-28. Key word is redemption.. We need a Redeemer for redemption.. The bride will be caught up in the cloud with King Jesus our Great Redeemer!! All Glory to God!!! AMEN

    Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”

  38. I loved this message so much I had to post it to my FB page. Thank you for your great messages and spirit for the Lord. May He richly bless you !

  39. Wow! Thank you, Pastor JD! The devil tried to keep me from watching this one . I always look forward to the prophesy update every Sunday. But this week, I wasn’t in the mood. Why? Because I was trapped in a spirit of worry and fear. So I told myself I would watch it Monday, but something kept me from it. Then today, Tuesday, I stared at the play button for several minutes, debating whether I wanted to watch it or not. I am so glad I pressed play! God bless you and I will pray for you and your family and your appliances on Saturday!

  40. The greatest pastor I ever knew, I never knew. He told about himself only two times in the five years I attended there. Don't get me wrong I love this guy.

  41. I love the messages you put out for everyone of us,i can hear that it comes straight form your heart and soul,its like jesus is standing right next to you guiding you to speak the message and to save souls!! I look forward to your sunday videos every week!! Your a blessing,GOD gave you the gift to preach at a time like this!! YouTube, internet and the end times.the lord planed you for this day,GOD bless you and your family 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  42. I'm so ready for heaven! I live with my boyfriend who I can't stand. Have been miserable for years. I'm so ready to be raptured!

  43. 88,8oo views brother Farag as I comment. Your message is reaching many! Strength and blessings to you and yours through Jesus Christ our coming Redeemer! Hallelujah saints, cry out joyously for his soon return! Maranatha.

  44. I would add…. Fear, notwithstanding….Proverbs 22:3/ 27:12 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.
    Is it fear that i prepare for calamity?

  45. Matthew 24:5 King James Version (KJV)

    5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

  46. Thank you for posting your services, l try to watch every week, today you have really hit the nail on the head…. may God bless you and your family.

  47. As soon as the news reported that the Dow dropped 800 points I thought…there we go..the elites will purposely collapse our economy to keep Trump from being re-elected… Fear of something suddenly happening is all around us

  48. Saturday is the Lord's day, the sabbath the 4th commandment ,take a rest that day you will see that everything with you will be peaceful.

  49. Super insightful  !! Thank you again Pastor. I learned a lot about satan's tactics and God's faith in our ability to stand up under the torment. To learn obedience which even the God Man Yeshua had to learn when He faced the cross in the garden of Gethsemane. There is incredible reward for hanging n there and remaining loyal to the Father. I love the Father soooo much.

  50. May I suggest that we have all kinds of authority from Jesus, but we seldom use that authority to accomplish Father's will. I have listed some of those authorities on if you want to check them out. Or you could simply ask Jesus to teach you how to rule and reign with Him over Father's kingdom.

  51. Bro JD I chuckled at your refrigerator story. My husband is also a minister and has no repair skills. If fact my father always said he was dangerous with a screwdriver! LOL but remember that is why there many parts of the Body of Christ. You keep doing what you are doing brother. It is so very important to hear the truth of Christ!!!

  52. When you mentioned pulling on the water line, Pastor, I had to just look down and sigh….. because I did the exact same thing. Don't pat yourself on the back too much, you're not in that "duh" club alone, lol.

  53. I shall not fear, but will face my fear, let my fear pass thru me, when my fear is gone, only I shall remain…


    We look for the coming of our Lord.
    In Him we occupy till He comes.
    In Him we minister
    In Him we share the Glorious Gospel of Grace
    In Him there is real prosperity and a sure hope.


    Judy Collins sings

    We will serve the Lord! And if, at a predetermined divide God knows, one road to perdition is imposed upon us by any law, government threat, funny money, anything that denies our Lord and Savior and tries to impose it's will on us, then the truth of Christ which is spiritually determined, and leads to a sure Home that is not built by human hands, but by our Lord God and Savior, we will choose;

    "Be wise now, therefore. O you kings: be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they who put their trust in him." Psalm 2:10-12.

  55. The book of Enoch should be discussed. It has important prophecies for the last days. It should have been included in the bible as it is the most amazing read of any book in the bible!

  56. Thank you JD , this is a game changer for me !! Watched this video twice this week.
    I’m a worrier and fearful much of the time .
    I did your study of Job on line and that was helpful but this .. knowing satan doesn’t warn before attacks but fearful thoughts are from him studying us. !!
    Praise God for your faithfulness !!

  57. Brother maybe it will help your people the ones you reach, that who has any say in who their parents or place of birth. It is just race baiting by people who want death and destruction, we mist speak unity of Americans all shapes sizes and races.

  58. I have this crazy mind connection and praise god so if god gave permission to attack job would he have gave permission to attack eve? Please respond YouTube algorithm unsubscribed me from you guys

  59. Please pray for my family for addictions and that strong holds would be broken in the name of Jesus amen. I come in agreement. Thankyou God Bless you all.

  60. They are stair literally tearing them than Anthem apart in it it says together we stand divided we fall and that's what the powers that maybe the Democratic party now taken over by the socialistic party are trying to do they are going literally today anthem before The Constitution

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