Bharat Ek Khoj 43: 1857, Part II

Bharat Ek Khoj 43: 1857, Part II

The 1857 Mutiny revealed The internal weaknesses of the
earlier rule On the basis of which the
rebels Were trying to get rid of
foreigners from India Feudal lords and nobles had the
sympathy of a majority of the common folk
but They did not have the ability Nor the aim nor the
organization They had played their role in
history and had no place in the future None had any patriotic feelings only a hatred for the English and a desire to protect their
feudal holdings could not be a substitute for
organization So, we have reached Delhi The advance party was to
gather here Of course! We’ve arrived in the midst of
war Are you afraid, Pandit? Of course, we are afraid of war!
We are not soldiers What’s the news? The English have surrounded
Delhi but may sneak in Is it a siege or an attack? Call it a skirmish Waiting for reinforcements Maybe testing? Quite possible! What news of the court? There’s a committee of soldiers
and civilians The Emperor has toured the
city once The real power is the Prince What about the order? It will be announced soon! Let’s go into the city Awake Brothers! Rise! This is the moment, the
opportunity! Recall the prophecy, my
brothers! The English will not rule for
more than 100 years The period is over! The English won the Battle of
Plassey in 1757 Now, it is the summer of 1857 I assure you, there’s no need to
fear the English Their rule is about to end That is God’s will! Open your eyes and see! Allah has indicated it! Nature
has spoken! The stars were aflame last night I saw them rain fire! That was the signal! Change is
near! The Shah of Iran is marching to
India with his army He will help the faithful against
the infidels Allah has ordered him to drive
out the English and re-establish Mughal rule in
India Will the Mughals rule once
again? Light will return to Delhi again So, awake! Strengthen the
hands of the rebels Fight with them, shoulder to
shoulder and kill the English Listen to the call of Time,
Brothers! Listen ye citizens of Delhi! Listen to the order of Bahadur
Shah Zafar May the Hindu and Muslim
citizens know that The English forces in Delhi and
Meerut want that Indian soldiers should lose their
faith and thus compel them to convert to
Christianity hence, the Governor General
has ordered that cartridges be greased with
unholy fat even if 10,000 soldiers object
they are to be punished with death if 50,000 object they are to be
dismissed Hence, it is the duty of all Hindu
and Muslim citizens to show unity among
themselves On this day of Eid, Muslims are
requested not to kill cows or eat beef stand up against the English It is the duty of all citizens to back the Emperor against the
English Victory to Bahadur Shah Zafar! We are the lords of this land!
This is our India! Pure is this people’s land! Dearer to us than Heaven! This is our India! Why are we leaving Delhi?
Where are we going? We have work outside Delhi You’ll find out where we are
going Where? To Kan pur! Before that to
Awadh! Let’s rest a little here! Has the rebellion started in
Awadh? ite possible! We must
and see! The English rule in Awadh! That’s why we are going Meaning? Meaning? I’ll tell you! In 1856 the English annexed
Awadh Wajid AN went to Calcutta. The
English rule began Listen to English promises and
their tall talk Said that their rule would bring
happiness Their first act was to disband
Awadh’s army 7000 brave soldiers were left to
starve We’ll deal with the people. We
don’t need a talukdar The land belongs to him who
pays the highest rent Then they introduced what they
called tax Paying which broke everyone’s
back! They had decided to impoverish
the land Unclothed and starving! That’s
my poor India now! British rule made the landlord a
beggar Till the Revolution, it was as if
the end had come! My friends! You all know me I have always been fair to you I have always spoken the truth These are bad days Some rogues are inciting our
troops The soldiers have rebelled It is not a big problem The British will win Together we can defeat the
rogues There is misunderstanding in
Awadh Some people resented our
annexation of Awadh We did not want to do it You all know this! We don’t need land or property
or kingdom We did it for the good of the
people To save the people The Nawab’s ministers were
selfish and The Nawab himself was weak Everyone knew what the
condition of the people was We tried to improve the lot of
the people For the first time we have
created modern administration in Ind A rule of law exists in Awadh The British law Against our people! How dare
they! This has upset some old nobles who cannot loot you any longer The British are the worst looters They have joined the rogues
and are creating trouble Some of our faithful soldiers are
being misled All kinds of rumours are being
spread It is said we want to destroy
your faith All that is a lie! Tell it to those who have seen
the greased cartridges We don’t want to interfere with
your faith We don’t want to destroy your
faith We don’t mind what religion you
follow It was not like that before Aurangzeb oppressed the
Hindus and Ranjit Singh the Muslims Look he is inciting communal
riots We did not do that! Nor will we
do it! have control on yourself Disregard rumours and don’t be
misled Tell me if there is anything I am here to help you I’ll solve your problems
immediately All those who complain will be
shot, as in Benaras What a fluent liar! may be sincere! Who
knows? Possible! There are many
Englishmen who are good But they behave badly with us They are like chameleons Experts at changing colours.
We won’t spare them Of course not! Will you kill all foreigners? We won’t spare those who fight
us But on the battlefield! The rest we will load on ships
and send back But in Jhansi and Delhi When you are seething with
anger you do wrong Then you repent! You talk of the rebels! Why not
the English? Haven’t they killed innocent
women and children? Haven’t they burnt entire
villages? But You haven’t seen that? God
forbid you ever see it You may not live to tell the tale You Brahmins are very sincere In spite of all this hustle and
bustle you observe all rites
meticulously That is admirable All that a person has is his
caste No! No! Bigger than caste is
the country Bigger than religion! We are fighting for the country We don’t know about that You must know! The English are very cunning They’ll incite us to fight Hindus against Muslims. High
caste versus low caste We must be united at this
moment We’ll solve our problems later Greetings! Come! From where have you come? We rebelled in Mhow and came
here Has it started in Mhow? Very
good Tell us about it! It was like everywhere else It started in Indore The King was not in favour but
the regiment revolted The English Resident fled When the news reached Mhow,
we too revolted Then we came here Many have gone to Delhi.
Where will you go? We are thinking of Kanpur We are also going there Recruit yourself in a rebel
regiment Or else you may be mistaken
for a dacoit We’ll do that! We’ll join the Lucknow army
which has some of our people May God help you! Greetings! We must also leave tomorrow Pandit, we’ll leave at dawn We too are eager to go to
Kanpur Nanasaheb Peshwa is said to
be in Kanpur So what? Who has the time to fast or for
rituals in such a big war? So, Pandit, your donation is
gone Let’s see! What’s the harm in
going? He won’t let go! Last night’s incident has been
investigated This is the result of the
investigation It is true that in Kanpur Lt. Cox
fired on the second Cavalry patrol
last night Lt. Cox has admitted: He claims he was drunk at that
time That’s why he fired accidentally The Committee accepts Lt.
Cox’s defence and acquits him! You’ll learn when we fire
accidentally Did you see British justice?
What oppression! Had an Indian killed an
Englishman he’d be hanged Our life has no value but their
life is invaluable Good! This will fan the flames! No need to incite it! The Second Cavalry waits for
Nanasaheb’s orders Tell them to pressurize him.
is here tonight Brother! Let’s go to Nanasaheb Will he give orders? We’ll explain Will he listen? Why not? They have cheated
him of his pension Nanasaheb’s advisors are very
capable Azimullah and Tatya Tope are
invaluable Let’s go! You are a dear friend of the
Company You have always helped Your army had helped us
against Tipu Sultan I had mentioned all this in my
letter to London Which you had rejected I am aware of the
misunderstanding If you help us in this crisis you’ll have no cause for
complaint. I promise you! The British are not known to
keep promises On the contrary, Lord Dalhousie
was known for breaking promises and annexing kingdoms I assure you that all this will be
re-considered First let’s get over with this
crisis On whose authority do you say
this? After all, you are only the
collector of Kanpur I bring a personal appeal for
help from your friend General Sir Hugh
Wheeler He has always helped you Sir Hugh is our friend I have nothing against him as a
person but How do I explain? This moment
is not What help do you need from
us? He wants you to stay in Kanpur
for a few days My house at Nawabganj is at
your disposal You’ll be a good influence on
the soldiers You can prevent them from
doing wrong Why do you need our help
that? General Wheeler can talk to the
soldiers himself He is doing that and Very effectively! But he is an Englishman and that has an adverse effect
these days He also wants you to guard the
ammunition depot Aren’t your soldiers guarding it? Yes, but You doubt their loyalty? No, but Doesn’t matter! You don’t have
to commit yourself Don’t you have enough loyal
soldiers to guard the ammunition depot? No! Of the 300 English soldiers
we have many are not well You didn’t call for
reinforcements? Which means if your Indian
soldiers rebel how can we guard the
ammunition depot? Reinforcements are coming
from Allahabad Sir Henry Lawrence cannot
send them from Lucknow What about the other
Englishmen in the city? They could be in danger in case
of a rebellion They’ll be moved to a protected
enclosure Many of them are already there We have many women and
children without guardians Kanpur is a popular family
resort As you know we have a few
men Two hundred of them could be
armed It is a matter of paying their
wages You have stopped the Peshwa’s
pension That can be easily arranged I’ll talk to the Genera Can I take your help for
granted? We’ll help you! Thank you very much! Allow me to leave! Forgive me, my lord! The English are gifting you their
ammunition depot That is their Treasury They will also pay our soldiers
to take it over My God! How stupid these
English are! It will not be so easy to fool
them Nothing is easy, my lord! A better opportunity will never
come This is not the time to keep
quiet This is the time to throw out the
English To re-establish our reign It is your duty as the Peshwa It is also my duty to keep the
promise A promise given to a traitor Ethics does not compel you to
keep such a promise Our forces are ready. Every
soldier is ready! They and India are looking to
you for leadership You must free this country from
foreign rule It is your duty and your
responsibility We have been waiting for such
a moment for months Why do you hesitate now? Is this really the moment? Yes, my lord This is the moment Then so be it! Move our men into position Seize the ammunition depot Say you are following the
General’s orders Present the men of the second
cavalry before me I’ll talk to them myself Two Brahmins from
Maharashtra! They wish to see you! That’s a good omen! Bring
them in! May you live long! We are poor Brahmins from
Konkan We have come this far in
search of generous patrons who will perform special rites Ever since you settled down in
Bramhavart There is none to feed the
Brahmins You’ve come at a good time to my mansion
Bramhavart Stay there! What do you say
Tatya? Soon we wish to begin a ritual
worship Perform it for us and bless May your house be blessed! May you live long and in peace! June 5, 1857. Kanpurwokeup
with a start! The soldiers’ hearts started
beating The white man ran away. The
Delhi army marched ahead Nanasaheb was with it, as it
relentlessly marched ahead! Tatya Tope was also there
giving him advice Nana then took the soldiers into
his confidence! Friends! We have started the
rebellion This is not a mutiny but a war!
We’ll die for it! It will only end after we have got
rid of the English Till we have achieved our aim we’ll not think of peace or truce This war aims to get rid of the
English and restore the rights of the
earlier rulers We must be prepared to fight a
long battle with determination and in every
corner of the country Our fight is like fire It’ll spread and engulf the entire
country my dear friends! We must plan with great care I know you all want to go to
Delhi I understand your sentiments We have to reach Delhi
eventually But this is not the right time to
go there That’s what the Englishmen
want us to do! They want all rebels to go to
Delhi so that they can reinforce themselves
here and defeat us in one stroke We’ll not let that happen! It is not wise to go to Delhi at
this crucial time It is to our advantage To create smaller forces and
fight In different places We must compel the British to
divide their forces Then it will be easy to defeat
them Besides, we must administer
our territories well Hence, forget about Delhi and
return to Kanpur Let’s guard Kanpur so well that
the British fear us Delhi is being guarded by our
friends The British are covered there Let’s do the same thing in
Kanpur Friends! Let’s march to Kanpur To Kan pur! Victory to Nanasaheb! The next day the soldiers
surrounded the British camp The cannons and guns blazed
but no one retreated Nana established his reign in
between What should be the strategy
they discussed It is not enough to surround the
British You must design an
administration which is a reign of justice We must also spread the
rebellion It would be dangerous to be
caught in a few centres Our people are active in
Lucknow Lucknow may be in flames any
day That means Sir Henry
Lawrence cannot help Sir Hugh Wheeler That’s true! Lawrence doesn’t have enough
forces to send to Kan pur Even if he does, we won’t let
them cross the Ganga Don’t forget the British have
captured Allahabad Without firing a shot! The troops there remained
loyal. Shame! They hold only the city! There is chaos in the villages The entire area is in ferment The landlords are eager to join
us They have neither money nor
trained soldiers Their support is to our
advantage True! What about the other
kings? Some have sent positive replies Many others have shown no
interest The Holkars and Scindias have
disappointed us I had guessed the Holkars
would do nothing but the Scindias would rise in
Gwalior their army, cannons and treasure would be useful to us Don’t worry about Scindia His army and people are with us
even if he is not! All we need to do is to march to
Gwalior If we do that the army will join
us and the people will openly help
us His courtiers and advisers
support us! Then why waste time? We should not act hastily We must gather a larger army We must not lose Kan pur Jhansi has rebelled Rani Laxmi Bai has announced
her independence I was sure of that! I have known her since
childhood What about the British here?
How long should we fight? till they surrender It’s a matter of a few cannons
and guns They are tired and we are in no
hurry What do we do with them? If they surrender we’ll let them
go! Allow them to leave Kanpur? There’s no other option How can we imprison so many
Englishmen? We cannot kill them! A white flag flies on the British
camp Sir Wheeler wants to discuss
the terms of surrender Good! We must praise their
courage They fought us for full three
weeks You must negotiate with them Take Jwalaprasad with you Those who don’t support
Dalhousie are free to go But they must surrender their
weapons and money We’ll give them boats to go to
Allahabad You are right, my lord This may stop Havelock He merely wanted to free them That’s not true! He’ll surely try
to capture Kanpur Quite possible! In that case we can concentrate
on him The English surrendered so
Nana gave them a few boats, some food and even guns to protect
themselves The soldiers were not happy to see the English leave before
their eyes They did not want them to leave
alive! Gruesome stories were coming
in from far Everyone told bloodstained
stories Full of tears and pain! Havelock and Neil left
Allahabad Committing unparalleled
atrocities on the way Village after village was burnt Innocent women and children
were killed A strange madness had seized
Neil Strange was that man! He hanged any man who came
across his path Corpses, not leaves, swayed
from the trees! The atmosphere was tense with
fear as if unable to breathe What kind of a man can
this? An Englishman! He is drunk with power He has punished the natives There are corpses of children in
the pit All stabbed! With the bayonet! They are ordinary villagers Not rebel soldiers Do you know who’s
responsible? There’s an English officer He’s called Nei This is the proof of his
manhood! He has burnt alive innocent
people The moment the tyrant sees an
Indian he kills him and hangs the
corpse This is how he takes revenge He must be feeling proud of
himself I don’t believe it! What proof do you need after
seeing it yourself? Now the English will tell the
world that The Indians killed them in anger No one can refute them now Everyone silenced! Come on! We have miles to
walk before Jhansi! Intelligence is destroyed in the
fire of revenge! The one who is assured is the
first to die No killing of women and
children, ordered Nana When Satan attacked, none
could remember it Terrible was the confrontation
at Kan pur The Revolution lost! Now listen
ahead Our respects! I met you in Jhansi, isn’t it? What do you mean? Don’t you know that I am the
Emperor of India and your company a mere
intermediary Emperor can be accused or
tried for either treason or sedition Raosaheb, Tatya and the Rani
went to Gwalior The army joined them but
Scindia fled to the Chambal They won skirmishes but lost
the battle The rebels had surrendered to
the English Proud was the brave Rani of
Jhansi She fought till the end, refusing
to accept defeat Seeing her sacrifice, Tatya
Tope fought on Eventually Raosaheb and he
were hanged! September 1857. The
conquest of Delhi Changed the complexion of the
revolution The English spent many
months crushing the Mutiny Innumerable rebels were tied to
cannons and blown up They were killed brutally Hanged on the trees lining the
streets Prosperous villages were
destroyed The angry English would not
listen They tried the Emperor and
exiled him The English won but the
Company lost! Queen Victoria took over the
country I, Queen Victoria of Great
Britain, Ireland the colonies of Europe, Asia Africa, America and Australia have decided that I shall Take over the governance of all
those parts of India under the rule of the East India
Company with this order the Queen
appoints Charles John Viscount of Canning as her First Viceroy and Governor
General He will administer in the name
of the Queen The kings of India are informed
that their treaties with the East India
Company II be fully honoured We hope the kings, in turn, will
honour the treaties The Government will not show
any partiality or bias on the basis of religious belief Each one will be equally
protected by the law Though the Revolution was lost Its seed was sown The fight for freedom did not
stop It acquired a new form The patriots have called out to
you Need the cry of the nation! Break the chains of slavery and rain fire all around Hindus! Muslims! Sikhs! They are all our dear brothers We are the owners of this land! This is our India! The 1857 Mutiny ended the rule of the East India Company in
India The British Government took
over the country The Governor-General now
became the Viceroy 20 years later, in 1877, the
Queen of England accepted the title of Ruler of
India and a new king Began to rule from England

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  1. "My God, how stupid these English are!"  An interesting statement.  And yet, and yet, it was the Nana Sahib and Tantia Tope in this movie, who by reason of their own selfish ambitions, caused the total failure of India's first war of independence in June 1857,  through to March 1858 in Northern India.  How so you might ask?  Simply by turning back upon General Wheeler's tiny garrison, the 4 regiments of India's finest Sepoy Military in Oudh.  They were the 1st, 53rd, 56th and the 2nd Native Cavalry, numbering some 7,000 plus rebel soldiers and were on their way loaded down with loot and military weapons from the Cawnpore magazine, to reinforce the sepoy rebel military in Delhi and would have easily overwhelmed the British holding out on the Delhi Ridge.  Instead, The Nana Sahib and Tantia Topi made grand promises of wealth from the Cawnpore treasury and promised an early victory over General Wheeler in just a few hours;  which turned into 3 weeks of critical time wasted and that made all the difference to the outcome of the Rising in 1857.  Even the Punjab were wavering, sensing the winds of change and might well have supported the rising against the Brits.  The results for 1857 speak only of glorious failure and the loss of 100's of thousands of India's finest.  And so because of the personal greed of the Nana Sahib, and Tantia Topi;   Delhi would soon fall, then Agra, Jhansie, Lucknow, Kanpur, Gwalior, Allahabad and all of the other stations north of Howrah who had risen.  One can track the stupendous failure of the noble rising right back to 5th June 1857 in Cawnpore and the intervention of the Nana right there, right then.

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