#BhaktBanerjee Demolishes Liberal Arguments over Article 370! Ep.103 TheDeshBhakt

#BhaktBanerjee Demolishes Liberal Arguments over Article 370! Ep.103 TheDeshBhakt

What’s up, Akash?! Look who’s here… Who? Me, Bhakt Banerjee. You must be very disappointed now that Article 370 is revoked! It is not revoked technically but its clause 1(d) is used to discontinue the special status provided to Jammu and Kashmir. Whatever…The point is, we’ve won Kashmir today. What do you mean we’ve won Kashmir? Kashmir has always been an integral part of the Union of India. As per your logic, we may have won Kashmir but we have certainly lost the trust of Kashmiris. Why would you appreciate it? You and your ‘Pappu’ can’t even decide what to do. How will you explain to me what’s right or wrong?! I know all about the profit you’ve been making on the Kashmir issue. You must be sad about the loss you’re gonna suffer now. What profit, Bhakt Banerjee?! Both our Kashmir episodes were demonetized. Anyways, you tell me what’s new with this decision that you’re so happy?! Stone pelting has stopped now. It’s not because of abrogation of article 370 but due to Section 144 that has been imposed there. Kashmir can’t have its own flag now. What would you say about that?! Our constitution doesn’t prohibit any state from having its own flag. So Kashmir can basically still demand its flag. Since you know the constitution so well, you must know now that our constitution can’t prohibit me from buying land in Kashmir now. Pay your rent before dreaming about owning a house there! Besides, the government is also planning a domicile-like option for Kashmir residents similar to that of Himachal Pradesh. All that is fine but the best part is that now, we can marry Kashmiri women. And what about their consent?! Don’t get too personal with me… Forget that. Tell me what is so revolutionary with this decision? Kashmir will be developed now. New job opportunities will be created, smart cities will be built and cow tax will be imposed there. Good joke!. You’re very funny, you should work with us. Would you like to make videos for our channel? I am not interested in any of your videos but yes, Bollywood can surely shoot videos, movies in Kashmir now. But Bollywood has always been shooting there. What’s new with it? RTI will be imposed there now, that’s something new. Definitely, RTI will now be imposed in Kashmir but with the recent amendments, I wonder how beneficial can that be for the people. Let RTI be, what about Kashmiri Pandits?! With the abrogation of Article 370, Kashmiri Pandits can be resettled now. They can finally seek justice. Please don’t politicize an issue as sensitive as this. Article 370 never prohibited them from going back. Colonies were being prepared for them. The real issue was of law and order and the violence there. Get your facts clear before saying anything. No, not from WhatsApp my friend, read some articles, some books. Why would you appreciate such a revolutionary decision, you libtard! Tell me, what’s wrong with it? It is not constitutional, that’s the problem with it. We took such a huge decision for Kashmir without asking the native Kashmiris. Why would we ask them? We didn’t bother while imposing this article, why bother now? Also, Article 3 of our constitution says that we can carve a Union Territory out of a state, provided that the state shall not cease to exist. Okay, the state would be downgraded to a Union Territory but what about the economic growth?! You would be surprised to know that the poverty ratio in Kashmir is far better than the average poverty ratio of India. And GDP? Kashmir’s GDP will certainly improve now. Kashmir’s GDP is much better than Bihar, UP and Jharkhand. So you tell me, is everything wrong about this decision?! We have already implemented 260 out of 395 articles of the Indian Constitution in Jammu and Kashmir. We have used this article itself to hollow it down. It has been used to connect to the state’s constitution and not otherwise. It was an emotional issue. We were supposed to address the aspirations of Kashmiris which we never took care of. Modi never does anything wrong. I am happy that you are disappointed now. Don’t try to teach me. I warn you to not say anything against Modi Ji, else you’ll also be locked down like the people of Kashmir. Nobody is ready to debate with facts today. Bhakt Banerjee might not listen but if you are ,then please understand that don’t get into the euphoria of a political act. We have seen such great political acts like demonetization, GST, Aadhaar that have failed drastically. Ultimately, we need to understand what new would this decision bring to the table? How would it affect the life of the native Kashmiris?! The problems of law and order, alienation still seem to prevail there. We still need to connect to the people of Kashmir, win their confidence and this move is nowhere close to that. Keep watching The DeshBhakt, more videos coming up.

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  1. Let me give you an overview.

    Human development Index:
    Kashmir stands at 17 where as Gujrat stands at 21.

    BPL (Poverty) statics:
    Kashmir 10.35, Gujrat 16.63,
    (Jharkhand, Mahrastra and Haryana are also behind Kashmir)

    Crime Rate: Kashmir is at 16th Place out of 36 Rajya.

    Education: Kashmir is better than Jharkhand, AP, UP, Telengana and Bihar.

    Health: Kashmir is at 4th place out of 36 Rajya.

    Chattisgrah, MP and Gujrat have been ruled by BJP from decades and they are well behind us by a big margin

  2. Bro what about Law and order ? What about IPC and Cr.P.C ? Which was not applied before at Kashmir ? That was one of the reason for casualties of our Indian army.What do you think about it? Comment on it

  3. कश्मीर में प्लाट..
    राम समझ जो व्हाट्सप्प यूनिवर्सिटी से MA,B.Ed था, अपना घर-बार बेच श्रीनगर पहुँच गया और डल झील के नज़दीक एक डेढ़ मरले का मकान खरीद लिया, अगली सुबह घर की छत पर सेल्फियां ली और फेसबुक, व्हाट्सप्प पर पोस्ट की लेकिन बहुत समय बीत जाने के बाद भी सेल्फियां पोस्ट नहीं हुई, तो मोबाइल चेक किया तो देखा नेट नहीं चल रहा, उदास मन से छत से निचे उतरते नज़र पड़ोस की गोरी कश्मीरन पर पढ़ी, मन ही मन सोचा अब शादी तो मैं इसी से करूँगा…

    ब्रेकफास्ट कर राम समझ लाल चौक की तरफ चल पड़ा, अभी कुछ दूर ही गया था के "पत्थरबाजों" ने जवानो पर पत्थर बरसाने शुरू कर दिए, तभी एक जवान ने आ कर राम समझ तो धर दबोचा और बाकी के जवानो ने आंव देखा ना तांव, मार मार डंडे राम समझ की राम प्यारी सूजा दी… राम समझ ने बहुत समझाया कि वो देशभक्त है, पथरबाज़ नहीं लेकिन बेचारे की बात किसी ने नहीं सुनी और उसे जीप के आगे बाँध दिया और लगे गलियों में घुमाने… तभी राम समझ के दिमाग में "मेन्टोस" आईडिया आया वो जोर जोर से चलाने लगा,"भारत माता की जय… जय श्री राम"…. जब तक फौजी उसको जीप से खोलते, पत्थरबाजों ने मार मार पत्थर राम समझ का राम प्यारा सूजा दिया…

    राम समझ बिस्तर पर टेढ़ा सा हो लेटा हुआ था, सारा सरीर सूजा हुआ था, तभी दरवाजा खोल गोरी कश्मीरन पड़ोसन आई कुछ सेब, बरियानी वगेरा ले कर, उसने राम समझ को एक गिलास हल्दी मिला हुआ दूध भी दिया और कुछ रूईं… राम समझ सुबह का भूखा था, खाने को मिला था तो पत्थर और डंडे, दर्द भूल तुरंत बिरयानी खाते पड़ोसन से पूछने लगा के ये रूईं किस लिए??? पड़ोसन से समझाया के रूईं को गर्म कर शरीर पर लगाने से दर्द कम हो जायेगा ..

    राम समझ को सारी रात नींद ना आई… एक शरीर में दर्द दूसरा नेट का ना चलना, आज सुबह से ना कोई व्हाट्सप्प पर मैसेज आया और ना ही वो फेसबुक चला पा रहा था… ऐसे कैसे चलेगा भाई??? खैर एक हफ्ता बीत गया बिस्तर पर लेटे लेटे, दर्द काफी कम हो गया था और राम समझ थोड़ा बहुत चलने फिरने लगा था…
    Reply… Reading

  4. The situation in our country really makes me sad. Please if there are any sane humans left, let me know. I really am losing hope in our country.

  5. Kya Naya hoga?? :
    2) GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES Wahan Jayege kyuki Uske Bachcho ko EDUCATION milega…n GHAR le sakege
    3) IPC lagu hogi
    4) INCOME TAX lagu hoga
    5) WAHAN 6 saal ki ASSEMBLY 5 saal ki he
    6) ALAG JANDA – Nahi hoga
    7) KASHMIRI GIRLS BHARTIYO se Shadi karegi to KASHMIRI NAGRIKTA chhodni nahi hogi
    8) PAKISTAN ka Ladka KASHMIRI LADKI se Shadi karke BHARTIYA nahi banega

  6. first its not union territory now its union territory , second now jammu kashmir and ladakh divided, first u go though that then make a video other pakistan ko nikal pehli phursut mey

  7. gadhe murkh if we ask every people that are you intetested to join with india then how pakistan had occupied one third of our kashmir one day these bastards can occupy full kasmir then u idiot make video with pappu useless😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. what difference u will find after changing of article 370 ask mufti and abdullah they will say that they will no able to fund a single money to stone pelters and terrorists ,it will become union territory, one rule one law in whole india ,i bastards like u only these bullsheets porkys now threatning to india

  9. idiot if kasmir will become union territory then in kashmir terrorist attack will be less is it right or its wrong first tell u bastard banerji then give your idiotic knowledge to us ask kashmiri people they will say when they had thrown kadhmiri pandit fron the valley what these bastard politician of kashmir and congress had done for them

  10. mufti and abdullah became rubber puppet and now center will control kadhmir these help him decreasing the terrorist attack thats why some badtards like pak and some indian idiots like banerjee feeling sad of changing of article 370 for u banerjee💩💩💩💩💩🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  11. actual thing is u are one of the donkey of pak who had came to india to sing denchu denchu but we dont need ur idiotic knowledge as your freind papu had also sang the same song which you had sang in these video ask people of kashmir,its not democraric then what happend phulwama attack,america will interfere in kashmir issue, u bastards like that only pakistani are good as compared to our indians that they all are saying we need kashmir and we are saying different opinions badtard porkys

  12. saley congress or banerjee jese log hamara akhand bharat ko khand khand kar diye in jeso ko channel ko subscribe karna band karo

  13. Making video on controversial topic is great money making policy…. Mr. Banerjee if you have issues… Go and raise the issue in SC….in spirit of Constitution…. Though"SC has asked to wait and give time to govt. before starting trial"
    You think just reading few data and Constitution gives you enough knowledge to comment on it.
    By doubting on the reason you are doing indirect provocation.
    Better wait and see how the things turn up…. Just don't jump on money making.
    1. 370 (khand 2 and 3) kaise help kiya jammu and kashmir and India as whole.
    2. Did you have any survey on kashmiri people consent.
    3. Why Pakistan is going door to door for section 370 Abbrogation.

  14. why you are not giving right info on article 370 to the veiwers are u getting paid by isi or congressi to show there idiotic idiology what difference u will get after scraping of article 370 u can see pak video and bastard politician mufti and abdulla who threaten india on article 370 and see congrees people video and pak ministers video u will get the difference

  15. loll. you are plain amazing. It's rare to find such a profound combination of thoughtfulness and sense of humor.

  16. चलिये कुछ लोग तो है जो सच सामने लाते हैं नही तो न्यूज़ चैनेल तो खुले आम बिक रहा है कोबरा पोस्ट के ऑपरेशन पर

  17. If u r genuine u r a great Encyclopedia. Mein aapke saath kuch aisa karna chahta hoon ki mere bachchon ko jo baaten meine kahin hain wo galat nahin thin. Humaare baatein match ho rhi hain.

  18. Now comes the intelligent akash banerjee who knows all about the india and it's situation more knowledgeable than ajit doval and many other ias officers who helping the government in taking decisions. This is quite surprising that modi is always wrong isn't it Mr banerjee. I am not as knowledgeable as you but at least people are there who have been assigned some duty in govt and they know what is right for the country. If you really know everything then you should have been in the government instead of always telling negative things about the government . Anyways it is not about being andhbhakt it's about having faith in govt not the party. Hope you understand.

  19. Bravo!!, typical BJP supporter vs Abhishek B. Kash Modi hota bhakt Banerjee ki jagha. Sawal sun sun ke shut down hojayenga Namo….

  20. Will you make a video on the benefits of article 370.. did we get the benefits of 370 in last 60-70 years…and what would be beneficiary for us with 370 or without 370…not on papers but on grounds

  21. Can you make a video on how article 370 helped Kashmir. And can you answer if the past rules were so good then why so many casualties were happening whether in the form of Pakistani soldiers death or indian soldiers death or the casualties in terms of Kashmiri people.

  22. If any one here has a doubt whether India has done right or wrong then watch the sadhguru's video on YouTube on kashmir. He is just talking intellectually so are we get satisfaction with him but ask him one question ,if the past rules were so good then why there were soo many deaths of Indian soldiers , Pakistani soldiers or kashmiri people and how article 370 helped Kashmir .

  23. And let me tell you kashmiri Muslims , paksistan can't give you anything as india can give you. Just look at their situation and economy or even compare the pok with indian Kashmir. Waise bhi india mai muslims ki population increase hi hui h jabki paksistan mai hindu pakistaniyo nai mar diye h ,just look at the facts . Isn't it is digrace. Will akash Banerjee make the video on this topic?

  24. मै इस हरामी की जली हुई देखने आया था. और बिल्कुल निराश नहीं किया. 😃😄😂😃😄
    Demonetization GST ab ye 370 and 35 A. Thok diya pichhwade 😃😄😂👌😂😃🙏😂

  25. I am from kashmir…at least you have true knowledge… thanks for making vedio regarding this issue..wake up India

  26. Agar decision galat aur constitution ke khilaf hai to court ja sakte hai……………… laddakh ke log to UT hi chahte the………………..aur logo ko vishwas me kaise lete hai……………tumhare hisab se chalte to hydrabad khani bhi india ka hissa nhi banta……………sabse bada fayda ye hai ki loc , international border ban gaya hai……..aur pak ko control me rahna hoga ( uski jhalahat dekh lo abhi ).

  27. Na Kashmir me zameen chahiye na Kashmir ki ladki se shadi, kuch nhi chahiye kashmir se bus ek chiz, mera ek b foji bhai saheed nhi hona chahiye aur na hi patharbaji ho. Kashmiri log rho shanti se apna kam kro apni job kro hme koi problem nhi.

  28. Mehabu bha jaise 5% vote milake cm hoti he samaje or baki 90% log ko Kya 5% edar udar vote samaje ap hamare desh ki kid ho Bhau torasekar ka video dekho tu chutiya katana band karo channel name postman or think bank plz dekho a chutiya he galat ho Kya yar

  29. Modi kuch bhi kar de fir bhi santosh naa hoga tumko kabhi kashmiri pandito k rape murders Muslim invaders k atyacharo par bhi video banao halala pe 4 nikah pe bolo nahi bologe aukad hee nahi h tumhari

  30. I am not a Bhakt, but now industrialists can open industries there and people will get jobs. Article 35A stopped industrialists from the rest of the nation from setting up industries.

    Also different regions like Ladakh will be developed now. The people of Ladakh didn't get much benefit by staying in J&K.

    So now my J&K brothers will help in developing themselves and the country as a whole.

  31. As per Amar Bhai akash banerjee, nothing has changed by change on 5th august,2019 then what is the necessity to shoot new videos

  32. Wrong portray of both sides… Ppl who favour 370 abolition are all bhakts? And speaking same language? What about the sensible discussion from both sides? You present one side as joker to weaken the argument… Did not look like a fair video

  33. Also, eliminating special status does not give central agencies more power to eradicate on ground security and corruption issues? How can you compare Bihar, UP with kashmir.. aren't these states facing different issues? Are they all victim of geo political crisis? Militancy? Kashmir issue is way complex than just solving socio-economic issues .. POK is dealing with militancy from many years, kashmir valley youth is dealing with the same.. but wasn't it necessary to separate jammu n leh from Kashmir valley?the region's want to be part of India under one Constitution.. They have different demographics but were seen with single lens and same legislation.. puch ke karte toh koi Karne Deta? Haven't you seen protests after abolition? It was more of security issue to save the status of this state

  34. Want to know supreme court kyu ni kuch kr rhi ?? It is independent body agr unconstitutionally kiya tha SC KYU CHUP H?

  35. This video reminds me of someone who plays chess against himself. He may win one way or another, but he would never understand how silly his moves were.

  36. Until you will leave kashmiries on their will… You cannot stop any freedom struggle… What Russians and Americans gained in Afghanistan. What Americans had gained in Vietnam. Eventually they forced to leave…. So what India can do by keeping 700k + army in Kashmir… More than total army of Pakistan…..you are doing good job… Kindly do something for Indian Media which is 99% bised ….

  37. Fatte chakte. Too good.people like u ,r proving that we Indians stiil have sense and logic Jo bhakto aur mainstream media mein se gayab ho chuki hey

  38. क्या आने वाले समय में हमारे वोट के अधिकार छीन लिए जाएंगे….. Ispe bhi video banaie

  39. kashmir: no internet
    ch***a – we are from kashmir(really not)
    aakash bonarjee: love symbol
    hypocrisy to aakash banarjee : bhai koi had hota hai

  40. Oh COME ON!! Everyone knows these hindhu deshbhakhts don't intend to marry these kashmiri women hence it won't be wrong to say that these deshbhakhts are talking about raping the kashmiri women! And they do so proudly as they know that neither the Indian government nor the Indian people will bat an eye, the internet and the phone services are already not available so the world wouldn't know either. This is not something to be made fun of. In a country where the ruling party's own people are such extremists (BJP women's wing leader said that "hindhu men should rape Muslim women.") these things can't be taken lightlyas these deshbhakhts mean it when they say they wanna sleep with "Gori kashmiri larkiyan".

  41. wah jb loudspeaker me ye ailan ho rha tha ki kasmiri pandito tum nikl jao aur apni aurto ko chhod jao usk bare me kuchh bolo gyani mharaj jb goliyo k bl pr panditi ko nikala jatega to niklenge hi na jese wapas jayenge ye hi to doglapan h tumhara

  42. aisa h tumhare hisab se sare ut ko state bna diya jaye bc is pr kbi ni bole ki apne desh me ut ni hona chahiye

  43. abe tu jb ye bol rha hi k kasmir bharat ka hi tha hai to phor kese bol rha ki kashmiriyo ko sath me lana h kya wo bharat k ni h isme doglapn ni h tumhara

  44. bhai tu 731k ko gumrah kr chuka h kyuki tum jese hi kisi b kam ka dark side dikhate ho light side ni .agr itna gyan h ti tujhe ye b pta hona chahiye ki gov jb achha krti h to achha dikhana chahiye aur bura krti h ti bura dono bato me badh chadh k participate krna chahiye. tumhe ye b pta hoga ki jis desh ka political will mjboot h wo desh hr mamle me majboot h for an ex israil wha clear policy h aur yha to tunhare jese sbhi state ko alag desh bnane me lge h

  45. A few English news papers have some courage to show Kashmir reality but not many people read them . Hindi media have totally surrendered before government .ऐसे में आप मनोरंजक तरीके से और साथ ही तर्कपूर्ण ढंग से हिंदी में सच्चाई बताकर शानदार काम कर रहे हैं । देखते हैं कितने दिन चलेगा । ओर भी बुरे के लिए तैयार रहना होगा । किसी भी सोशल प्लेटफार्म पर सच्चाई दिखाना , बताना युद्ध लड़ने से कम नहीं है आजकल के नये भारत में ।

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