Bhakt Banerjee explains why Narendra Modi was silent at his PressCon | Ep. 84 | #TheDeshBhakt

Bhakt Banerjee explains why Narendra Modi was silent at his PressCon | Ep. 84 | #TheDeshBhakt

Go on, joke about it. Everyone is laughing All bloody anti-nationals Bhakt Banerjee is extremely upset A man who works tirelessly for 18 hours a day for his country Saves the nation from the ghosts of Nehru and Rajiv. Today, you’re making fun of such an honest man. This country doesn’t deserve you Modiji. Who are you working so hard for? These people don’t care. Well said, sister! These undeserving anti-nationals! So what if Modi didn’t answer any question in his own press conference! There must be some reason for it. This anti-national Akash won’t tell you about it. If Modi wanted to say something, he could’ve just called these: Sudhir, Chaurasia or Goswami in a jiffy. From his likes and tastes to his 56-inch chest, Modi has told you everything. Get rid of the idea of questioning him. Modi is answering all those who blame him for being a dictator, Modi is denying Freedom of speech. That is why Modi was silent, letting Amit Shah experience his Freedom of expression. He exhibited his tolerance by letting Amit Shah answer the questions. Now people are dissatisfied with his silence too! What should he say now? These libtards have a problem when he speaks and when he doesn’t. It wasn’t as if he didn’t say anything! See for yourself, he did speak. Thank you all for coming here, Thank you very much. Thanks for everything. He could’ve spoken more, answered all questions but I found out from PMO that he lost his answer-script. Like the one he had on his interview with Chaurasia. See! People call me ‘andh-bhakt’ but you all are blind. You are not smart enough to see that Modi has a reason for everything. It’s a strategy. Babble in rallies and silence in press-conferences This is his technique to stay in the news. You common people won’t get it anyways. You don’t even have the understanding of a ‘bhakt’. “Nobody gets these childish senseless talks! People make fun of it” You anti-nationals, products of this education system are making fun of our PM. You think you know more than Modi! Our beloved ‘Pradhan-Sewak’. This Khan market education system is crap. You celebrate Mahatma Gandhi as a holy spirit but Godse can’t be God for you! That becomes unethical for you, scrap away such educational system! We’ve already started bringing reforms in the past 5 years, you just wait and watch what we do next. And what is this cry for logic 24/7 by the way?! Is logic more important than Modi? Modiji is our Energy. I tell you if you joke about Modiji, I’ll come and teach you all logic! I remember how you laughed about the radar statement. All had become radar experts in a day then. Do you know more than Modi? “I suggested that clouds could protect us from radar.” When Zakir Khan says so, it’s fine? “Clouds are very important.” You praise his humour? Modi said the same thing in a different way, you made it National emergency! Don’t you remember what Modi said, “We all need humour in public life.” He just joked about one thing and you forgot all the development he brought in 5 years, you libtards! When Modi used to click pictures with the digital camera, emailed them, the digital camera wasn’t even invented for people like you and me, we hadn’t even heard of emails. “So I took a picture of him in my digital camera when it used to be this huge.” Modi is a great discoverer himself, he is like Elon Musk for India. First Modi reviews everything and then it comes out in the market. Actually, he was in a haste in the interview, else he would’ve told you that he brought the camera on when he was testing it. Modi taught Obama to speak in Hindi, a computer is no big a deal for him. “Obama and I are good friends, we speak informally with each other.” He taught English to these Chinese fellows, see! “Strength, S-T-R-E-A-N-H” I know what you’re gonna say now that Modi doesn’t even know how to spell strength. Slaves of the English! So what if Modi spelled strength a little wrong?! He is our prime minister, not you. He works 18 hours a day, not you. Modi doesn’t break any rule anyways, what he does becomes a rule for us, remember! Did you forget how with the Canadians, how he taught them algebra? How he formed new maths equation? (a+b)^2=a^2+2ab+b^2.. we have an extra 2ab This is called Modi maths. R.D.Sharma is going to return his awards after this. He is like the re-incarnation of Aryabhatt. And what did you say in chemistry?! Gas cylinder? Fuel? This is India, neighbors are enough to light things up here. You don’t need any chemical for it. Hey, Vikas! How are you? What happened? Vikas: I’ve failed in my exams. Fail? This is empty?! Vikas: Yes, empty like my life. Yeah so, you didn’t do anything great in Nehru’s term, what if you failed now?! Vikas: I was not at least beaten when Nehru was in power. Who hit you? Vikas: Everyone in the school makes fun of me. They ask for black money all the time. My life is ruined, no one cares for me. Oh, don’t be so emotional about it. Have some tea, relax; I am busy right now. Vikas: People call me anti-national if I ask question and libtard if I answer any. I’ll see about that later, I am busy right now. “Gas used to come out of the sewage and was used as fuel to make tea.” See, this is called Modi’s raw wisdom. That’s why I tell you, education etc. is fine, what you need is some raw wisdom like Modi. You don’t get it because you’re being taught ISI education. What a valuable idea by Modi! Sewage gas? I thought if sewage gas can be used as fuel why can’t sewage water be used to make tea? What’re you looking at me like that for? Go and do your job. No one has the right to joke but Modi. Remember the ‘Pappu dyslexia joke’. “This will help dyslexic people as we see in Taare Zameen Par.” “Will this program also help 40-50-year-old kids?” Yes, sir, it will. “Then that will make the mothers of such kids very happy.” That is why we say, don’t go for a coalition government. Vote for Modi. He is strong, bold, decisive, insensitive. I meant insensitive for this ‘Tukde-Tukde gang’. Not that we’re on insensitivity, remember demonetization? You might forget but that anti-national father cannot who didn’t have any “black” money to marry his libtard daughter. “500 and 1000 rupee notes…” “No money to marry your daughter.” It was like a surgical strike on ATMs. Modi changed the complete economy in a jiffy. Modiji is so powerful like Thanos. Modi has the best sense of humour which no Pappu can compete with. “We worship Ganeshji who is essentially the outcome of first-ever plastic surgery.” Modi does so much for us and we don’t respect him enough. Modi is a historic leader who can change our history as he did for Alexander. “This was the power of our Army that it defeated Alexander.” I know that you libtards will joke on Modi now, I know you’ll say, Alexander has never been to Bihar. So tell me, did you ever see Modi selling tea? We still believe that he used to. You just need to have faith. Even history can change. if fake news can exist, so can fake history! Modi is only making you laugh a little and you’re not appreciating. You just keep looking for opportunities to embarrass him. Don’t you dare challenge him with your facts! And by the way, who said facts are facts? “Who said facts are facts?” Still there? I knew you people love me but this Akash doesn’t let me meet you often. I request you all to believe in Modi, I am sure you’ll find development then. All is well. It’s only a matter of a few days, I am sure Modi will win more than 300 seats this time. 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  1. We see, from late 2013, the people Lynching, strolling, spreading Pro-BJP fake news etc. are mainly the party workers in the street with some more other people who are merely 2 to 3% of our Indian population.
    They are, for their political benefits, transgressing every limit possible which leads to the further demolition of democracy and Indian integrity.
    Therefore the rest 97 to 98% IndIn need a Mangal Pandey with 1857-type rebel once again to restore our INDIA.
    Sab Milkar HALLA BOL aur desh-ke androoni dushmanoko ookhar tol!
    JAI HIND! JAI HINDUSTAN! Jai Hindu, Jai Musalman, Jai Sikh, Jai Isaai, Jai hamare parosi desho-ki achchhe bichar-waale citizens, Jai Jai Jai saare duniyake achchhe aur sachchhe Insaan! aur sabse bara JAI OOS MAALIQ-E-JAAHAAN !

  2. फालतू जगह बोलने वाले, और मौके पर चुप्पी साध लेने वाले हे दयामय, करूणा के सागर,अमीरबन्धु,ब्रह्माड के धूमकेतु, संसार मे भ्रमण कर्ता, परमहंस मोदीजी !आप धरती पर बोझ न बने।लोग आपको झेल नही पा रहे है।अतः आप से निवदेन है कि आप अपने मीडिया तथा कैमरा मैन लेकर कैलाश चले जायं,कैलाश पति लाल कारपेट बिछा कर आपकी राह देख रहे है।कृपया भारत की जनता को क्षमा करें, दया करे।


  4. आज देस की सारी व्यवस्थाएं बर्बाद है वो धर्म और भावनात्मक रूप से लोकतंत्र में अभिव्यक्ति की आजादी पर रूकावट और जनता का भावनात्मक अत्याचार …..और देस का लोकतंत्र औपचारिक है और नौकरशाही लकवाग्रस्त है और. संविधान की धज्जिया जब नेता और जनता मिलकर उड़ाते है तो देस को बर्बाद होने से कोई नहीं रोक सकता

  5. India ka nasib hi kharab hai… pehle aisa pm Mila Jo bolta hi Nahi tha abhi aisa Mila hai Jo sirf fekta hai…

  6. All these YouTubers are anti congres anti bjp but can someone explain actually who to vote for who has been doing good then there will be need to go anti modi or anti congree it will be pro some party or some party so we know who shld we actually vote fo

  7. Indian politician must nominate Nobel prize every year and our PM will get it for sure !!!! Such a poor society!!!

  8. Akash you're such a brilliant man but demonitisation was really good step in developing countries and its the best way to stop corruption and to disclose black money.
    BTW I'm from 🇵🇰 plz don't consider bakht

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    Carry on bhai… ✌
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  14. This young men is very talented, critical thinking,artistic, humorous. I never saw such a creative way of speech . Very entertaining, thank you 🙏.

  15. Whole India knows how Congress Party spread corruption in the system of India democracy.biggest contribution of Congress in India is corruption.

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    irony is my parents are fan of modi ji kyoki hamre tv main ndtv nahi aata or baki useful channel youtube main kabhi trending main nahi hota

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