21 thoughts on “Betty Who – "High Society" – Live in NYC

  1. GOD! I love her style she is so breath taking on stage.She's the kind of girl who walks in the middle of the city and every head turns to gaze at her beauty and uniqueness her name should really be Betty Whoa!!!

  2. Please come to Philly again lol please I am do ting to see you I would honestly cry through Evan song and attempt to sing along lol

  3. You can hear the pitch correction going into overdrive at some parts, but apart from that a great performance!

  4. This sounds like an awesome gig, I'm in love with Betty's voice and it's great she is on Katy Perry's tour now! Her dress here is gorgeous btw ❤

  5. Great show at the Fine Line in Minneapolis!!! Haven't been to such a fun show in a very long time, thank you thank you thank you!!

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