Bernie’s Dem Socialism Isn’t Communism…It’s Not Even Socialism

Bernie’s Dem Socialism Isn’t Communism…It’s Not Even Socialism

All right, I’m sort of depressed that we have
to do this again, but I’m okay with it and I’m going to keep doing it until it sticks
and it may never stick and it’ll just be an ongoing conference. [inaudible] and if that’s the case, then so be it. Bernie Sanders, democratic socialism is not
communism, and in fact, Bernie’s democratic socialism isn’t even socialism. It’s actually social democracy, which is a
form of well-regulated capitalism, the number of emails and is actually going up. Then I’m getting about this because Bernie
has a shot at the nomination because more and more people are paying attention to Bernie
Sanders. The number of emails I get about Bernie communists,
this Bernie socialists, that communism isn’t invalid. Socialism isn’t invalid. There is a lot to discuss and debate and explore
about both, but Bernie Sanders is running a campaign of social democracy. Now, before we dig into this, I know Bernie
often says he’s a democratic socialist. I wish he wouldn’t. He may be a democratic socialist, but he is
running as a social Democrat. This is a type of capitalism common in Northern
Europe and certain other countries. Donald Trump calls Bernie a socialist. Slash. Communist. Those are two different things. Bernie is running as neither. Now I tried to do some basic definitions so
that we could at at a basic level, compare and contrast the three ideas. There are no perfect definitions because there
will be those who envision a specific type of socialism when they say socialism or when
they say communism, they envision some prototypical type of communism. Uh, but I think that this is pretty good as
a starting point for us. Social democracy is a capitalist economy,
strongly oriented towards social justice. And we’ll talk more about that in a second. Socialism is a system of social ownership
of the means of production. And communism is a system of government ownership
of the means of production. These are not perfect definitions, but this
at least helps us draw some lines. So when you look at this, no matter how you
define this stuff, universal healthcare does not make a country socialist. Medicare for all is certainly not a, a guarantee
of communism or socialism. Capitalist countries with strong welfare policies
are not socialist and they are not communist. Bernie Sanders does not want to abolish private
property. Bernie Sanders does not want to mandate socializing
ownership of the means of production. Bernie wants to democratize the workplace
where individual companies are structured in a more egalitarian way. Taxation is used to redistribute wealth to
some degree so that no one standard of living falls too low. This is really pretty uncontroversial stuff
and there’s a long list of countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and others that have
uh, socially democratic, uh, systems similar to what Bernie Sanders is proposing. Now there’s something very interesting about
social democracy versus socialism of social Democrats versus actual socialists. There are strict socialists, actual socialists
that are often very much against social Democrats who propose what Bernie Sanders is proposing. Why social democracy makes capitalist countries
more equal? Social democracy makes capitalist countries
healthier, more viable, better functioning. Social democracy strengthens capitalism. It takes the edge off of capitalism. Strict socialists are sometimes unwilling
to see things in shades of gray and they get mad at social Democrats because they say social
democracy will make people more satisfied with a capitalist system which we want to
go away. Making it less likely that there will be a
desire for a revolution in which a country actually becomes a socialist country. Now there are many socialists that are more
pragmatic and they realize we are more likely to eventually get to socialism from social
democracy than from where we are today. So there are some socialists who from a pragmatic
point of view, welcomed socially democratic reforms. Now let’s get back to our definitions for
a second just to clarify that even these definitions are controversial and I understand that there
are some who will say, you know, David, your definition of social democracy is not really
social democracy, it’s welfare capitalism. And that’s something else. Some will say, you know, the real difference
between communism and socialism isn’t that in one the government owns the means of production
and in the other the people own the means of production. The real difference is that communism is a
necessarily revolutionary and it includes a one-party government and one party rule
where a socialism need not necessarily include those things. So I understand that these are not perfect
definitions, but this is a framework to think these things through. But the important takeaway is that by any
reasonable definition, Bernie Sanders is not running on a communist platform and he’s not
even running on a socialist platform. If he is a democratic socialist, then the
platform he is running on is not one. And that is the really important takeaway
that I hope we can all, uh, uh, sort of integrate and assimilate into our points of view.

100 thoughts on “Bernie’s Dem Socialism Isn’t Communism…It’s Not Even Socialism

  1. Here is the problem, why is Bernie Sanders insisting on calling it Democratic Socialism when he is clearly a social democrat. This is a self inflicted wound, I have no idea why he did it other than maybe just because democratic socialist rolls off the tongue easier than social democrat.

  2. It feels like its mostly right wing trolls that keep repeating that communist/socialiat mantra. It kinda lost its effect for most people

  3. No fucking shit he's not a socialist. Never once advocated for the abolition of capitalism. Ever once. So no fucking shit.

  4. Social Democracy is still a euphemisms for capitalism. And in a globalized world that is not going to last long. Corporations wanna compete and grow and worker standards will always be a cost factor they're lobbying to get rid of. Plus they can blackmail governments to leave for another country if they don't make the economy more corporation-friendly. Furthermore it still requires economic growth (mostly based on materialistic growth): people are supposed to consume more than ever. This doesn't end well in a world with finite resources.

    Social Democracy may be a step forward when compared to the US these days but it's far from the last step that has to be taken in order to replace the anarchist market where capital will always accumulate in the hands of few who already have capital.

  5. Communism is not the government ownership. Holy fucking shit I cannot believe you're on the air straight making shit up. Communism is a stateless classless moneyless society in which the means of production are owned in common. Not whatever dumbshit you just said.

  6. David is wrong. He does not understand Marxist theory. He should look up the difference between a Minimum Programme and a Maximum Programme, as well as Transitional Demand. Bernie's platform is firmly Democratic Socialist and it is NOT just Social Democracy and Bernie is just too dumb to know what words mean.

    He could be forgiven for mistaking a Minimum Programme with Social Democracy, but the main differences are twofold: (1) the minimum programme is viewed through the lens of class struggle, and not regulation of capitalism, (2) the minimum programme is not an end-point, but actually merely a beginning point, unlike social democracy where once a social democracy is achievied, the aspirations are fulfilled.

    Bernie wants an economy where workers — not capitalists — own the means of production. That is the barest definition of any form of socialism.

    His platform would put up on a path toward that. He plans to nationalize large sections of the economy (health insurance, energy) and explicitly calls for 20% worker stock ownership of corporations (*with* voting rights), in addition to 45% worker-elected board seats — combined, that give significant (if not full) worker-control over the enterprise.

    If you want to be pedantic, you might call him a Democratic Syndicalist. But he is indeed a Socialist in the tradition of Debs, (not the Soviet tradition — he is not a Leninist) and his platform is consistent with that ideaology. This is true of his 2020 platform, but not so much his 2016 platform. So unless you dig deeply into all the plans he has released, you may not realize the difference. (His humbly-named Corporate Accountability and Democracy plan does much of the heavy lifting.)

  7. Cut the crap, David. You can explain definitions of those terms all day would not change the facts that you don't know who Bernie really is. He has been a career politician for almost 4 decades. He's never owned or managed any business. In theory, socialism and communism are ways to utopia. Unfortunately human are greedy in nature that's why there isn't any. You can spin any you want, just look at his policies like Medicare for All by abolishing private insurances, Federal Job Guarantee. To me he, as government, is forcing people into accepting his policies without any proof that any of his policies will even work. You have never lived in a socialist or communist country that is why you don't see the similarities. Don't mix theory with reality or you'll be sorry for your lack of experience. Young man , you still have much to learn.

  8. I had someone telling me how communist the left is. And then he said he was born in a communist shithole. Apparently he didn’t pay attention to the gov in his home country, or he str8 up lied to me. Maybe he was a military baby who was literally just born overseas on base but were in the US before they were even a year old. Idk but i think he was hoping it would help his argument. Ironically he would have been better off not mentioning it.

  9. It’s capitalism.
    Not this cringe “social democracy”.
    Absolutely no one across 44 countries with its 750 million people in Europe define their systems as “social democracy”, they say capitalistic. Have no idea how to even properly translate this made up terminology into the other languages I speak 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Social Democrats refers to the political parties born out of the 19th century working movement.

    BS as far as I know, knows very little about these type of capitalistic systems, each country do everything different. And “democracy”, what does that imply?

  10. The way some Americans drool 'Stalin' whenever the word socialism is uttered is both unfree and very worrying, more like Pavlov dogs. What is the state of propaganda that warped the land of the

  11. Communism is millenarianism for atheists. Marx was using Hegelian dialectics and believed that the end of history was socialism. What turns it into communism is the belief that revolution is not simply beneficial to the cause, but necessary. Because the worst excesses of capitalism must be reached to lay bare the contradictions, a communist does not want to see capitalism actually work for the whole population.

    A socialist should be able to accept progressive/social democratic measures, but would not be satisfied until socialism is acheived. In my view, someone can call themselves a socialist all they want to, but if they prefer suffering in the short term so that they can have a revolutionary step, they are, in fact, a communist.

    I may need to read my Marx again, communism and socialism have the same aim- that the workers control the means of production. The reason it in effect becomes government control is because political expression is conflated in the real world with the desires of the people.

    Tl;dr: the difference between communists and socialists is requirement for collapse and revolution. Bernie can be a socialist in belief, but advocate steps that he sees merely as mitigations of the excesses of capitalism in the hope that future socialists will come closer to his dream of worker-owned means of production.

  12. For context, Bernie would be a complete moderate in Canada. Anyone who doesn't support universal healthcare would be a far right conservative. Even our furthest right wing party supports medicare-for-all and abortion in Canada, because medicare-for-all is so good and popular that's it's an automatic disqualifier to not support it.

  13. Exactly. And how many times do we have to repeat this?
    It certainly does not help that Bernie Sanders muddies the waters by calling himself, and his policy positions "Democratic Socialism", when he is clearly pushing for a form of Social Democracy.

  14. Why does he insist on summing his policies up with the term "democratic socialist" then? The right is never going to tolerate that word in any form, so why be so idealistic you cant forgo a loaded word and call it something the right isnt going to auto-trigger over? Bernie would have much more support had he not chosen that one word to describe himself.

  15. Americans has been so brainwashed that for the rest of the world it stop being funny and now is just annoying or sad.

  16. Correction, communism is not the government control of the means of production. Communism the teleological goal of Marxist socialism in which is better defined as the community’s ownership of the means of production. There are state capitalist nations that have or do CLAIM to be communist, such as the USSR, China, and Cuba; however, they aren’t necessarily very good praxis of actual communism.

  17. So how exactly would you differentiate socializing from democratizing the workplace? Because the democratization of the workplace is a form of socialism as it gives direct powers to the workers, no?

    Another thing that doesn’t really get talked about a lot even within those socialist circles is that it’s all meant to be a transition to the utopian society where money wouldn’t even be relevant anymore.

  18. Decent try David but completely wrong.

    Social Democracy is akin to FDR’s Modern Liberalism, though a bit different. It is maintaining a capitalist framework while having a social welfare system. The history of Social Democracy is Evolutionary Marxism and Democratic Socialism. But Social Democratic parties became increasing moderate and pragmatic so as to basically abandon Socialist revolution (whether armed or democratic) in favor of a Capitalism inspired by social justice.

    Socialism is the broad ideology of socioeconomics and politics opposed to the capitalist system. This includes Communism. It is sociopolitically about the emancipation of labor from the rule of capital. Socialism essentially deals with property relations and ownership, it’s relationship to social inequities, and the means to an egalitarian society rid of classism. In essence the revolution of society for a classless system, and property norms not inherently exploitative of labor. Socialism has Libertarian, Liberal, and Statist (Authoritarian) tendencies. Such as Anarchism, Democratic Socialism, and Marxist-Leninism (State Socialism) respectively. Socialists also support a variety of economic models, that’ll lead to the ultimate goal of a classless egalitarian society. Such as State Socialists supporting a Centralized Command/Planning Economy. Libertarian Socialists supporting decentralized planning, like trade and industrial federation or confederation. Or Market Socialists in support of market economies (markets and capitalism are different things) where socialist structures form an egalitarian system distinct of capitalist private ownership, class hierarchy, and profit motivation. The most radical form being Free Market Anarchism.

    Communism (a form of Socialism) is a stateless, moneyless, classless society in which the community own the means of production and distribute goods and services primarily by need and are collected in commune stores for distribution. Distribution can be through a labor note/voucher wage system (Marxist Communism; Anarcho-Collectivism) where Labor notes are wages received in accordance to productivity. If I have a labor note worth 900 shoes produced I could use it to obtain anything worth upto that value, be it food or appliances. A labor based trade medium. Or it can be like in Anarcho-Communism where goods and services and produce are freely given to the community without need of any medium of exchange. “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.”

  19. It’s a mixed economy with an emphasis on a social safety net. It’s social democracy at its best further left to some European and or developed countries.

  20. I guess I have to disagree with David. If Sanders gets into office and deliveries all his campaign promises (which I hope he does, I'm voting for him) what's going to happen after that? I believe not much if he's just for social democracy, but as a democratic socialist he's going to push for more. He's going to continue to push for different relationship with corporations and if folks aren't aware of that, they might get hostile if it happens. I find socialist style of system as one that could be what we want in the future world, though I and others have our skepticisms.

    Bernie's not calling himself a social democrat for a reason. Don't try to rebrand him because voters have a knee jerk reaction to socialism. Democracy cannot be based on lies and misdirection.

  21. I believe that this is a tactical calculation on the part of Bernie.
    He's not just running to become president, he's undoing decades of cold war propaganda with his campaign and opening the conversation for actual socialism and post-capitalism to those after him.
    Something we will have to do due to the rise of the AI age and the mass unemployment that will be constructed with the superabundance it will cause.

  22. Thanks for mentioning Europe. I know Europe isn't popular in the USA, but most countries have strong social democratic political parties. They are not far left nor socialist. I'm Dutch and the idea is that some goods and services that benefit all people should be shared, such as health care, social security etc. And in the netherlands we have a progressive taxation system.

  23. For those who support Sanders, you may get upset when you read my comments. I don't care who becomes president as long as that person is genuinely for the American people. IMO, the DNC, politicians, MSM and corporations are more afraid of Andrew Yang than Bernie Sanders. Bernie talks so much about rich and poor problem and offers his policies without much facts and stats to back up. By contrast, Andrew Yang directly answers questions, like normal people, with facts and stats. Yang's policies are interwoven to rebuild this country and its people. For example, his Freedom Dividend and healthcare plan eliminate economic boot off people's throats and boost local economy of struggling towns around the country. Democracy dollars wash away lobbying money and remove influence from corporations on politicians.

  24. Just saying, you expect to show the difference between social democracy and socialism to a society that can't tell the difference between there, their, and they're. It's an important distinction, and I wish us all the best of luck in understanding that.

  25. only an idiot would believe bernie's policies are socialism…

    oh wait, red hats cut off blood circulation to the brain. 😄

  26. I love these videos differentiating these systems, but for all of the right anything to the left of Reagan is automatically communism. Lol they aren’t interested in reality.

  27. Keep saying it over and over again David.
    There are always some people who haven't heard it explained before.
    The main takeaway is that Bernie Sanders is not a socialist.
    That is a straw man scare tactic used to scare people away from Sander's true message, which more people would accept, if they didn't hear the boogeyman word; socialist.

  28. Summary: Bernie shouldn't piss in his own boots by mislabeling himself as a "socialist," and people shouldn't piss in his boots either by over analyzing or mislabeling his position. The minimum goal in 2020 should be to stop the conservative riptide sending us out to sea.

  29. Democratic Socialism is Socialism. Social Democracy is Capitalism.
    Bernie Sander's is simply lying as he tries to sell us on his Socialist ideology.

  30. Even if a president were philosphically a full-blown communist, our constitution would remain the same. The president would still have to act within its bounds – people's imaginations on what voting for different candidates represents notwithstanding.

  31. Communism is the next step after the socialist revolution and the socialization of the means of production. The State and government apparatus are substituted by the democratic and direct rulling by the people. You should read Marx if you intend to lecture about these concepts.

  32. Dave Social Democracy in no way makes things more equal, sure it’s better but as long as it is within a Capitalist framework equal will never come into play.

  33. Wake up america, the democratic party has always been the peoples party, remember goverment by the people,for the people, a nation of unions ,and laws, and justice for all..Bernie 2020…….

  34. Sanders is going to have to tell people what the difference is. Or it needs to be on the Sunday morning political round tables. The uber right wing Cons
    will continue to push the idea that Sanders is a communist.

  35. Bernie really needs to explain this better for the country at the debates etc, as a resident of sweden I get what bernie is after but A LOT of ppl has the wrong idea.

  36. Sure. By the time the Kock Brother and other dark money groups are done smearing him, he’ll be framed as a straight up commie. The people just won’t get it.

  37. Germany follows the Rheinland Capitalism which is no different to the Nordic model, except it places huge importance on Manufacturing Goods.

  38. One of Bernie’s best speeches was at a university in 2019 when he lined up his view of social programs and pinned them next to the social programs that bailed the banks and also the one that Trump just used for his Trump Tax breaks for the wealthy and also social benefits to aid the war machine. And he cleared up that when it’s corporate social aid its fine but when its social aid for the well-being of the voters and the 99% then it’s important to ask how it’s going to be paid. We need to hear more of that specially in the debates because it really illustrates his views and how it really is very similar to how it is now but with social programs to balance the system.
    The reality is that currently here in the usa, capitalism was allowed to go way too far. Where the top 1% and corporations bend the system to get richer and richer and only their old man farts shit and piss trickle down to the rest of the 99%. Fed ex amazon facebook google not paying a penny in tax, well that is just so obscene. Its why we are fed up with the establishment and ready for Bernie to shut that all down.

  39. It's extremely clear the way you explain it…. there is in general "inaccurate" use of words with the purpose of mislead people in most of the cases like saying "liberal" is a "left thing" Really? Liberal in the political sense of protecting people's liberties like most of the independent movements of the XVIII XIX centuries? How can a person feel offended with the word? And progressive or in Spanish people tell you "sos progresista"? Well, I mean the concept of progress is complex but can we say "I am against progress"? Feels awkward…. yeap! In a broad sense I can say I am in favor of liberties and progress….

  40. This is all because Bernie has to fight the repugs and dems. The centrist dems are on full freak out mode because Bernie has a chance.

  41. Thanks a million David, I have been trying to explain this to my US friends who have been totally brainwashed about this. To be noted, social democracy even happens when a king/queen is the symbolic head of state : UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc, hardly places that could be 'suspected ' of communism or socialism. So thanks again, makes me feel better at last !

  42. So in Canadian politics we have two hardcore communist parties & we just let them run around free, thing is they haven't been able to accomplish anything, we're just able to ignore them.

  43. David Pakman is pissing me off with these takes and definitions of communism and socialism. It’s like their anarchist definitions are omitted entirely.

  44. Wow…it is becoming more and more clearer every day that millennials…are involuntarily brain washed….we lost control of the public school systems a LONG time ago….and this thing they have going on today…”Common Core”…
    is the dumbing down if America…we must get RID of common core, start teaching AMERICAN History again…and get RUD of the teachers unions and start letting teachers do what they love to do…TEACH !!!!

  45. David you shouldnt put words in Bernies mouth like you know better than Bernie who he is.

  46. At the end of the day – if the labels are confusing – ignore them, and ask yourself if you want what Sanders is proposing – universal healthcare, independence from fossil fuels, end to wars, legalized marijuana, no corporate money in politics, universal background checks on firearms purchases, bans on assault weapons, $15 minimum wage, abolition of death penalty, reinstate Glass Steagall, end to private prisons, voting for former convicts, cheaper prescription drugs, repeal of Hyde amendment, police to use body cameras, automatic voter registration, net neutrality, USPS to offer financial services, national seven days sick leave , funded gun violence research, elimination of tax breaks for fossil fuels, multi millionaire surtax, oppose wall with Mexico, end to travel ban with Cuba, oppose warrantless surveillance and allow drug imports from Canada.

    If you want those – or most of them – why does it matter what you call it ?

  47. Social justice is the most over used and stupid policy to have in modern times. It used to be about equality of opportunity but now has become equality of outcome which is not fair or correct. Someone who works harder then you deserves more then you, and demanding the outcome be equal means nobody has any reason to put any effort into anything. If no matter how hard you work you get the same no one will invent or even try at anything, work ethic will plummet and no one will put any effort into anything. Scandinavia is so backwards, is a borderline police state. In Sweden the government literally censors reporters, someone like David Parkman would not be allowed to make news. They censor all news to fit a government narrative.

  48. David Parkman you say you want Democratic socialism like Scandinavia but you wouldn't be able to do your job, what you do right now, in Scandinavia. In Sweden, all news is mandated and controlled by government review boards, if you try to broadcast news even online that conflicts with a pro government narrative they will stop you. Newscasters are prohibited from posting news articles, their is a limit on free speech and free journalism. In sweden the police block reporters and journalists from accessing places or filming anything that conflicts with their pro government narrative.they have went as far as cutting internet access and evicting journalists from hotels and deporting journalists who were trying to get news stories out. Scandinavia censors its news, and prohibits free speech even by journalists they don't agree with. It is not the wonderful place you think it is, Sweden and other Scandinavian countries do not even have free press

  49. I might try and show this video to my father, he's extremely anti Bernie because of this, and I have no idea how to explain to him that Bernie doesn't want to turn us into Venezuela or Cuba.

  50. Finally, an American who gets it and says it publicly. We Europeans have been cringing soo hard about Americans calling Bernie's middle of the road policies "socialism" or "communism".

  51. The label doesn’t go to the person. That’s just an insatiable desire to discriminate. It belongs to the activity (programs, policy)

  52. Thanks David. At last an American knows what SOCIAL DEMOCRACY means. I am Swedish and know it's neither COMMUNISM or SOCIALISM. I think ir's only you, Bernie Sanders and Obama who understand this of all Americans…. sigh!

  53. i am from finland and its much better to have a imit how low people can fall in the econimic and sosial system i think thsi was a Ok video but u realy never can explain sosialism or comunism or like the one thing that they are like capilasism free market and som shit because there are hundreds of different sosialism because everyone has their own picture of it and i realy get mad everytime when someone from the mainstream media talks about sosialism in venezuela or soviet union u dont have to have the same kind of system u dont have to do the same things as they did i think people should make america its own sosialism which works in the US

  54. Social Democracy is about having a government that is answerable to the people, not just the rich. Capitalism coexists with Social Democracy, it does not disappear but Social Democracy challenges the capitalists, taking away some of their exclusive power and giving it to working people. Under Social Democracy, you have a right to a living wage, a safe workplace, affordable healthcare and college, the right to vacation without worry of being fired, Medicare, Social Security for retirement, and many, other benefits. You get a government that is responsible to the planet. That means an EPA that protects our air water and soil, and an FDA that makes sure the food we eat is safe. It's common sense. Beware: Most books written about Socialism are authored by capitalists who are afraid of losing power to the will of our people.

  55. If Bernie wins trump will point at him and shout “SOCIALIST!!!!” And it will officially be trump for 4 more years in the blink of an eye. Sad to say.

  56. After years of the Red Scare, Trump supporters now love Russia, but are still afraid of the socialism/communism scare tactics used against Democrats.

  57. I love the channel for its sophisticated analysis. Thats why I think this vídeo is among the worst ever. Unfortunely, a shallow approach to the most needed debate.

  58. Is "the government owning the means of production" really in any way, shape, or form defining for communism? Does not the idea of communism imply absence of a state and thus absence of centralized government? What you're actually defining there is probably closer to communism as practiced by Soviet dictators.

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