23 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Foreign Policy: Iraq, Iran, Israel, Rwanda, Greece, China

  1. Barnie sanders got the president material . the reason he cant compete with other's candidate is the american views on politics is different . its like you need to be doing something to goes viral and get attentions through various social media platform .

  2. It's so sad that half the american population are a bunch of uneducated hillbillies that prop up quite possibly the dumbest political party in the western world (the republicans) and saw no problem in voting for a reality tv star to be their president. It's too bad america is the sole superpower of the world when so many of its citizens aren't fit to make important decisions. I wish Norway was the world's superpower.

  3. Manhattan project, moon landing, daily news. Its all fake
    Check the above video to see why nasa never made it to the moon or even space. Its just hollywood acting.
    Above video shows what happens when their CG fails.
    Above video with hair spray and wires
    explosions made by movie studios.
    Above video. fake daily news
    Above video. Fake moon landing. They cant suspend every grain of sand with wires.
    Sound waves on the moon
    tower 7 solomon building reported as having collapsed 20 minutes before it happened

    Above video. Fake moon landing. They cant suspend every grain of sand with wires.

  4. american military puny and laughable. The military spending is mostly pocketed by politicians. Just like the fake space program. It would take 100 yrs for the united states to catch up to China's military

  5. Yes, thank you. Wake up, Mr. Man – your "countries" will mean nothing if you cannot respect the territory – EARTH – that gives you LIFE.

  6. we ahould be al slqves to american capitalism and do as they say its beat….couse tehey say its best and dont worry about nothing becouse they said so…Sometimes I am glad to be living in 3rd world country Bosnia and not to listen these ……. every day….. I feel aorry for the American people who give their money as taxpay…so it could be used agaimst them all around the world…feel sorry of u…but u deaerve it…just like we deserve our missery in our country…too sad too true…..god help ua alll

  7. Mr. B is saying Germany and France spend their money on health care and social programs to make their citizens a bettwr life instead they should spen their money on making America bigger and make future wars Mr. B a thought U were a good man, U show me wrong, U just said lets all give our socual programs money to war programs so America can protect you from next WW3 becouse, America( We) gonna make one…. I hope God, all mighty, stops ur crossaidar war against humans, couse that is what ur doing, ur not killing muslims or russians or whoever, ur killing mankind….God help us allm

  8. I agree with Bernie. A foreign policy should be focused towards inclusion, and not standing out. Why do US have a moral right to stop other countries from acquiring nuclear weapons, when US is building it's arsenal by second. Instead, there should be an international task force controlling nuclear power and intimidating those countries who do not come together to support this anti war treaty, until all the countries surrender their nuclear weapons and they are disposed off. This task force could lead war against terrorism as well. Stopping Iran or Korea from acquiring nuclear weapon won't ensure the avoidance of nuclear war. It's just saving own asses.

  9. NEW YORK – Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign on Thursday released a letter signed by 20 foreign policy experts backing Sanders’ judgment and questioning Secretary Hillary Clinton’s record on some of the biggest foreign policy questions of the last 15 years.

    “Senator Sanders’ judgment is consistent with President Obama’s warning against the ‘Washington playbook’ of the ‘foreign policy establishment’ that overemphasizes military responses and leads to bad decisions,” the experts write. “Bernie Sanders is by far the most credible candidate to repair the economic and human foundations of American power.”

    Citing her support of President Bush’s war in Iraq and her advocacy for intervention in Libya, the experts express concerns about Secretary Clinton’s judgment. “We are deeply concerned that Secretary Clinton has not fully learned the lessons from her mistaken support for the invasion of Iraq: dictators can be toppled, but unintended and often disastrous consequences must be fully considered before deciding to act,” the authors write. April 14, 2016

  10. https://berniesanders.com/press-release/foreign-policy-experts-back-sanders/ Sanders foreign policy backed by 20 foreign policy experts. Every one of them doubts Hillary Clintons judgement and decision making

  11. Sanders has a deep appreciation of the foreign situation. If you look at state of the world and go back and listen to his warnings against the war in Iraq, you will understand that here is man a great intelligence and deep understanding of human nature who is not influenced by emotional arguments or arguments based on shoddy or untrue assessments of the situations in different parts of the world. By not playing an evenhanded role in the Palestine-Israel area the United States is contributing to the continuation of the terrible situation there. It is terrible for both Israeli citizens and Palestinians.

  12. He doesn't know anything about foreign policy. Not an electable presidential candidate. Not very presidential.

  13. Bernie – Please ask Hillary and Obama, why is the United States Government and our defense department claiming that we are 'at war' in Africa? When did this happen, how did this happen, and when are the American people going to hear about it?

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