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  1. i will give Bernie credit for doing this. but he still is an idiot fool and will never get my vote of me or my wife or daughter. idiot

  2. Bernie has more guts than people seem to think. He is not scared to go into the lions den to prove a point.

  3. "Are you worried that you're giving the network legitimacy?"

    Are you fucking kidding me? What a ridiculous question.

  4. Bernie Sanders is the best choice for president watch as the DNC and Republicans shut him out of the race like last time! The one percent can not stand for a system that does not give them everything!

  5. We learned mr socialism isnt heros with his wealth as hes never donated more to charity than the max tax break so he dont live as he preaches that's for sure.

  6. ANDREW YANG 2020! THE YANG GANG! Bernie Sanders is opposed to giving adult US Citizens $1,000 per month! I was going to vote for Bernie again but Andrew Yang just makes A LOT more sense.

  7. I don't like trump supporters.
    One of the few things I agreed with hilary on. They are deplorable.
    Sorry! But is fascism a choice.

  8. Bernie is great. But you can’t just run on going against trump. It is easy to go against something. But it doesn’t give you the win though.

  9. Bernie is going to lose in glorious fashion in 2020. Trump will absolutely annihilate this old hunchback.

  10. bernie did well. i was actually surprised how well. also how fair it was. i expected much more flak and bias.

  11. This question seemed totally clueless and is a hint at why the democratic establishment lost last time, and might try to lose this time as well. If we actually want to improve America in a way which benefits everyone then fucking of course it helps to tell as many people as possible. Fox viewers already see the network as legitimate.

    Many fox viewers are working class people, people who are being left behind by the economic system. The right want to channel that into scapegoating of immigrants, but Bernie wants to actually address the real issues. His message is not one of fear, is uplifting. People feel that.

  12. How can you expect this man to defend the country when he couldn't defend a stage microphone from two irate black women?

  13. To everyone shitting on the interviewer here, this was recorded before the town hall. She didn't know how it would turn out.

  14. SANDERS IS NO STRANGER TO APPEALING TO CONSERVATIVES! As a Senator in 2000, it wasn't uncommon in rural Vermont, (which is very conservative) to see yards in front of homes sporting BOTH Bush AND Sanders signs! Many folks there voted Bush for President, but also liked and voted for Sanders for Senate.
    In 2016, Bernie was an honored speaker at ( ready for this?) LIBERTY UNIVERSITY! (Yes, that Liberty University!!), one of the most conservative Universities in America. Despite he making it clear that there was a lot he and they disagreed on, he was welcomed, cheered, and applauded many many times during his speech.
    Mr. Falwell later spoke of how much he respects Sanders.

  15. Bernie, fox news people know they goy lie to, guess what they don't care this people are zombies they follow the alt right and Limbaugh's of the world is pointless talking to them they are gone instead of wasting your time with them wake your base up and give them a reason to go and vote.

  16. At this point, I like Buttigieg better than Bernie. But I think Bernie's view of going on Fox Town Halls is absolutely right and he did a great job last week. Kudos to him. And I hear Klobachar and Buttigieg are following his lead. Thank you Bernie!

  17. You know I find it very interesting that Bernie had to explain why he was going on fox, defend his decision, and kill his performance, but NONE of those who are following his example have to do anything remotely similar. Hey Huffpost, where are the questions for Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Inslee, and the rest who are agreeing to go on Fox????

  18. At the point we need to separate the DNC left and the real progressive left. The DNC is becoming as dangerous for America as republicans. They would rather fight conservatives then win them over with progressive policies

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