Bernie advisor versus Buttigieg advisor on the role of money in politics

Bernie advisor versus Buttigieg advisor on the role of money in politics

within 24 hours the second round of the Democratic primary debates are going to kick off according to a poll by The Economist and you gov senator Bernie Sanders holds the lead among 18 to 29 year old voters followed by mayor Pete Buda judge so how important are the debates when choosing the Democratic nominee according to the same poll a majority of voters across all age groups so the candidates debate performance is somewhat or very important while less than 30 percent believe that debates are significant joining us for a broad discussion about the Democratic debates and debate prep is Democratic strategist Chuck Rocha he's a senior adviser for Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign and he's joined by Democratic strategist Jennifer Holdsworth she's a Buddha judge surrogate and was booted as his campaign manager during his run for chair of the DNC which put him on the map that's right okay I mean we this is a great a great panel because this is a preview of the debates that are coming up you've got both your candidates will be facing off face to face I mean just just an opening statement from both of you really on like what is the core message that they're trying to get out throughout the debate for mayor P Chen a new generation of leadership using ideas that have worked and presenting new ideas unification bringing not just the party but the country together moving past 2016 which we all believe that we're still stuck in that cycle even the president tweets about it constantly moving past and really looking towards the future of America by fixing the problems that we face today where you Joe you know there's a lot of Americans out there who feel like they didn't have a voice in their government anymore right I think Bernie Sanders speaks to them specifically like you're out there you're working hard every day and you feel like if you're not rich you don't have a lobbyist if you're not a bigwig in a corporation to work on Wall Street that what does my government doing for me and I think that's the message we're gonna be talking about tomorrow night that's why this week you've seen us hittin Medicare for all talking about a college affordability get rid of college debt like things that regular folks talk about every day at their dinner table that's the conversation we want to have in America where you see such vishal 'no sin this white house and since hatefulness we want to talk about as a broad group of democrats about what is our vision and each one of these candidates will lay out their vision tomorrow night yeah there's kind of an implicit critique in what my lovely friend Jen said there about the future about moving past 2016 mayor Peters obviously run on this idea of generational change what do you say to that I think that there has to be change at every level of this government I think that's why I'm Bernie Sanders who leads with young people because we give them a vision that can believe in that's no angst towards any other candidate any of these can–it septa that are talking about a new day in America is a good thing you should watch the debates tonight and you should watch the way tomorrow night watch the way that we talk about the policies that really affect that the reason young people flock to Bernie Sanders when we're out on the road and into these posts is because he has a bold vision of doing something big we don't do anything big anymore right now we sit and we fight over little things in Congress and don't have any big ideas and that's why Bernie Sanders speaks to these young people I think gen what this is is about I mean but they both agree that the system is bad yeah but the mayor Pete's vision is very much an institutionalist we're just working within the system to enact radical change and how you would view it the Bernie Sanders vision of this is completely the opposite so why is it that the mayor peach strategy is better here because mayor speed is mayor Pete is not just speaking to the left he's not just speaking to the Democratic Party he's not just speaking to the base while they're a very important part of the general electorate he needs to be speaking to everybody because right now everything is so polarized that you have to make sure that you're inviting people to listen to your message no matter where they are and that starts now yes it's a primary election right now yes the debates are among just Democrats lubbers and liberals and progressives right now but there are P everybody pay there's pretty much everybody paying attention right now right and so you need to make sure that you have a message that's resonating with everyone to start to get them to want to vote for you just listen yeah why do you think though that mayor Pete has struggled to attract support in particular for african-americans so key in the Democratic electorate and also why do you think it is that Bernie Sanders when you know he is the most ideologically left of the can but he has the second strongest support of any of the candidates after Joe Biden among moderate and conservative Democrats what do you think's going on there mm-hmm I think that there's generally a portion the reason why mayor Pete and senator Sanders are doing well in the polls is because there's a general part of the Democratic Party who's tired of the same old as well right but in terms of Mayor Pete he has struggled with certain sections of the electorate because number one he's not very well known he came out of nowhere he's been the mayor of South Bend Indiana which is a city of a hundred thousand people he's not very well known and yes we had an incredible run for the chair of the DNC because we wanted to effect real change from within the system because he believes in it he believes in America he believes in American government he also believes that not everybody has had an appropriate voice in this process which is one of the reasons why he's running but I think that you're going to see as you have seen his his struggle with certain sectors completely change once he's had the chance to address them so implicit in this Chuck is a critique of Bernie Sanders that he's not electable that he's not somebody that can appeal to the broad base of support they say because he's a socialist for because he's too far left what's it what's the response well if you read here the last five head-to-head polls we beat Donald Trump in every state as we move forward you see there was a poll out this morning that right behind Joe Biden us and Joe Biden are the only ones who beat Donald Trump you don't want to go back to what we've talked about about the audience and about everybody caring in my sister's right gym that that there's a lot of attention on this but we should stay really really focused don't have campaigns work and I love getting down in the Nitty Gritty because this is what I do but there's a small a super small group of people who matter the most there's millions and hundreds of millions of people out there that may watch or pay attention but there's only a couple hundred thousand people that will really make a difference early on in this election that will set the tone for the entire thing you're talking about a hundred eighty thousand people caucusing in Iowa a couple hundred thousand people voting in New Hampshire you're talking about another really small caucus in Nevada those contests with that really small group of people who are paying attention cuz they're democratic activists or Democratic primary votes are going to make the difference to work with by the time we get to California which is just a few weeks after I this thing could be over or at least I'll promise you it'll be whittled down to two or three psi agree with you interesting I think I think an important part of that conversation also though is you know we look at the polling and it's a horse race right now it seems that some candidates have had ceilings and you know with all due respect to the senator it appears that he has a ceiling below 20% he has a very high name recognition he ran in 2016 he is a known commodity across this country there's multiple candidates including there Pete that are just introducing themselves to the primary electorate and as they do that their ceilings getting higher and higher and higher so we're not currently at a place where we can accurately predict how that's going to change the other thing that we really need to look at is that there's several polls that have come out that said okay who's your first and second choice but who will you absolutely not consider as the nominee and Bernie Sanders leaves that the poll you should be paying attention to is who's raising the most money and where is that money coming from because the people that would be for the long term we have two million different contributions into our campaign right we're built on grassroots fundraising there's no Wall Street there's no big donors part of it so we can sustain a long campaign right people will go up and they'll go down in these polls that all the pundits love to gravitate towards like little kids chasing the soccer ball yeah but as mama bear who's been watching those kids for a long time you've got to stay focused on the long game here right and we're building out the infrastructure we've talked about on this campaign you can be the latest flash to pan you can raise money here you can have this great debate deployments but whoever raises the most money and could sustain that over a long period of time and build infrastructure in the state of talking to a small group of people those will be the people that'll secure it again people that mayor Pete you're absolutely right fundraising machine right the amount of money that's coming has been incredible but checkpoints outrightly there are also matters where that money comes from so how do you convince voters in the Midwest voters across the country that mayor Pete is gonna stand with them when he's so financially backed by Wall Street and Silicon Valley because that's just a very small portion of his fundraising when you look at the broad diversity of where his fundraising come from it's all over the map it's all over the United States every state it's every age range and the reason why mayor Pete is getting donations from Silicon Valley and Wall Street is because that he has worked with them as the mayor of a small Midwestern city that he has brought back to life and they've seen the way he operates as an executive and he has brought them in to invest in his own community mayor Pete doesn't have an election fund to loan his presidential campaign money from he doesn't have personal money that he's gonna loan his campaign money from with all the respect like senator Sanders dough though is he didn't start by voting on bills for people that donated to his campaign in the past he doesn't have that kind of infrastructure so he has to start from scratch of people that know how he operates as an executive and he's building a coalition because though but it is the fundamental view that that partnership with Wall Street and with Silicon Valley is a positive thing for the country I think that it is if they're going to invest in places in this country that need it if it means that you're gonna vote on a bill that they put up then absolutely not but I think we need to stop demonizing people that are trying to make this country better and demonize the ones that are hurting it so I think we need to consider everybody as an individual I think that we need to make sure that we are investing in places that need investment but again this is not about voting on bills he doesn't have a legislative history of you know doing favors for Wall Street in Silicon Valley the only interaction that he's had with those two sectors is when he brought them to his town to make it better and I think that's a big indicator of how we would work as president so yeah I mean this is obviously a major philosophical it says I welcome their hatred I welcome their hatred and he would say that if you're bringing money into my town I don't trust where that money's coming from and I don't trust what's going to do two million individual contributions 99.3% of them can give money again that means they're not maxed out right that is where you should pay attention to where the campaign's will be going for the long term our number one contributor employer or Walmart workers are number two these are not a couple hundred people these are hundreds of thousands of people our number two contributor are teachers that's who we want to fund our campaign that's who we want to talk to and I mean no disrespect to the mayor any other democratic you should go raise the money wherever you can go raise money and let's have a debate let's have a fight about a vision for America and that's what we want to do what do you say about this idea of a ceiling because you hear this a lot that Bernie Sanders has a ceiling and the ceilings not high enough yes his people are with them but there aren't enough of them look I was with the senator in 2015 when we kick this thing off on the Senate when we may have had 14 reporters over the whole country cover us and we had a ceiling then nobody would have ever dreamed we would have taken a a senator from Vermont and done what we did by winning 23 people against literally the Machine of the Democratic Party right we may have them ceiling my information says that we don't have a singing at all because ceilings are false narratives when you think about politics again I harp on this because it's them it's the mundane part of campaigns is you're gonna see people go up and you're gonna see people go down and we're gonna report it we're gonna walk around if I had hair my hair be on fire all the above right but look at the long term of where these people go right and where they go with issue sets where they get their money from and who has the money to sustain a long-term battle connection the bay prediction and then well I do think that the fundraising conversation is a little bit of a Beltway conversation it's a pun in conversation when mayor Pete is going around the country nobody's actually I'm asking him how he's fundraising or where his money is coming from or you know what his average donation is they want to know not how this fundraising is going to make his life better but how he's gonna make their life better and that's what he's focused on in terms of this conversation yeah and you know in terms of competition I think it's also about how are you gonna spend your money right whether you're gonna support your workers whether you're gonna pay them a living wage and not cut their hours in your own campaign I think that this is an extremely important conversation to have because it reflects how you're going to act as president but in terms of a debate prediction I think you're gonna see senator Sanders and Senator Warren sort of battle over the left and mayor Pete is gonna come out looking like the adults in the room because he's gonna have the most new ideas and talk to the generation and talk to the people instead of each other obviously a response first that the Commish the living wage with that's roiled vom campaign in a debate prediction for me as well well I'm really proud that I've built out this campaign with a group of talented people I spent 30 years in the labor movement worked in a factory in Tyler Texas when I built out the equity on every position within this campaign I did it with the with the heart and strive of thinking about my father working in that meal every state director no matter what color you are no matter what sex you are makes the same thing every field director in every campaign makes the same thing if you're an intern in our international office here in our international office it's it's from working with my hands which is a unique concept in our business our interns make $20 an hour and they have full health care benefits right now that pay equity is something that we've strived for and if you read this latest article that came out I think was the Wall Street Journal we have the highest pay anybody we're proud of what we've built with our employees we want to make sure and empower them at every level I get emotional about that because it means a lot to me what because I've been in so many campaigns where so many campaign workers were sporty to definitely yeah because they were a woman because they were brown because they weren't somebody's friend and it wasn't right so we built this out very forward-facing to be sure that we're gonna be open and we're gonna have an open process and when you have an open process we welcome everybody's input into that and sometimes it ain't always everything great right but we have been very transparent and we love our workers and where they have built a campaign that I'm so proud of now tomorrow night yeah I think that Bernie Sanders is gonna do a good job I think we're gonna have a great night I think the thing I would look for in working with Candice for a long time is who's gonna come after who because everybody saw what senator Harris did and they thought that's their recipe for success and so he's best prepared to take on those battles of the story of the night well thank you so much she really really appreciate thank you thank you both good luck we're gonna have more rising after this

32 thoughts on “Bernie advisor versus Buttigieg advisor on the role of money in politics

  1. Let's keep this real simple… Mayor Pete is excepting corporate money and that's not a good position to be in. You can't except money from those who have their boot on the neck of 99% of the country. Pete needs to stop letting himself become a whore.

  2. What did I just witness?

    Was this a conversation in which people were allowed to speak to one another and have a difference of opinion without being vitriolic?

    Is that a real thing?

    I am a Bernie bro, but if Pete brings this to type of conversation to the debate……Welcome Mayor Pete…….let's start talking about things we need to talk about.

    Wow they let everyone speak? they listened and asked questions dealing with what was said and not talking points? Has news really ever done that before?

  3. It buys elections…It buys everyone in gov't. What else is there to know?????????????? We have to debate this in 2020???????????

  4. More than half the country has their heads up their asses. Literally ask any random if they know a new tax law was passed last year. A huge number will say no. Get more specific and its even worse.

  5. Yeah, big is what the world needs now. Love sweet love for Bernie changing on the scale of the problems: taxing the rich instead of the poor, helping the poor instead of subsidizing the $kyrocketed rich, green jobs that give hope building sustainable infrastructure, what a Green New Deal would bring. Yeah, be big about it, magnanimous & vote for Sanders. Let's leave this small, petty weirld with its pint-sized paradigm behind

  6. It’s absolutely the opposite of a beltway conversation. getting money out of politics, big corporate money, is a HUGE issue for the average American.

  7. Holdsworth claims Bernie has a ceiling below 20% yet the most recent polls all have Bernie at or above 20% so… liar?!!

  8. Very disingenuous as far as saying that where the donation come from wont affect him.. he would be the first case then that donors would have no influence.. gtfo!

  9. I want to know how Buttigieg can make peoples life better but he's kinda vague. I heard he wants to draft americans to fight for profit wars of the oligarchs.

  10. Chuck did a great job and should do more interviews. Jennifer kept attempting to attack but did a pretty awful job all around.

  11. Bernie, ya need to stop wasting money on TV ads and focus on the Internet. Your voters are all here on YouTube!

  12. I love your show Krystal, but I can’t watch it when that phony establishment shill Jennifer is on. She is as annoying and full of BS as her boss.

  13. Very sorry for Americans. Most of these candidates are establishment, decided to run without any policy or preparation. Just borrow policies, add flowers then put them back out hoping people don't notice. If don't win, at least get name recognition for next available position from naive supporters money. Nothing to loose, no responsibility mentality.

  14. She claims, ”ideas that have worked”. But what ideas? We need to know. Maybe some of his donors would rather they not be discussed.
    Speaks to everybody. Well so does Sanders. Clinton claimed that much of his support switched away from her to TRUMP. Of course, Trump was stealing a lot of Bernie’s thunder, AND he lied. We found that out later.
    Not well known. That is true and yet he raised a phenomenal amount of money. That suggests that huge donations came from places like Wall street and the insurance and drug industries. Clinton’s connections with those kinds of donors is in my opinion what sank her campaign. Buttagieg has not revealed the number of donors nor the average donation.
    Finally, she wasted time saying things like Buttagieg was for America and Americans as though Bernie was not. Time was wasted saying Buttagieg was not well known. Why not spend the time talking about his aims and policies?
    I like Buttagieg but he has to learn that an election is like a job application and no employer wants an unknown in his organization

  15. That woman is the real deal – attack attack attack. Every other sentence was an undercut. I hope that campaign is proud.

    More evidence that Sanders is the better unifier.

  16. “And Mayor Pete is going to come out looking like the adult in the room.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Thank you for pushing back when she tried to say that Bernie can't gather support from anything but the far left. Some of his major support is in rust belt states!

  18. Booty is a corporate puppet. His policies will be molded by others. Anecdotal stories don’t put food on the table. There’s a reason why Yang is doing amazing for how little he’s spending on the campaign.

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