25 thoughts on “Benedict Anderson About Nationalism (In mijn vaders huis, 1994)

  1. 43:54 Benedict was asked, "Which country would you be prepared to die for?" He said nothing! That should tell you the level of betrayal he has in his heart toward the current nation which is hosting him as he pontificates about how racist white people are. That is why ethno-nationalism is the strongest and most moral and most natural way for a people to live. The left is a cancer which destroys cohesive identity and promotes cultural Marxism to emasculate a people making them easy prey for globalist thugs.

  2. 8:08 Mr. Anderson used he word "RACIST" toward people who believe you can't be English unless you are white. Calling someone a racist in today's world is one of the worst things you can call someone. Benedict Anderson is an evil man and an anti-white hatemonger. He should be strung up and hanged.

  3. Nowadays the print is obsolete and the written word is very much internationalized. Also English is the prevalent global language which renders other languages practically obsolete. Does this means the disintegration of national cultures into international communities. I believe very much so. The identity politics based on sex and race of today is only the beginning. Subcultures are the way forward and the nation is actually dying.

    Funny to mention it, but the nationalism and populism of today might be actually more a reaction against the internet and smartphones than for example, immigration or terrorism.

  4. May Anil Ram Das and Benedict Anderson both Rest in Peace. Note that by Dutch standards of 2015 I am stuck by how polite and well-informed he is. To the deaths nothing but good HOWEVER what Anderson says about Dutch is not true. Dutch dictionaries remound to the sixteenth century and the Dutch elite always spoke Dutch going back to the Middle Ages. To answer a question about Suriname: Suriname Srantong was called 'neger Engels' by the Dutch and speaking it at school was strictly prohibited.

  5. I actually think the interviewer is asking very good questions. I would have loved to see James C Scott and Benedict Anderson have a conversation about nationalism and minority communities.

  6. Very saddened to hear about Prof. Ben Anderson's passing today. A great loss for Southeast Asian Studies and Nationalism scholarly communities. May he rests in Peace.

  7. RIP Ben..
    Ben Anderson died in Indonesia, a country that had inspired his great book, "Imagined Communities". Wonderful death…
    See epic moment in the ending of interview.. Time has answered.

  8. this interviewer totally ruined this …can't get past 15 mins b/c he keeps cutting him off to try to show us that he read his book.

  9. thanks for sharing this. very good interview. btw I like the way the interviewer style and character. and for who says he is arrogant, jus see how may times he plainly acknowledged his ignorance about certain issues on TV! 

  10. Thank you for uploading this, great to hear from the man himself after having read his great book "Imagined Communities"

  11. Well I wanted to listen to Benedict Anderson, but the interviewer is the most arrogant and retarded human being ever to be on tv…

  12. Een goed interview met wetenschapper Benedict Anderson. Hij heeft veel geschreven over de onafhankelijkheidsstrijd van Indonesie in de jaren 1947-1949. Hij is verbonden aan de Cornell University in de USA. Nationalisme is ook zijn thema als het om Indonesie gaat.

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