Ben Burgis Debunk: More Dumb Right-Wing Arguments Against Wage Increases ft. Joshua Kahn (TMBS 99)

Ben Burgis Debunk: More Dumb Right-Wing Arguments Against Wage Increases ft. Joshua Kahn (TMBS 99)

the banner are you ready for your song but and then by the way are you intentionally not being enthusiastic about your songs no I'm just I just I just yeah last week I real issen to it yeah I said then we have a new song for you like I'll try to be understated you know try to play it cool like you're not helping have you considered taking on the DJ named B bunk I like that oh response No then did you hear that I did [Laughter] are you prec you wanna get to your debug fuck it's say no school of improv Jesus Christ alright then what do we got all right we have got some clips about the minimum wage because of course the house just voted to increase it $15 an hour obviously we'll see if some of these people would have voted that way if they thought that there was any chance whatsoever they would go through the Senate but it's still the fact that they feel the need to make the gesture shows how how much traction the demand has gotten so it's very good news and of course it's bringing out all of the usual terrible arguments against minimum wage increases so we've got a couple of clips both both from this last week with the vote happen and classic ones of people making the usual bad argument against this you picked one incredible classic one which takes me back to this debate was actually the snarky comments I made around this debate are some of the all the first things that I've ever said in a public forum I wasn't even doing M&M Monday's a majority report yet this is the infamous mr. lunatic himself Walter block with Sam cedar all right let's play this one first then we'll go through the rest of them and his productivity is $9 an hour and now we raise the wage minimum wage to 1010 and now the employer says to himself hey this guy Joe who I used to hire at 9:00 now have to pay attention I'm going to lose about 10 off of him I'm gonna fire him so that wouldn't be good for that guy loses his job and now yeah all right okay you picked like the most like semi lucid moment you could have walter block okay and now here's the here's the asshole that sorry live insisting on apologizing for he means you could be an iPad imagine a scenario a business any business in Crenshaw and all of a sudden there's a mandatory minimum wage increase now some people in this business make the minimum wage they'll get a wage increase maybe some people make a little bit above the minimum wage I don't think is is that the budget for salaries does not change so now there's some shifting that needs to happen maybe some hours will change maybe some people will actually get a wage increase but others will fully lose their jobs so here's the thing on the one hand you have some percentage of a wage increase on the other you have a 100 percent decrease in wages because that's what happens when you lose your job insightful common-sense down to home wisdom all right oh Jesus Christ and now Howard fucking Schultz think $15 an hour could be a job killer for small businesses all right job killer for small businesses Starbucks who has been debunk all these pricks please yeah which is interested he wasn't concerned about that but you know he's very concerned with with small businesses in general so yeah all of these though even though it is a moment of lucidity relative to Walter block this specific in a way that he put it does reveal one of the things that's wrong with it so basically this is what you always hear Lois is there's a minimum wage increase it's just gonna cause unemployment and so it's gonna be bad for the working poor it's gonna hurt the very people it's intended to help of course you should be suspicious when you hear this because this always comes from all the people who would no other context are concerned about low wage workers but in this particular context they're very concerned that you know this will hurt them but there are really two things wrong with the argument the first is that the premise is wrong and the second is that even if it weren't the conclusion wouldn't follow so as far as the premise being wrong there are some studies you can point to where minimum wage increases sometimes seem to show some unemployment effect but generally speaking something you're never gonna hear from these guys is the word meta-study so those studies don't have very many participants that's why you could have all kinds of you know particular study you know it might just be this particular batch of you know of examples that you're looking at due to other factors that you know that there looks like this not a fact that there really isn't if you ever watch like TV like me through media science reporting this is why you get all these crazy results you know new study shows that drinking coffee is positively correlated with you know you know getting over you know with having your cancer go into remission their new study show you know don't worry I'd yeah yeah we're the opposite right like because it's all just meaningless because all you could really conclude from one study is well that might be you know especially a study without very much data is okay well that's potentially interested you should do a bunch more studies to see if that bears out whereas what you really want is to look at the better studies we have a bunch of information for a bunch of different studies you can synthesize and you can see larger patterns and when people do those at least the ones where you put everything in instead of just cherry picking your favorite studies those show either almost no effect or no effect whatsoever on unemployment for minimum wage increases that have been studied there's a great report from a few years ago from the Center for Economic Policy Research that goes through all this at a level of detail that I'm certainly not gonna try to reproduce but it's really worth checking out so that's one thing but then the other thing is that even if it were true that that minimum wage increases had some kind of correlation with unemployment that led to some unemployment the conclusion wouldn't follow right that in other words just because okay unemployment you know is bad for the people who are unemployed therefore you know if you know this is an overall harm for low-wage workers and overall harm for the working poor that just doesn't follow it the same way that it doesn't follow that you know because vaccines have things in them that could be dangerous therefore you know vaccinations are an overall bad idea or you know it doesn't follow that because you have a you know if like somebody takes some money out of their bank account to like invest in stocks you know that okay now they have less money in their account they had before therefore it's a bad idea for them financially so in fact there are a lot of other effects of the minimum wage besides unemployment so I like this is in fact I think this was what I was talking about this the very first time I was on tea MBS the egg because I think that's actually where that clip and the song comes from about the data from a bunch of different countries but there was two years ago there was there was this article in the European Journal of health economics where they had data from 24 different countries and what they found this is a quote is increases in minimum wage significantly reduced mortality rates due to diabetes disease search for justice system stroke and heart attack in fact for every 10 cent increase in the minimum wage index life expectancy was extended by almost half a year which happens for a lot of reasons because people are less stressed if they're slightly you know if they aren't just broke people you know more likely to go to the doctor you know etc etc etc I and so this is true even if you know there's dead people anybody who did lose their job or get their hours reduced which is really you know that prediction like there's not a lot of evidence to bear that out either like even if that did happen for some people we're talking about a significant quality of life increased for the vast majority of people who are impacted about this and final point about this I it's really misleading deliberately in a bad safe ridiculous way to look at this in isolation as if people who want to $15 minimum wage don't want to do anything about unemployment so this is just a one-off thing where is this the you know changing the composition of the Senate such that you could get a $15 minimum wage passed for real wouldn't mean that all kinds of other things we're going to happen so even even right now Crenshaw's is just wrong when his folksy way that you know oh if you're you know if you're unemployed your income goes down to zero well no actually there are unimportant benefits right you know might be you know fifty percent of what you get that's not that's very different from zero and of course all the same people want to increase the minimum wage also want to increase those kinds of supports or even do things like having a federal job gear to you like bernie is advocated which I totally also support um Ben Burgess you just debunked all of the minimum wage increase lies you should immediately order Ben's book give them an argument logic for the left and also get on Ben's patreon page a lot of positive feedback for our Sopranos conversation been better thanks brother though alright I always appreciate the high energy you heard Joshua's feelings came all the way over from the the West Coast to teach us how to actually win some campaigns bend not just own some troll on Twitter okay and who can't punch right I can you can make the DJ Jojo and Ben gives you nothing just the same way Ben gives nothing Ben is a zero minimum-wage increase of creative encouragement then we love you talk to you soon but you've just watched a Michael Brooks show video and you can watch all of our full main live shows every Tuesday night at around 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time and subscribe to get all of the clips you want we're covering 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37 thoughts on “Ben Burgis Debunk: More Dumb Right-Wing Arguments Against Wage Increases ft. Joshua Kahn (TMBS 99)

  1. It's so weird how Republicans always go on about hypothetical scenarios where minimum wage causes all these people to lose their jobs, because that's the only reality where their concept works. In the actual real world, I live in a country (Australia) where the minimum wage is $19, and that's MINIMUM. With exchange, that works out to $13 USD, but most people get paid more than that. Guess what? The independent coffee shops that Howard Shultz is always going on about are EVERYWHERE, we have no shortage of small coffee shops lmao. In fact Mr Shultz' business Starbucks failed to take off in Australia, because they serve swill, and Aussies have a much higher standard when it comes to coffee. Meanwhile, in the hyper capitalist USA, Starbucks crushes local coffee stores. It's the same with universal healthcare, Republicans have to paint a fantasy world where their magical realities exist, and US is somehow the exception because it has a a lot of people?! In the real world, strong social democracies create very high standards of living, and happiness in every country where they are implemented.

  2. "The budget for salaries does not change"
    When the boss makes over 100 or even 500 times what the lowest paid employee makes, I wonder where we can find the funds to pay workers living wages … hmm.
    Mandatory salary caps should be law. No one person should make more than 9 times the lowest paid employee in any business.

  3. Ben doesn't believe in foreplay. he's all business. Also I'm liking this model handsome Sam Seder replacement

  4. Also, won't most of those "job losses" be less than $15 per hour? 🤔 Therefore you can probably get a better, higher paying job somewhere else…

  5. Fuck that guy and his eye patch! I'm not boot licking for that idiot. He tries to act like he's an intellectual but he's really just a 🤡

  6. I think I'm getting a better understanding of why they're called the "Intellectually Dark".
    That's what they're called, right?

  7. SNL apologized to Crenshaw? what a pussy SNL is overrated anyway. they take it easy on their lampooning
    early mad tv was the shit.
    businesses reduce hours, benefits, cut positions and fire employees even when the company is raking in record sales.

  8. What is he talking about? He talks about not believing data/studies then stated from data/studies, then heard a lot of opinion (which I don't disagree with most) but that's not stating facts.

  9. I replayed the beginning of this like five times. You should really just separate that part out and just make a meme out of it or something. It was fucking awesome

  10. Interesting how profit is never on the table. Corporate profits are higher than they've ever been, but rather than giving some to the worker in the form of wages, they'll just start firing people? One-eyed Willy says labor budgets are fixed so I guess that's it guys.

  11. I believe this may be the paper that Ben is referencing.

  12. Captain Hook is out of control. He's so blind it seems he lost both eyes. Corrupted his service for that GOP money and power. Disgusting!

  13. If you business model depends on exploiting workers with below living standard wages you do NOT have a viable business model.

    The reich wing are always lying about paying employees more.

  14. I swear to god most right wing talking points completely deflate once you remove the phrase "in a vacuum."

  15. That's dumb. If he fires the guy because he has to pay him a buck more, he loses someone who is already trained and has to hire someone new for the same extra buck and have to incur the cost of training. It's just so flipping stupid

  16. as a very small business owner in detroit, mi with 7 employees i can absolutely say that we CAN afford to raise the minimum wage to $15. we pay our employees more than that and for sure we are not rich as a company, or individuals. far from it. in fact, we are just coming out of a period of terrifying struggle. still, we understand that we have to pay our workers at least somewhat of a living wage. i mean, $15 an hour is hardly even a living wage but it’s a start.

    p.s. we are on track to become a worker cooperative. as soon as it’s feasible our employees will become co-owners and will have a say in all decision making. if you happen to be interested.

  17. There's a special place in my heart for Walter Block and I do truly believe there it will always remain

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