14 thoughts on “bell hooks + Jill Soloway – Ending Domination: The Personal is Political I The New School

  1. So they’ve redefined the meaning of patriarchy? We don’t live in a patriarchy in the West and haven’t for a long time. There is absolutely nothing a woman can not achieve in the West. Patriarchy is when you need your father or brothers permission to marry, it’s not being able to inherit property as a woman or not having access to a bank account without a husbands signature. It’s when your children belong to the father etc. that’s patriarchy.

  2. 1:16:30 so true what she says about being denied wholeness. I have friends like that who have become activists but that's really all just they are about; activism. It's so dehumanising after a while, I just couldn't relate to them anymore. I didn't want to either.

  3. The moment anyone dismisses anyone else's point of you, or worse yet categorically dismisses an entire group they have stopped learning. "Not all female gazes are interesting". Nothing more than a cozy reaffirmation of a cozy rightness. It doesn''t matter how much you've sufferred – you can spend an eternity in hell or heaven and if you have lost the ability to listen, be curious, then you're commited to your stunted perceptions.

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