Bei Bei The Panda Is LEAVING National Zoo For China | TODAY

Bei Bei The Panda Is LEAVING National Zoo For China | TODAY

53 thoughts on “Bei Bei The Panda Is LEAVING National Zoo For China | TODAY

  1. Watch this be used as propaganda by our mainstream media like the Washington Post. I can hear them already. "see, even the pandas want to be Communist and submit all control of their lives over to the state"

  2. The overwhelming racism in this comment section is showing what Americans are truly like, beneath our smiling faces and seemingly acceptance of different cultures.
    Centuries ago it was targeted against us blacks, few decades ago it was targeted against Arabs, and now it is Chinese.

  3. I have not seen Apple tv+, ‘The Morning Show’, I can bet it looks a lot like local morning news show programing that are available in the greater New York area every week day, featuring a string of young blond dyed head females looking every inch like hookers, one of these shows has taken to marketing themselves with the line, ‘expect more’, to me only means as can plainly be seen as more hair dye than anywhere else…even on the heads of their empty headed co-anchoring males…

  4. Is keeping them from being endangered, by making them slaves to humans, really a good thing, for them?
    If humans weren't such selfish, brutal, monsters, they would be able to live a life of freedom. Instead, we are supposed to celebrate the life this poor thing has ahead of him.

  5. If that panda protests after going to China he'll end up in a gulag or a science experiment with half his organs missing

  6. They didnt mention the real reason the Pandas are going to China. China says ALL Panda Bears originated from China and therefore are Chinese property no matter where they were born or if one was purchased elsewhere in the world without China's knowledge. If its a Panda, China says they own it "since ancient times".

  7. Why have they deported back to China. Is this because of the current USA China trade war. Cause that’s so ducking low blow

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