Beggar Social Experiment (Gone Right) – Maxmantv

Beggar Social Experiment (Gone Right) – Maxmantv

okay indigo okay okay let me do whatever hi guys today we want to try a little experiment this means going to pretend to be a bigger we want to see how many people will help you mouth and in return these men will help them out let's see how it goes thank you cinema gear while including it mm in San Antonio hello orator Laura in the Machiavelli I'm gonna go buy a number number me into our okay you can say okay yeah we need any money but when you sing again okay thank you that's about what the loss is then I'm a given eight later we'll lose that ability is that the experiment is it I guess a yes what betting if I sum up our alongside us in Apogee Cicotte that it's acceptable by saying is wearing a black with the BB Amy I mean our mana doesn't allow money from you so you only have 500 ring get a month to yourself you send one thousand back but you still help me yeah why why did what did you help me that's true that's true yeah I believe that it's alright are me on and actually today's where you live want to see if they like it has a rope oh ok so this room is for four people three people it is all your clothes Xavier or sir is not is fearless in last nests to with the telephone so you keep my much to yourself and more than 100 girls is very important of course it's musty but it's a big chunk out of your play two kids holiday ended now living in the hive maybe I have a three dollar 3.12 running in 12 yeah I'd like to give you one thousand ringgit to share so give this to you so let me get thank you very much no problem this is just a small thing apart from us but our viewers will hopefully donate a lot more this is what I came for hold up easy thank you for showing all your life thank you so much okay thank you see ya Thanks it's uh I really didn't expect them to give me money because they don't have money absolves so yeah I think is the ones who don't it's true that they say that the ones that don't have money are the one to win at your gift I understand the big tradition yeah yeah because they know what it's like so that's probably it's probably watch

24 thoughts on “Beggar Social Experiment (Gone Right) – Maxmantv

  1. im poor and my dad gave 1.000dollara to a poor kid and the kid trickked him to give more and i said to my dad and he was like no its fine

  2. The Nepal story had me in tears… Goshhhh… Keep helping people, guys… 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Hi Guys! I just wanted to get some help from you, I wanted to help beggars here in our town and to create a group also to help beggars and give them a livelihood training. I hope you will send me some money to start.

    If you want some evidence that i used the money for them ill do. God bless you! Comment below.

  4. My first question that crossing my mind.. at the first scene… is that an actor or its a real social experiement?

  5. I feel so much proud to say I am Nepali . We Nepalese people are thought to live peace and to help others in need .😊😊

  6. I just broke down in tears, I really hope I can do this for someone one day!!….Lots of Love and Dua from #India

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