32 thoughts on “Become a Master of Finance with Harvard Professor Mihir Desai (with Lewis Howes)

  1. How can you tell people that Warren buffett bearly beats the market. He avarage nearly 20% yearly.
    And one more thing. If you are so good in finance, how can you say that warren uses his reputation and he does well beacuse of that. In long term it is profits and growth that is everyting. No one holds a stock thats going bad only because of warren does.
    You also says that a few % bealy matters. Thats sooo dumb. A few % in fees can be hundreds of thousend dollars for a avarge people in its lifetime

  2. I follow closely everything that is happening at Harvard Business School and really appreciate his interview , very powerful. Thanks Lewis ! Everything he said is right , I have young children and absolutely teach them this mindset if finance. It’s interesting because I also had a grandfather from Italy that kept a handwritten ledger as did his wife and my great aunt. My grandfather also taught me from an early age to look back in history and glean from history principles of finance and life. I also really appreciate how he blends a variety of stories, history and the Bible and convert to finance and leveraging resources ! Yes the story of the parables , exactly! I always say it to my clients and my kids how can we turn $1 in to $10 aka , talents , resources , gifts and so on. Wonderful interview !

  3. Let me share a few things I learned from these 2 bro's and made notes of:

    1. You don't know who is struggling with what, and what they're good at. Don't push too hard. People are incredible in different ways and you don't know, and you shouldn't pretend to know. Filmpje

    People remember stories!
    Stories help people tell the world.

    Facts tell, stories tell

    2. Reputation gives you the right to do things you have no right to do (good reputation).

    3. What does it mean to be smart? ATTITUDE & work ethic. Hard workers who are hungry & smart. That is really powerful

  4. I'm a libertarian and speaking on the environment we've got to get rid of all the junk in space or there is going to be a collision.

  5. Research shows most people who invest end up paying a lot of fees. As a result, they end up with much less in term of ROI.

  6. Very interesting that he chose Pride and Prejudice. Sense and Sensibility has a similar perspective on the economics of marriage.

  7. We are learning & leading with Resource management & Leadership DR NINA , DR Debasish !! Master in Strategy Transformation & International Marketing !!! Excellent Thank you !!

  8. Will getting a top class master in finance from MIT Sloan or Princeton (or any other top university) help me in getting into harvard mba?

  9. Wow. Lewis's interview with Grant Cardone titled Why the Happiest People Are Rich, is the polar opposite of this one! Huge contrast. I think Grant, an actual multimillionaire businessman, would bulldoze this guy, Lol.


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  12. I can't stand when people say 'right?' every time they begin a statement/thought.  Even an incredibly bright person like Desai does.  Ugh 🙁

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