Be a Volunteer – Peace Corps

Be a Volunteer – Peace Corps

30 thoughts on “Be a Volunteer – Peace Corps

  1. Is there any way to do this (or something similar) if you are not a US-citizen? In Europe, they have something similar, but there is an age restriction at 30 and I am 31.

  2. Can someone please educate me. For the 27 months you are there how do you come by money or food for living? Do you bring a large some of your own money that you've saved? Is there a large fee you have to pay before becoming a volunteer?

  3. i aply on peace crop because this is my dream to help other people in need so peace crop is an amazing place to go to if your insterest.

  4. Omg they need a new marketing team, this feels like a private college pitch that you know you don't want to go to.

  5. looking for unique solutions to the problems teens face { * lack of being involved * lack of activities in the area * lack of putting action to their plans } and yet the solutions remains in the creative minds of teens.  Volunteer to plan the St Louis African Arts Festival  or Volunteer to make Teen Hut a positive place for teens to hangout and learn African culturethrough education and entertainment  { Community Service Hours }

  6. I was a volunteer from 87-89. Overall a great experience. You learn self reliance and flexibility. I recommend it if your motives are good.

  7. My question is, do volunteers travel in a group with others, or are they just thrown into the country without knowing anybody? I'm just really confused at that bit.

  8. Starry eyed fuck heads don't realize the danger they will be in.

  9. I need my tech like my mac, phone, and internet.

    I have several friends who did Peace Corps, just dug ditches and farming, nothing a local can't do.

  10. What does she mean "Peace Corps was very good at preparing young women for the attention they were going to receive"?

  11. This is kinda like Doctors Without Borders, only the volunteers don't do medical stuff, but there's other areas of service.

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