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  1. Jewish view of Satan is very different from the Christian one. Satan is not Anti-God in Judaism, he does God's will. His function is to interfere with people's ways so that they can overcome Him (and – contrary to what Christianity says – they can do it just by themselves) and become stronger and better. Angels don't have free will (again, contrary to what Christianity says) and so they cannot fall from the Heaven or revolt… People have free will and that's why people need obstacles. Satan is such an obstacle sent to us by God so we can become stronger. Jews very often compare Satan to a prostitute given by a king to his son. The whore doesn't want the young boy to yield to her, she wants him to resist, so she tempts him in order to make him stronger. In fact I think that the ideology you present here is not so far from the Judaic one (I'm not a Jew but I sometimes like listening to rabbis). Of course there are many differences and I feel myself much closer to the Luciferian path than to the Jewish one but I think it's quite important to clarify the Jewish view on Satan in our Left-Hand Path circles. Too often many people equalize Christians with Jews in such words like "Jedeo-Christian Satan". Jewish Satan and Christian Satan are not the same one.
    Anyway, I really love listening to you. There's so much wisdom in the philosophy you present here and it brings a huge spark of hope into my destroyed life. I express many thanks to people like you for giving me the possibility of seeing the causes of my present state mainly in my internal world and also for showing me way out of this shit – again in my own internal world.
    Thank you.

  2. I was raised a strict Jehovah Witness. I left when I was 35 and I have always deep down hated Jehovah- he is a cruel sob.I am the Goddess of my own life )O(

  3. "many are conditioned" he said. And what audience is at present? The kind that wants conditioning. What lies have been spoken, what lies!

  4. Please do not be afraid I woke up on the cross back in 2017 I’m here to represent and claim the throne https://youtu.be/kGyqMhq6nK0

  5. This was quite vague, you look scared or something. Luciferianism is just being selfish, and there is nothing wrong with that, ideology is not needed whether Jesus, Lucifer, or Santa Claus

  6. Thanks for the video, I'm new to the research of Luciferanism could someone recommend some good beginner books please

  7. I recently started looking into luciferianism and it's beilefs and practices. This did help me get a good footing with the subject

  8. Michael W. Ford makes Luciferian seem more dogmatic than religious fundamentalism.
    There are egregores, but Shayat*een min Al Jinn are real and not just a magician's tools or minions.
    Rather than self-deification, wouldn't self-demonization be more accurate to those opposed to the Right Hand Path?
    Theistic Satanists and other actual worshipers as or more likely to have self control and responsibility for themselves.
    There has always been science and usually been scientific claims.

  9. i know this guy is particulary celebrated, but 10 minutes in, and i can only say this is not incredibly profound

  10. So I would consider myself a Lavayen Satanist but according to what I heard in this video they are pretty much identical. Could someone explain what what the differences are?

  11. thanks. was very interesting. I dont call myself anything persay because with the more research I do I find I can take what I want and leave the rest and sometimes I find myself letting go of the old. I appreciate the insight.

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