Barca vs. Real Madrid: How Soccer Is Politics In Spain | Direct From With Dena Takruri – AJ+

Barca vs. Real Madrid: How Soccer Is Politics In Spain | Direct From With Dena Takruri – AJ+

41 thoughts on “Barca vs. Real Madrid: How Soccer Is Politics In Spain | Direct From With Dena Takruri – AJ+

  1. To everyone living in every single country in this world besides the U.S. who is offended by my use of the word "soccer" versus "football," I sincerely apologize. I hope you enjoy the video despite that!

  2. Title and content doesn't match. where is Real Madrid part? Real madrid have nothing to do with catalan independence. "Barca and Catalan's fight for independence" should be the title

  3. Cataluña siempre ha sido y será españa. Que unos paletos digan indecencia en ub partido no significa que todos lo piensen….

  4. Athletes should and have the right to their political opinions like any other individual. They just happen to have a better platform to voice their opinions and be heard and that’s a good thing if they stand for freedom and nonviolent protest

  5. Sorry but this is so biased and unfair towards all Spaniards. Putting yourself on the side of this fascists is rotten "journalism". You divide even more. Shame on you.

  6. I was going to watch that game then because of the stupid referendum we couldn’t, we couldn’t even do the stadium tour let alone most of the shops were closed, ARHHHHHHHH, fortunately I got to watch them in Wembley against Spurs!! It was lit!

  7. This is so biased, pure manipulation.

    Spain didn't conquered Catalonia, Catalonia has never been an kingdom of its own, for starters.

    The referendum was illegal for secession goes against the Spanish Constitution.

    They speak their own language, and have their own flag and traditions… so what? Most places in Spain are just like that. Most places in Europe are like that for that matter, but that doesn't mean they all must become independent states.

    So biased, I'm out.

  8. I don't find anything new throughout the report. Everything showed in the report known to all from a long time ago.

  9. So, let's say they get their independence. Who Barca is going to play against in their own new league? 3 or 4 other teams? Haha. Ok…ay.

  10. Everytime I think about football,USA is the last thing to come in mind,I often forgot about them because of football and I am thankful for that

  11. so many people are DEAD ALREADY and they do not even know it (politicians, laywers, mafiosos, pimps, madridistas, perez and corrupted people in general).. enjoy ur fake "successful" shitty life here in this world of shit, it will only last for some decades….

  12. Satanic Franco is dead FOREVER. So are all the supporters/fans of corrupted scums real madrid… You support corruption, you like corruption, so you are corrupted…You support vil, you like evil, so you are evil…


  13. I wish spain would stay as one. From the only asian country with spanish heritage, filipinas🙌🇵🇭 #respeto

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