Barbeque Nation – Unlimited Non Veg and Veg Food at Rs 700|BUFFET ! जी भर क खाओ

Barbeque Nation – Unlimited Non Veg and Veg Food at Rs 700|BUFFET ! जी भर क खाओ

Subscribe Intellectual Indies and press the bell icon and never miss any update So our grill is ready, here is barbeque pineapples,mushrooms,this looks like some paneer tikka which they call as paneer da kabab After this see, you will continue getting to eaat,this is veg kabab This is their speciality which I like,I had a very good experience with this Regular virgin mojito..let me tell you a technique to make it..take pudina,crush it..take a lemon and crush it and add mojito is ready If you like some sweet is non veg snacks..chicken tikka..mexican fish fries And this is caan take whatever you like Set it acc to you,there are different kind of masals and sauces Now lets come back to story of virgin mojito..if you like it sweet then you can add honey..and its reaady..this is dahi kabab Flavour like mc.d lets try this..I like this alot..its not out of the box kind of thing Its like they have added curd on aloo tikki or onions..but it is really lets try chicken tikka It tastes like tandoori chutney is not over powering..I like it strong This is my favourite.crispy corns..its cold now so not that much fun..this is kabab..lets have it..mutton kabab..soft..good texture..average flavour Lets have leg piece for you too once..its average..I liked chicken tikka more..this is paneer take this out pust it with this fork lets try it Paneer is soft..taste average Texture flavour..its plain If you like texture then you will like it..this is fish..smooth and nice..those who like fish will definitely like it very soft Either you are vegetarian or non have come to barbeque nation..try this thing with tikki and crispy you will get everywhere I will show you some things in main course thats their I will tell you speciality in barbeque nation You will get food acc to I said I liked fish so they asked me how are you liking the food..I told them to get me some fish spicy so they have given me spicy fish Lets see how much spicy..if I find it less..I can again tell them to make it more spicy They also dont know demand of each people as in India there are different culture people and have different taste this is amazing..softness is maintained..and taste is marvellous so now I have put the flag down which means starters are done..I cant have it anymore Now lets start main course..pick up plate and move forward and check what all are there lal is can take if you like it..I dont like at is egg curry..waste thing..if you are getting chicken then why egg.. Let me show you..that egg I will take this Now here is chiecken dum biriyani made in handi..filtration power is more of things made in handi but I dont like biriyani so will not have it This is veg dum biriyani..rice looks good…basically had so much starters that cant have it anymore Pulao..dal makhani looks good..lets have it a little..I guess its more but its okay.. This is some kumb..dont feel like eating..although it looks is achari paneer tikka which I dont wanna have as had too much paneer Aloo bhindi..noodles they have veg clumsy sauce as you cant have it dry..this is soup which I dont like so wont take it So I have chicken,dal makhani,salad, and added mint we have our chapatis..although we ordered naan they have given one naan one roti..chicken avg,daal bad,I will recommend you not to have main course

100 thoughts on “Barbeque Nation – Unlimited Non Veg and Veg Food at Rs 700|BUFFET ! जी भर क खाओ

  1. Kuch bhi pasand nahi hai khana to review ka channel kyu banana chutiya…aur Khane ko aise bekar bol raha hai jaisa roj tujhe Raja Maharaja o ka khana milta hai chutiya Saala.

  2. And gaandu aadmi tughe kuch pasand bhi aata hai bhenkelode Teri aunkaat to hai nahi ki 5 star me jaake khaaye chutiye itne saste rate me itna mil rahaa hai to aaram se

  3. agar koyi dish achi nhi lagi toh bura comment nhi dena chahiye ok normally bhi bol sakte ho unlimited mai or kiya milega tujhe bhai

  4. Reserve ur table..njoy welcome drink…pint beer…startes…main course…desserts…chat…wonderful food…luv it…@749….

  5. There is plenty of videos based on resturant. But most importantly they forget to mention their Menu & Price. What the use of such a video. This is basic thing.

  6. I wasted my time…Just feed this guy with some chilli and day b4 yesterday's chicken he will definitely luv it

    'bekar' video

  7. Bhai yaha toh mere ek cousin Ko leke Jana padega bhujang hai 700 kya 2,3 person ka vasul kar dega………😅

  8. bhai virgin mojito bnane ki main key btana bhool gye … mint ki goli (polo,paper mint etc ) crush karke dalte hai

  9. Bhai aap to Dal hi khaane vale ho.
    As per your video.
    Aap KO yeh pasand Nahi Woh pasand Nahi…
    Really I couldn't understand…

  10. Ab toh taste aisa ho gaya hai ki dessert me kuch pasand hi nahi, chahe kulfi ho ya ras malai

    Sirf main course aur starters hi pasand hai

  11. Bhai ek no…imandari se clear bataya kya accha h or kya 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  12. In Nellore District Barbeque national food inspection officer impose fine RS.1,00,000/- due to 5 days chicken and other non veg item's stored. Fools don't eat

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