Bar Rescue Owner Refuses To Hire Women – Bar Rescue, Season 4

Bar Rescue Owner Refuses To Hire Women – Bar Rescue, Season 4

So, you know, Mia,
I’ve had this place – under surveillance
for days.
– Mm-hmm. I don’t even want
to tell you what you’re
about to watch. – I just want you
to watch this.
– Okay.Hot chicks
behind the bar
are a —
pain in the ass.
We gotta make money,and so I don’t
have time to put
some chick with big
— and tattoos
that looks — hot,
that can’t pour a drink.
If you can find me
a woman that can bartend
as fast as me,
I’ll put her behind
the — bar.
I don’t even know
what to say right now, because I am so enraged. This man is
living in the ’50s. I’m sorry. Excuse me, sir.I have an arsenal
of women lady
bartender friends
who will kick the ass
of any man behind his bar. What gets me
is his arrogance.Here’s a guy
who’s losing money.
He’s arrogant
in failure. In failure,
you’re humble. In success,
you can get away
with arrogance. He’s failing.
I’m not gonna let him get away with
the arrogance.
I’m going in.

64 thoughts on “Bar Rescue Owner Refuses To Hire Women – Bar Rescue, Season 4

  1. My first reaction to that was to grab my feminist friends, find the guy, castrate him with a spoon, tie him to a tree and play piñata with his entrails!

  2. How chauvinistic… I

    wonder what the EEO laws are in his state. Federally, if you have more than 15 employees, you can't discriminate when hiring w/ the protected classes (which include gender).

  3. He was lucky Jon didn't bring LisaMarie Joyce as an expert because LisaMarie would have been a lot more vocal.

  4. Why that sexist, arrogant jerk! He just with that one statement insulted every professional women that makes a living as a bartender(be it a bar or with famous brewing companies like Guiness and many others). I've seen the episode and oh it was so pleasing to see his butt get kicked sky high by her badass skills.

  5. That guy needs to realise its 2016, not 1950. women have the same working rights as men now. Well that's how it should be anyway.

  6. I once had a woman tell me she was never going to hire a woman. She made no apologies. "We can't afford it."

  7. You're not running a driving service dumbass. If you were then not hiring women would make sense. But you're in the bar business. Women are awesome at bartending as opposed to knowing how to drive or being funny.

  8. I would love to watch Hooters' girls to kick that owner's ass so bloody and brutally like the ending of Death Proof.

  9. Mia's face goes from.. Mad.. to PIssed the fuck off… to I'm gonna murder this mother fucker in about a 12 second span.

  10. Darn it I wish I could get the whole episode. I want o see some of Mia's bartenders make him EAT HIS WORDS!

  11. If I were JT I would have filed a complaint against the EEOC and the US Department of Labor

  12. So fake haha, fakes interaction in this car! And this old fart taffer it's such a Buffon haha and talks like chipmunk

  13. Why is Bar Rescue trying to sensationalize and be grossly misleading about what was said?

    He clearly said he was willing to hire a woman that was as fast as him. He implied he wasn't just going to hire a woman on the basis of her being a woman: which is as it should be. You should hire on the basis of skills, not gender. Don't women want to be judged based on skills? Isn't that what they've been saying all along? This is fake outrage.

    Does everybody here who is pretending to be outraged have language comprehension issues?

  14. I'm just gonna throw this out there. I could care less what your sex, race, deformity or mental disability is. If you can do the job I hire you for and get along with your co-workers, then you're hired. I have worked with many different types of people who are either great workers or not.
    Edit: I know getting along is a tall order. Just smile and wave if you have too.

  15. A bar without female employees equals no bar! FYI a good woman will save your life, your business, and your sanity! Believe me, I know all too well!

  16. He’s right though, its super rare to find girls as fast and guys……..

    Jon said he said “he never met” he didnt say that, he said “he hasnt met”

    Doesnt mean he doesnt believe it…..

    In my life, ive only met 1 as well
    Out of 30 women bartenders who were super fast

  17. Most people don't go to a bar to get a drink. They go to have fun…cant imagine having fun with a bar with only men unless you are gay.

  18. Wait a minute. He said he didn't want just chicks with big jugs who couldn't pour a drink. That's reasonable. They're bartenders. If they can't pour a drink, they shouldn't be there.

  19. Even though they're professional, female bartenders are beautiful and therefore good for your business which is good for your wallet/ bank account. The more guys drawn to them, the more money they'll spend

  20. Mia rips this guy a new one when they go against each other in making five drinks, he can't even make a cosmo correct.

  21. After hearing that, I would have gone in and been like, I'm not rescuing a bar for a misogynistic owner. Good day sir.

  22. No. He’s a business owner and he’s been in the bar business. He knows the kind of women that come to get bar tending jobs. Stop kidding yourself, you know exactly what he’s talking about, and you’ve been served drinks by women like this many many times. He’s clearly speaking from experience based on the stock of women bartenders in his area. It’s just a simple fact of the business that there’s more chicks who just show cleavage and pour up beers than there are professional women bartenders who actually know how to make a proper cocktail. I’ve been in the business as a real deal bartender at very classy establishments (not a party bar or college bar serving up $3 beers) and more often than not whenever I had a woman assisting me on a busy event like a wedding or a private classy event they had absolutely no clue how to do anything besides pour up a jack and coke or a glass of wine

    I’ve personally been to many many bars and I’d say maybe 90% of the time the women bartenders don’t know how to make classic cocktails I order that any bartender worth their salt would know how to make off the top of their head. You can get upset about the facts all you want but the majority of women bartenders in America’s bars are not skilled at their craft as their men counterparts. Go to any bar in America in a popular part of the city and you’ll see women who match that description to a T behind every bar serving up mediocre inconsistent drinks.

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