Banned Ideology 2 (A Letter From an Innocent Prisoner) – Official Version

Banned Ideology 2 (A Letter From an Innocent Prisoner) – Official Version

An innocent humanitarian… His family has been threatened, his children… every human rights of his, has been violated… on a very urgent matter… which can lead him into execution… ! Hello! There is an urgent matter, a problem, that I really need your help! An innocent humanitarian, whose message is about peace and love, is in the solitary
confinement, for the past three years, in the Islamic
Republic of Iran! “Master Taheri” He has a message for you! He has a message for you! Over three decades of research and inspiration, he established the theory of Interuniversalism ideology, which has been banned in Iran due to the influences in has on humanity/ This theory helped heal and recover the human mind, body and psych, with the
connection to the divine intelligence. He has been arrested because it his influential theories that the Islamic Republic of Iran, disagrees with. All of his human
rights, have been violated since he has been in
prison. Iranian government agents, are falsely convicting him of harsh accusation, such as “being against God”, which can lead him into execution! recently master Taheri sent a letter to one
of his students, Ms. Shahnaz Niroomanesh. In his letter there are two parts. Part one is about all
the tortures and the torments done to him since he has been in prison. the threats to his wife, the threats to orphan his children, his wife being pressured to falsely testify by a dictated coercive interview, threats to his attorney, He has been forbidden to see his attorney, speak to his attorney, which leaves him helpless in prison! Master Taheri has also stated in his letter that fake threats of execution to attempt severe sufferings of mind and body, also in Iran they have burned his books and his magazine article to avoid any sort of spreading of his theories. the second part of his letter, master Taheri states the human rights violations, the turtlers and the torment done to the innocent prisoners in Iran Master Taheri, stated in his letter that he is ready to testify and confirm, all the human rights violations that are being done to him and other prisoners in Iran. our first request is that we demand any human rights organization including the United Nations, to please
come forward and take immediate action; specifically Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Ms. Navi Pillay and Mr. Ahmed Shaheed. to please come forward and take action on this serious matter
per master Taheri’s request. He is ready to see you, he is
ready to testify. Our second request is for all of you, who are believers in human rights very voice counts may peace be upon all humanity.

3 thoughts on “Banned Ideology 2 (A Letter From an Innocent Prisoner) – Official Version

  1. its a dangerous Ideology because it has a lot of truth's and for that, he is arrested. if you know his teachings, or even have learned them on you're very own, then that serves to prove even farther why its so dangerous to the ruling class.

  2. when did he die in there? what are the official publications of this ideology? Did I get it right, in this ideology God is the interuniversal consciousness?

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