Baljit Bawa – People’s Party Candidate for Brampton Centre

Baljit Bawa – People’s Party Candidate for Brampton Centre

Baljit Bawa is the People’s Party
candidate for Brampton Centre good day Baljit good day Robert how are you
doing I’m doing fine thank you we’re coming up to the final
two weeks of the election are you excited more than excited actually and
especially with the only 13 days left as of today and then a leaders
debate also happening in Ottawa this evening there’s a lot at
stake and as People’s Party we know being a new body just one year old but
being recognized as a national party contesting from 315 plus ridings by
Elections Canada it’s an exciting moment not only for me but all of Canadians
those who were actually waiting and looking for an option just besides
Liberals and Conservatives or in other words not just left not just right or
left and right fighting and you know asking each other what have they done
instead of focusing on the real issues what Canadians are going through
People’s Party is the option that’s coming up very strong not only from
strong from the party perspective but even from acceptance by Canadians
especially when we go out on the door knocking the reception
we get the number of questions they ask the the platform that we have put as
Canadians first or a common sense revelation in so called as as it’s being
notice by almost every person that we meet on the road in the malls in
community centers the seniors the veterans the kids on the street the youth
you know people working in our entrepreneurs on jobs I have been to the GO station
multiple times and the reception over there it’s it’s just amazing it
looks like that that Canadians were actually waiting for something like this
to happen and I would say it is actually a revolution in political
history of Canada and I’m happy excited and honored to be part of the history
in the making now you’re an immigrant yourself coming to Canada about 20 years
ago and you’re an immigration lawyer if I’m not mistaken I’m an immigration
certified immigration consultant not a lawyer just to correct it but yeah I migrated to
Canada 30 years sorry 20 years ago in 2000
I migrated as an information technology or IT or a computer geek I
would say it and that’s what I was at that time putting my hands right down
and doing programming languages networking and so and so forth i had a
very progressive career worked for last 20 years with the various different top
500 fortune companies from various banks with the Hydro One also to mention there
my latest one with Loblaws and Canadian Tire as program manager for
infrastructure and security that’s my career but yeah I’ve been very honored
as I was awarded as top 25 Canadian immigrant award in 2011 also which was a
great big honor along with the many other like my co-recipient was
Pinball Clemons and if I may just say (Robert) Herjavec was also one of them during
2011 so big you know achievements what I’ve been able to get it through
because of my volunteer work because of my community engagements because of my
giving back to the community as I got amazing amazing future career life
family establishment anything you can say it Canada has been very generous of
treating me as a very contributing citizen of this place I understand that
your political background was more or less towards the Liberals is that
correct oh very correct and I still
proudly say you know what you can’t be louder than that when you drive a car
with the license plate liberal so yes liberal is what the label that was there will be I still hold the classical
liberal values of fairness freedom respect and responsibility and I still
work on that those four pillars have made my my being here in Canada the
strongest which I really appreciate here of adapting to the Western values and
this is what classical liberals are yes
given my age I can certainly remember a time when the Liberal Party the
Conservatives were had a sense of gravitas a seriousness about them a way
that they comported themselves that was statesmen like and I’m going back to the
Pierre Elliot Trudeau days and since then your impression of the way the
current Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is juxtaposed to those statesmen of the
past how do you think Justin Trudeau holds up
when it historically when you when you put him against someone like a John Turner or Jean Chrétien or a Pierre Elliot Trudeau I must say that
John Chrétien was one of an exception in when it comes to Liberals
he was the only one who actually turned a 40 billion dollar deficit into a
four billion dollar surplus and this is exactly what we are saying it or my
leader Maxime Bernier said very clearly in his
platform that you know what we are gonna balance the budget in two years and
people are questioning how could that be possible I said it is exactly the
possible way the real liberal John Chrétien did it and and and it’s not
it’s not something that has never happened we are going to
repeat the same thing as as it were there now as you said Justin Trudeau he
has yep we were the one who brought him in into this
there was a Trudeau name behind it there was there were big hopes on that
and as I recall it the slogan of hope and hard work was what we started with
the Liberals when Liberals were almost at the extension of only 35 seats in
House of Commons in 2015 before the elections and the amount of work we did
on the ground on the grass root of educating people bringing them awareness
and making them join the Liberal movement it was it was one of the
historical moment again we’re from 35 seats and being the third position at
the verge of extinction as a national party
we got the majority a landslide majority against Harper who did amazing
job being here as a prime minister but definitely you know what everyone is not
the best and they were things that he would have done it much better but with
the hopes that we had with Justin Trudeau he actually did not follow
through any of it or he did not even weigh much whether it comes down to the
international relationship with our with our neighbors whether call it south or
call in China or with India the largest growing economy in the world or
democracy which would actually make a bigger impact whether it’s the trade
relations whether it is no exports imports the brain power that we are
getting from there but the human resources that are coming from India and
China contributing here in a Canadian economy
Justin Trudeau was not able to maintain that level recently in the past year or
so the respect for Canada has fallen down whether it is from the immigration
perspective of managing or giving the right path or integration to people
who were migrating here with a very high hopes of better life a better
future for them as well as for their kids there is there are various
questions on that coming down to our
trade or you know economy part of it which definitely it shows the numbers
are really blooming but in reality if you go down at the grassroot level
businesses the small businesses are suffering the entrepreneurs are
struggling because the taxes are very high and everyone not not just you
know from political aspect of it or perspective but even from the ground level up here a simple person like an Uber driver who’s an entrepreneur he’s
trying to make his living from doing some business by being engaged
himself into something or it could be a SNC-Lavalin or CBC who’s running
a big huge entrepreneur corporate the government is not doing justice of
treating them fair or giving them an equal ground with the same rules there
is so much money that’s being spent on the corporate welfare that has
happened huge in under Justin Trudeau’s government that we had been not able to
do justice to the entrepreneurs who really want to contribute into it the taxes are
high there are no schemes that they can actually be more profitable no matter
what and on top of it when government keeps throwing money to the corporate
welfare which actually hurts the taxpayer in return that money should
should be used more to increase job opportunities efficiencies in the
business infrastructure that is managed and run by the government for the people
so in many ways Justin definitely has failed his promises and not to say that
it there are certain things that he has come done really good job whereas in
reality it’s not and that is the reason why people are actually looking for a
change now they’re looking for a real change for the people who are
actually committed to bring something good or something what’s needed at the
grassroot level not at a very high scale when I go to the door knocking and as I
said when you say they say anything but red that means anything but Liberal and this
is this is a common common theme or common feeling that we see at the
door when we hear it doesn’t matter whether it’s an entrepreneur as I mentioned
doesn’t matter it’s a it’s a working class or a single mom or a you know
youth coming out from school here in Brampton the issues are very
fundamental and those issues are creating a big turn in
the political demographics it’s not the same as it used to be that’s for sure I
know Brampton and it certainly is a different flavor from some other parts
of the country I can tell you that you quite noticeably know the you can
see quite visibly the immigration kind of how it’s affected Brampton Center
yourself as an example I guess and that’s probably the biggest issue that’s
been facing the People’s Party is its immigration policy with those billboards
put up by that third party and then the feigned outrage by some of the media
because of it but the mass immigration issue is important and you as an
immigration consultant should be able to explain to the viewers why mass
immigration to the numbers of that Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer want is
completely unsustainable can you explain that’s definitely and this is directly
in correlation with the infrastructure that we have here to integrate the
immigrants that come in here now especially we all know it Canada is a
country of immigration or immigrants and we strive on the
built resource that comes into Canada and starts contributing
into economy may it be a truck driver may it be in skilled labor may it be a
businessman a doctor engineer and so on those skills come ready-made to Canada
but Canada has not been able to take care of them well because we never
provide them with the proper infrastructure infrastructure and
integration now especially the point system that’s running right now which
needs a big overhaul and that’s where when we say or not we the
third party ended up putting a billboard of saying no mass immigration the no mass
immigration doesn’t mean it’s an anti immigration or we are talking about no
immigration mass immigration is the one when we are bringing people
in in huge number put in proportion to the population that we have and the
infrastructure we have integrate them so you are actually not doing a human
justice to them it could become a human rights issue on an international level
so what you’re doing is you’re bringing a very highly skilled laborer who are
already established in their countries and so right now if you see in China or
India or any other countries from where the majority of immigrants are
coming over here on point system they are well settled over there they have
experience they have education they have qualifications they have everything to
contribute and start living their future their next life or next phase of
life they come here to Canada and now we are saying here you go you’re
on your own do whatever you have to do with we don’t you know we don’t take
your education or the qualifications that you have all the experience you have as
a Canadian experience which is one of the major issue that I hear it around
over here when the people come from there and they apply for the jobs the
very first thing is they call it oh you don’t have Canadian Canadian experience something which is actually a human rights issue which I
see it because one when when you come on the point system one of the
Immigration Department is saying oh you qualify for this as per the Canadian requirements your qualifications are good your experience is accepted your
language proficiency is good but when they come over here and the look for the
same job for which they have been approved by the immigration of Canada the
Department of Immigration they don’t get that reality on the ground level so a
doctor an engineer a computer specialist or you know specialized in their own
skills they come over here they start struggling for one two three years and
start looking for those underpaid jobs the jobs which are for basically for the
survival and that takes the major sense or of what Canada is of accepting of
giving proper opportunities providing them the infrastructure and
that’s where Canada has failed in last four or five years and this doesn’t stop right here with just immigration or mass immigration the just
if we take it a special stream which is the students stream which is considered
to be the faster it’s a fast-track stream or that young youth who wants to
come to Canada and build and get a better future there are over two point
two point zero five million students have come to Canada since this scheme
has started in 2016, 17, and 18 now we have got that ready pool of
skills here which is used within between the age of 18 to 25 that pool is sitting
idle without being given a proper structure or infrastructure Canada is
looking to bring more immigrants which Liberals and Conservatives are saying we
will increase it to one percent of the total population that mean three hundred and
seventeen thousand this year comparing to 37 million
population that means next year it’s going to be four hundred thousand and so and
so forth so within the next three years we are going to have almost as same
population as of Nova Scotia over here of more than a million people
whereas when it comes down to the infrastructure or giving them the
integration that’s totally missing we don’t have any investments from the
federal or provincial in the infrastructure when the jobs are there
that we are will integrate these million people in next three years
we already have over two million students sitting over here they are
looking for jobs and getting some place what is it what is it causing here
especially in Brampton majority of those students are are coming and making this
as their home base when they’re making this as home base this has created
chaos here chaos from affordability the housing their living
conditions they are working under sub par the employers and the people
they are working for they’re using them or they are not paying them
what they are equivalent to be equivalent
their working conditions all this comes out as that’s not the Canada we
have been looking for that’s not how Canada helps their
immigrants or the people they come over here we are not against immigration but
yes definitely mass immigration is an issue and we have to address it by
stepping back by taking two steps back saying let’s control that let’s give a
proper integration to the existing those two million people those are already
here but a ready-made pool of skilled labor and that’s why I
say these kids between the age from 18 to 25 those who come on study permits and under
the student visa since 2016 to now they need to be settled first it’s not far
when this may become a human rights issue against Canada Canada stands very
strong when it comes under the human rights but now we are probably that
close to a human rights violation when it comes to giving the
proper facilities to these immigrants that we are trying to say let’s have
more immigrants coming here instead of taking care of the one that are already
here in Canada it sounds so reasonable why do you
think that Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau would still want to bring in
over 350,000 immigrants every year if we can’t sustain that number if they’re not
being treated properly if they can’t find a job and if they can’t afford a
house what do you think maybe their motives for allowing such a mass
immigration into the country I think majority of them if I see here in
Brampton I there is there’s you know even ground or any one that I have
gone and talked immigrant like me who’s here everyone here I would say over 90% of the people are still first generation immigrants and when
they are seeing it and they are seeing it that yes there is a reason why that
we should not be looking out for bringing more immigrants here he should
be first providing them proper housing facilities we should be finding them
proper jobs we should be giving them everything why Andrew Scheer and Justin are not doing that have a no idea and when you talk to them they are totally
oblivious to the actual ground reality when it comes down to you know what
yes you needed this type of immigration maybe 15-20 years ago when yes we had we
were short of labour we were short of resources here like not resources but
human resources here to do contribute and build all that infrastructure right
now we are at the level where those levels have been you know way higher the
unemployment even though it looks like that the unemployment is lowest in the
decades and so on and Canada is at the best here in Brampton Centre the
unemployment percentage is three points more or three it’s it’s five point seven
I guess nationwide and in Brampton Centre the unemployment percentage is
almost eight point seven which is like almost three points three base points
more than the national list there are fundamental issues right here and those
are being ignored and not these parties are so-called Justin and Andrew Scheer are
actually looking at the ground level except trying to buy votes of those
immigrants by saying it it’s no more the same demographics as we used to have it
before we had to first think of our own house we have to do some little bit of
cleaning we do know that there are issues we must address as national
leaders and they have to stand strong on on making that voice being heard not
only here but around the world the world looks at Canada with a very high respect
they look at Canada as an accepting country they look at Canada as being
sociable they look at Canada as been giving the look at Canada as being
protective of all the human rights whereas right now that is not the case
and we are going towards a very different stage where if we don’t step up
now as national leaders if you don’t step up as residents if you don’t step
up as concern or committed Canadians mind it this situation is gonna
get worse I’ll ask you one question Baljit and that is you’ve
given a great indictment against the Conservatives and the Liberals but what
is it particularly about the People’s Party and Maxime that has attracted you to
them because they are after all a brand-new party polling very low
in the polls unfortunately although polls can’t necessarily be trusted these
days if you think about Hillary Clinton so what is it about the People’s Party
that attracted you particularly it’s a very valid equation and I would
say People’s Party as I mentioned earlier that you know this was a
long awaited option that Canadians have been looking for we never had a strong
leadership coming up and saying here are your options and that’s gonna make Canada great or we are gonna be fair we are going to respect the freedom
and with responsibility we know it over the years yes the parties have swayed
away from what they are and right now what they’re doing is basically fighting
among each other as left and right right and left and they saying you are too far you are too close and so on but no one is actually talking about the issue that
Canadians are facing the ground level issues the the issues of you know mental
health the stress that they are going through the health care system the
infrastructure that traffic which is going on the insurance rates which are
there at the local level even though these these all these issues are spread
from you know different levels of government but the representation when
it comes down to the representative doesn’t matter whether you are a
councilor a trustee a mayor a premier a MPP member of parliament or prime
minister when a resident comes to you and asked you a question
they don’t care who you are you are a representative a representative of that
riding of this country you should be able to have an answer where what we
have seen here most of us or most of the representative those who are there they
they keep trying to shrug this off by saying oh not me
or it’s the other one and eventually what has happened the MP
the Member of Parliament says oh this is provincial matter provincial says oh I don’t get good support from the federal federal comes
down and then the councilors they say the mayor says or this so they
are always fighting and shrugging off their actual issues and the citizens are
actually suffering because of this what People’s Party and what brought me into
People’s Party or why People’s Party got more acceptance within a year one year
of existence 315 candidates across Canada being recognized as
national party a party which is thinking of Canada and Canadians first whether it
comes down to the creating jobs the affordability for all Canadians
balancing the budget in two years you know tax affordable tax or flat tax scheme
of the simplest tax schemes no corporate welfare safety and integrated
communities for the migrants or the immigrants that are coming over here all
these when you put into one one pocket and see it that becomes a full
common-sense package for anyone that who’s looking out for my country Canada
holds its values values of fairness freedom respect and responsibility
and that’s what People’s Party stands for and that is where I being a
classical liberal and fiscally conservative it gives me a one package
which was missing so far from any national party that I have been part of it so Maxime Bernier who took this chance got
very strong you know what leaving that big title from being a minister also on
Conservative Party that was a brave move the move that he made of leaving a
Conservative Party which is well known creating his own party a brand new party
and then making it a national party that itself is commendable and I say this
person actually stands for Canadians who will make sure that Canada and Canadians
are put first and I feel very honored to be given the chance to run as a member
of parliament for here in Brampton Centre to make sure
that our voice is heard that make sure that Canadians are heard make sure that
Canadians are being taken seriously no matter what whether it is lowering taxes
making sure that every tax dollar that they are paying is used and it is accountable
accountable all the way from federal down to the municipal level and that’s
where I see People’s Party has resonated with my my aspect or my thought process Baljit it was a pleasure speaking with you and I wish you all the best in the
election thank you Robert and it was really a pleasure
hopefully that next time when we will meet I’ll be there in the parliament and making sure
that I made a difference and bring the right things for Canadians
I certainly hope so thank you thank you

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