"Bad Blue" Democrats Are In Deep Trouble

"Bad Blue" Democrats Are In Deep Trouble

there are gonna be a lot of primaries necessary to reshape the Democratic Party there are still many awful Democrats holding elected office around the country and coming on now to talk about 15 of those Democrats is norman solomon author and political activist norma and welcome to the damage report thanks a lot that's great to have you on you have your bad blues report detailing 15 different Democrats key tell us a little bit about how you put this together and what the overall goal is yeah we really analyzed it rootsaction.org who are the Democrats in Congress who are some of the worst who are basically supporting the military industrial complex and Wall Street and we looked at when there was a disconnect quite often between their base that was voting for them and what they're actually doing in Washington so we sifted out and as we say in the introduction to the report which was released just hours ago at Bad Blues org there are many more than 15 Democrats in the house that should be primary so this is illustrative rather than exhaustive as a list and ultimately the power and the change has to come from the grassroots exactly and I want to get into some of those examples but I am curious before we get into particular individuals what are some of the common threads that that tended to land someone on your list and it is it are we mainly talking about them being bought and and thus you know taking positions on issues like war regulation of Wall Street and things like that is this basically a story of campaign finance well it's who's paying them and who they feel indebted to who they're serving and in all of these cases of the 15 that we've earmarked for primary and many others unfortunately in Congress there's a tremendous affinity and service to you might say Joe Biden's career on a smaller scale that has been serving Wall Street and shafting Main Street you know one of the most striking things as we did the research was that there were so many people some of whom made it on the list in Congress year after year often decade after decade and they're fighting to undermine the economic and social well-being of the people they supposedly represent so as you said these 15 are illustrative on who is the most illustrative of that 15 who are some people that you'd like to focus on yeah well it was stiff competition for some of the worst who ought to be primary certainly Henry Cuellar in Texas he's a democratic name only had voted with Trump more than half the time first two years of the Trump regime but there are also people who are not that well known nationally like Derek Kilmer who represents part of Tacoma and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State most of his adult life he's been an elected official he's now 45 years old he's been in Congress for a few terms and he is now the chair of the so-called New Democrat coalition which is sort of a nice way of saying we serve wall street we serve the big military contractors we shaft people on surveillance issues and shredding the Bill of Rights on surveillance and Fourth Amendment and so forth and Kilmer's a guy who has really risen very fast and so we I think need to spread nationally more understanding of the extent of the problem because you have a lot of people who've built their careers their sort of individual cottage industries that have expanded to be part of the whole wall street apparatus and they're extremely dangerous is why there's so many people so many students millions who owe so much to these profiteering credit card and financial services industry sort of outfit so it's a comprehensive problem but again the solution is for us to be more informed and to mobilize at the grassroots starting early it's not an impulse item to run against these folks it's difficult we need to start early and we got to be very serious about it it's interesting that you mentioned Henry Clare because actually earlier on the show we had his challenger Jessica Cisneros on if anybody watching missed that interview it's available on our YouTube channel in terms of these primaries I know already anyone declaring a primary challenge is getting attacked by the DNC and related groups I doubt that that's going to change anytime soon but at least in 2018 we did see some significant primary wins that have left us with some of the people making political news every single day including today lejano Marne and specifically in terms of primary is at AOC do you think that the experience of 2018 is making it easier to have action on the sort of list that you just put together absolutely it's encouraged a lot of people it's clear that among the 15 who we outline as very appropriate to defeat two primary who are incumbents several of those folks are facing primary challengers who I believe are clearly inspired by a OC by Presley in Massachusetts and as well of course by eel and Omar and Rashida Talib these are people who are showing that it can be done and the mass media the corporate media have tried to implicitly and explicitly convince us that oh you can't do it you can't say that the emperor has no clothes and then send the King packing but we're doing it and we've got to be more methodical about doing it much more widely and effectively if you would like to see this full list where can they where can they see that everybody's invited to go to Bad Blues org and certainly to share it because you know the corporate media won't do it but we're gonna do it through progressive media Norman Solomon thank you so much for joining us hopefully there will be primary challenges for those 15 will try to interview them here on the show and we appreciate you joining us great thanks a lot thank you for watching this clip from the damage report for more content from the show and access to TYT Network members only exclusives go to T y-t-dot-com slash Brooke wait no it's t whitey calm slash John go to t whitey calm slash John to sign up

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  2. Kamala Harris covered up paedophilia as DA please report this!!  https://theintercept.com/2019/06/09/kamala-harris-san-francisco-catholic-church-child-abuse/

  3. Time to get out and protest Thump and his administration. July 4th,all states March to take our Independence back from Russia,and let's lock him up before he blows us all up!! Spread the word, UNITED WE STAND, AND DIVIDED WE FALL !!!!!

  4. Solomon's work is awesome, but for godssake, know that Justice Dems will continue to naturally overtake the House, you need to instead focus energy on gaining the Senate, or you will be legislating into a Mitch McConnell void with a Supreme Court ready to overturn every major challenge to civil rights and worker rights.

  5. Out of their 15 only 7 currently have primary challengers from what I could tell. Cuellar (Jessica Cisneros), Lipinski (Marie Newman), Engel (Jamal Bowman), Meeks (Shaniyat Chowdhury), Schrader (Mark Gamba), Scott (Michael Owens), and Vargas (Aeiramique Glass-Blake), We need to find someone in the other districts ASAP.

  6. My fear is that the DNC Will just start rigging these primary elections. How can we make sure they don't commit fraud like DWS vs Tim Canova?

  7. Citizens United etc, WHAT A DISASTER! May that homophobic Catholic piece of white slime Scalia rot in hell for his vandalism to this country, and he will.

  8. He’s right we definitely need to vote all these corporate democrats out, but it’s this two party system that’s broke.

  9. If only we new who the Democrats running for POTUS were being paid by. At least I know Bernie and also Tulsi are not being paid off, don't know about the others.

  10. In New Mexico.2 Dem Senators and a Governor who is a Democrat.We have a Nuke dump site.Permian oil basin.We breathe methane daily.Military poisons our water and lakes with jet fuel.And 2 military testing labs.And signed more oil and gas leases this week.We are Democratic climate deniers here.1st in crime last in education.Toxic.

  11. Connecticut Governor is one horrible Democrat who holds Connecticut economy hostage because he's being fed by Las Vegas money

  12. Great idea. Lots of people will vote for their Party without the necessary fact checking on the candidate. A trusted repository of information is needed.

  13. I went today to www.badblues.com and it said the site may be for sale and took me to ww25.badblues.com. looks like the republicans are trying to knock you out.

  14. I watch many YouTube episodes of TYTs and I want to say I really enjoyed this segment. I agree with this guy being interviewed, Democrat voters must weed out the failures who don't deliver or try to deliver on promises. Primary all of them! I've been wanting to do this for years. Democrat voters need to take charge. I don't care if we lose to the Republicans, we should vote on principles and it will teach those cornballs a lesson when they get kicked out of Congress.

  15. We need a patriot-majority Congress in 2021, and that doesn't just mean a Democratic majority, it means a Progressive majority.

  16. In short Republican Moles. We must stop voting for people because of what they say and start recuiting people to do what we want.

  17. We need to get a rid of these bad Republicans and bad Democrats. In the last election I saw a young Republican and a young Democrat both War veterans. I'm not sure what channel it was but they were having a conversation with an narrator. Together they made a lot of sense. The Republican spoke the truth about the bad things Republicans are doing. And the Democrat spoke the truth about bad things Democrats are doing. I really like them because there were young and combat veterans. I don't think these guys were in the green zone infantry I believe. Y'all be good be safe.

  18. No ! Are deep trouble is Trump !!!!!
    No war ! No concentration camps ! No white Nationalism
    nazi ! No grabbing and alleged rapes ! No President who picks on woman's and children's ! No President who except
    Foreign countries !
    No President is buddy buddy to dictators !

  19. The Democratic party is basically just socialism/communism is awesome, free stuff for everyone and if you disagree you're ___________(sexist, racist,xenophobic or homophobic) pick one. A few false sexual assault allegations a pinch of manufactured outrage and two cups each virtue signalling and professional victimhood. I didn't here anyone at the debate address the working class taxpayers but illegal immigrants came up every five minutes. From sea to shinning sea a tent village for everyone.

  20. GREAT AWESOME SPEECH !! Go get her, Cenk !! I saw this coming when Pelosi was up for the speakership the second time and I got CRUCIFIED on public media. Donna Brazelle and Wasserman- Schultz got fired for carrying out Pelosi's orders. Pelosi should have been fired WITH the two of them. Now (because she won by a mere 2 votes) we the people find ourselves fighting for our Democracy. GO TO HELL Nancy. Your country HATES you !! Either that or RESIGN TODAY !!!

  21. Derek Kilmer is my representative. I had no idea that he was a stinker. Thank you for the heads up!

  22. Just looked at the list. Dan Lipinski is on it so it isn't completely wrong but they go after someone for having the gall to believe that the DCCC should be Democratic incumbent friendly. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee! Of course it exists to get Democrats re-elected. That's in the very name.

    This nonsense is the tea party of the left. "Progressives" can't win races in competitive districts, if you think otherwise present the JD or OR candidate who beat a sitting Republican in 2018, so they are reduced to trying to primary Democrats they consider insufficiently pure. This will have the same effect as it did for the tea party. The Democratic Party will be driven farther to the left and will lose otherwise winnable races while developing a caucus in the house of nuts in super safe blue seats that will make every actual leftist cringe when they open their mouths.

  23. Democrats= Bolshevik communist ☭ Jews. Republicans= Zionist warhawk Jews. America is in a stranglehold of power.

  24. So True. Dems are too many standing, too many unfocused and unhinged, too old looking, not 100% focused on the major target… Dumping Trump so that he can be jailed and the country can be restored. Even if that means selecting a One Term nominee only for One Job. DUMP TRUMP – RESTORE AMERICA.

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