Back to the Future (2/10) Movie CLIP – The Libyans Find Doc Brown (1985) HD

Back to the Future (2/10) Movie CLIP – The Libyans Find Doc Brown (1985) HD

[Breathing distorted by suit] [Sucking] It’s safe now. Everything’s lead-lined. [Suspenseful instrumental music] DOC: Don’t lose those tapes now. I need that as a record. Let’s put this back here. There we go. Almost forgot my luggage. Who knows if they got
cotton underwear in the future. – I’m allergic to all synthetics.
– The future. – That’s where you’re going.
– Right. 25 years. I’ve always dreamed of seeing
the future, looking beyond my years… …seeing the progress of mankind. MARTY: Why not? I’ll also be able to see
who wins the next 25 World Series. MARTY: Doc. Look me up when you get there. Indeed I will. Roll ’em. [Doc clearing throat] I, Dr. Emmett Brown… …am about to embark
on an historic journey. What am I thinking of? I almost forgot to bring extra plutonium. How do I expect to get back?
One pellet, one trip. I must be out of my mind. [Einstein barking] What is it? [Ominous instrumental music] My God. They found me.
I don’t know how, but they found me. DOC: Run for it, Marty!
MARTY: Who? Who do you think? The Libyans! [Man shouting in Arabic] Holy shit! [Gunshots firing] I’ll draw their fire! Doc, wait! [Doc screaming] No! Bastards! [Shouting in Arabic]

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  1. Plot twist The Libyans built a time machine out of a vw bus, too bad it can't reach the 88 miles per hour and hit the 1 hour photo kiosk.

  2. 1 revolver wielding scientist vs Van full of terrorists with AK-47 and RPG and maybe even more guns

    I won't spoil the ending but watch the ending to see who wins

  3. 1:00 here you go doc

    1985 Royals
    1986 Mets
    1987 Twins
    1988 Dodgers
    1989 Athletics
    1990 Reds
    1991 Twins
    1992 Blue Jays
    1993 Blue Jays
    1994 No World Series
    1995 Braves
    1996 Yankees
    1997 Marlins
    1998 Yankees
    1999 Yankees
    2000 Yankees
    2001 Diamondbacks
    2002 Angels
    2003 Marlins
    2004 Red Sox
    2005 White Sox
    2006 Cardinals
    2007 Red Sox
    2008 Phillies
    2009 Yankees
    2010 Giants

  4. Hey, the band IDKHOW (I Don’t Know How But They Found Me) has the same name as the doc says, wow, what a reference

  5. What if Doc was an ex scientist teacher at Hill Valley high school but was fired because of how bad he was at experiments and how they often failed, that’s why Strickland calls him a nutcase even though Marty hangs out with him because of how ‘likeable’ Doc was because of how supportive Marty was to Doc’s experiments, and that also explains why Marty is so supportive to doc back in 1955 where he was stuck and couldn’t get back without Doc’s help. So because he failed his experiments EVEN in high school that he decided to commit suicide with the Delorean as his last experiment

  6. anyone else here from the bc of the band? (don't get me wrong i've binged each of these movies five+ times)

  7. Time Travel Rules I set for myself
    1. Only observe don't change history
    2. Wear chothes from that time period
    3. Only spend 5 mins in the past to prevent any mistakes that would change history
    4. If history is changed by mistake travel back and change it back
    5. Find a hide out so the time machine does not fall into the wrong hands
    6. Make the odds certain that no one finds my hideout apart from me.😉😇👍

  8. 25 years into the future? I’ve been to 2010. It sucked. There was an Earthquake in Haiti, an oil spill in the gulf, an Ashcloud in Iceland, and the Colts lost the Super Bowl.

    2010 sucked.

  9. Let’s be honest folks, If it weren’t for the Libyans this movie would have never been made. And…I was born in Libya 😎

  10. That’s intense but doc brown made a mistake he stole from those Libyans two wrongs do not make a right he is still a thief of course they would find him that’s why his friend got away because they hesitated before they tried to smoke him

  11. Love how Doc was so gentle and careful with extracting the plutonium from the case, but after inserting it into the DeLorean he foots the case open and just slaps the lid shut.

  12. eso le pasa por ponerse a mariquiar, con cambiarle la configuración a la plataforma virtual, que todos terminen la viéndole a un campesino y con súplicas se volvieron maricas

  13. eso es por qué desidieron programar la plataforma virtual y olvidsrsen de que exista la plataforma virtual hasta el punto que se le olvidó reconfigura esa tecnología virtual

  14. y para arreglar el problema de no acordarsenn como reconfigura terminaron rogando a un campesino llamado diego

  15. Love it at 2:26 as doc is throwing his gun to the ground you can see the shadow of Marty running toward the mall parking lot just as he got back from 1955. Great thinking by the writers to include that.

  16. “Oh my god they found me, I don’t know how but they found me” best band name ever 😂😂♥️♥️

  17. Ah yes, these silly fiction sci fi movies with their unrealistic scenarios.
    A jamming AK, lol

    Best 3 hours of my life spent watching this gem

  18. Why were Libyans shooting at doc again? Was there anything specific about it being Libyans instead of say Russians?

  19. The producers got some weirdly specific things right in this scene, almost like they did their homework. For one, plutonium, while not a translucent red substance, is so energetic that it's physically warm to the touch, so storing it in water makes lots of sense. For another, while AK-47's are known for rugged durability, they're also prone to jamming. The Libyan constantly arguing with his rifle was a nice touch.

  20. 1:49 When I find myself in a conversation I no longer want to be in I distantly gaze at the horizon and say, "OMG. They found me. I don't know how, but they found me." Then I run away leaving the other person looking all around confused.

  21. 'My god they found me, I don't know how but they found me.'

    It would be really funny if Doc escaped from them in 1985,but then got gunned down by them in 2010.

    Doc Brown: "B..but this is 25 yrs in the future,how did you find me so quickly?"

    Libyan :"the internet…"

    Doc Brown: "What the hell is the intern-…"

    [Gets mowed down by machine gun fire]

  22. "I'll also be able to find out who wins the next 25 world series'"
    -chastises marty for buying an almanac from the future


  23. thats what he gets for ripping off Gaddafi. Doc stole Gaddafi's plutonium and mailed him pinball machine parts. Gaddafi did not like this so he sent these guys after him.

  24. BTTF 1: Doc: "I'll be able to see who wins the next 25 world series!"
    BTTF 2: Doc: "I created this to travel through time not for gambling!"
    Me: Hmmmm 🤔

  25. I'll also be able to see the next 25 World Series'. I can tell you right now, none of them will be the Cubs.

  26. Friends of mine remade this scene but Doc said The Librarians and it was old people slowly walking and holding books

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